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Latest Gold Detectors 2024

Latest Gold Detectors Systems 2024 | Powerful Metal Detectors & Best Gold Detectors

Gold Detectors For Sale and Metal Detectors from Orient Technology Group provide prospectors around the world with reliable and proven devices that meet their aspirations and needs in detecting raw natural gold and ancient coins, excavating valuable archaeological treasures, and detecting voids such as tunnels and underground caves.

imaging system detectors

considered one of the most accurate metal detection systems and gives reliable results by drawing three-dimensional shapes of the targets discovered through special programs, tablets and laptops.

Long Range Locators Systems

advanced search techniques, as the system detects gold and minerals at depths of up to 60 meters under the surface of the earth and within different rocky, sandy and mountainous terrain, and also features a front search system and a detection capacity of up to 3000 meters

Electromagnetic system detectors

Electromagnetic Gold and metal detectors are considered one of the most popular gold and metal devices, due to the ease of use and the prices of Electromagnetic metal detectors system are cheap compared to the rest of the metal detection systems

UnderGround Water Finders

Professional groundwater detectors to find deep water deposits and wells up to 250 meter depth, perfect devices for farmers and professional water wells drilling companies

Gold Ore and Nuggets Detectors

these devices are specialized in finding natural gold and work according to certain systems of two types, which are sound systems and pulse induction systems, and give results from 1 meter to 6 meters deep

Archaeological Treasures Detectors

are a special category of metal detectors intended for professional prospectors and hunters of archaeological treasures, and most of them belong to the category of 3D imaging metal detectors or 3D Ground Scanners.


Providing latest Gold Detectors For Sale to detect precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc. with a variety of work and research systems and many options and features that meet the needs of a wide range of prospectors, gold researchers and treasures hunters

Gold Detectors Posts & News

Useful information from our blogs for how to use metal detectors and water detectors, and general blogs on the history of metal detectors and the techniques used in their manufacture. And the metal detectors provided by our company give a wide variety of options of metal detectors, gold detectors, and treasures exploration devices for different categories of professional or amateur prospectors and beginners, with the availability of the latest technologies in the field of metal detection from world-famous companies in this field from Germany And America and Turkey.


Original Gold Detectors from Orient Detectors, the world's leader in the field of selling and trading Gold Detectors and Metal Detectors. We offer our customers the best multi-purpose gold detectors that can be used to detect different types of targets. We also specialize in metal detectors and archaeological treasures. We offer the best raw gold detectors and detectors Groundwater to the greatest depths with confirmed results by various research systems and the latest international technologies.

  • Mega Scan Pro New Edition

    6.750 $
  • Rated 0 out of 5


    600 $
  • Water Line

    2.750 $
  • Rated 0 out of 5

    Simplex Ultra

    450 $
  • Rated 0 out of 5

    Delta Ranger

    15.490 $
  • Gold Star 3D Scanner

    9.500 $

Gold Detectors FAQs

The most inquiries that we receive from our customers about gold detectors and the techniques used by metal detectors, and answers about the best metal detector and what are the most powerful search systems for a gold detector

Metal detectors can be classified according to several classifications, and most popular classification is according to the search system or search technology in the device

Good Metal Detectors

Yes, any metal detector in general can detect all types of metals either ferrous metals like iron or non-ferrous metal such as gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum, tin, lead and platinum.

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 Gold Detectors For Sale

The short answer: Yes of course, because gold classified is a metal and more specifically a non-ferrous metal or precious metal. Metal detectors can detect any metallic object, whether it is ferrous like iron or steel or non-ferrous metal like gold, silver and copper.

Gold Detectors

Of course, any metal detector can find any golden object including jewelry made of gold.

The prices of gold detectors linked to a variety of different factors that determine the gold detector price, including search technology and the maximum depth and additional accessories and add-ons attached to the device such as sensors or different search coils and parts.

Full Article: Gold Detector Price

OKM Fusion Light

OKM Fusion Light a 3D imaging system device is a compact sensor only with an app for smartphone or tablet, which is easy to use and lightweight and is a stripped-down version of the Fusion, the most powerful 3D scanner from OKM German company.

However, Fusion Light is a good and efficient solution for treasure hunters and prospectors looking to find gold treasures buried underground as well as searching for voids, caves and underground tunnels.

The Fusion Light includes a built-in probe consisting of a console equipped with built-in sensors, and is controlled by an Android application that can be installed on any Android tablet or smartphone.

Discovery Gold Detector

Discovery gold detector new version for 2020 from the Turkish company Groundtech, which was presented by distinguished devices such as the Evo metal detector device.

This device is considered a new hybrid generation of 3D metal detectors and three-dimensional ground scans with a geological – electrical system to detect voids and caves such as tunnels, basements and ancient graves.

Discovery device allows the prospector to know the locations of burials and golden treasures, as well as underground spaces such as tunnels and caves with the possibility of performing a detailed three-dimensional analysis of the land to be discovered to know its content of burials and various minerals.

Discovery device provides a practical device that is easy to use and search results are displayed directly on its screen without the need for a separate computer or tablet as in the competing devices, so it is recommended for all categories of searchers and prospectors who want a fast results machine


Vanquish Metal Detector

Vanquish was announced by the Australian company Minelab late last year and is available for sale at the beginning of this year 2020.

Vanquish gold and metal detector is a new release, the practical, easy-to-use device that combines high performance with an unprecedented economic price.

Minelab Vanquish works on an innovative search technology that was first released on Equinox with additional improvements.

This technology is a multi-frequency technology Multi-IQ, and the principle of this technique is to use five different search frequencies to search simultaneously, which means wider coverage of different metallic targets of multiple sizes.

The device offers an attractive modern design and many diverse features such as the ability to adjust its length to the minimum to facilitate carrying and the ability to charge the batteries that operate the device and wireless headphones and the feature of the discrimination scale to know the type of target discovered through a digital indicator on the screen

Vanquish device is a multi-purpose metal detector and its uses are varied to suit all the needs of prospectors and gold and treasure seekers with a great economic price.

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