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15 Important Tools To Detect Metals

15 Important Tools To Detect Metals

Metal detector enthusiasts including those with some decent experience don’t know all the tools they should use in order to facilitate the task of searching and for this main reason we have developed this complete list guide, as it includes in detail all the tools and accessories that you will need during the process of searching for metals.


Suitable metal detector:

The point that is important to make here is the importance of having the right detector not only depending on your budget but also on the goals you are looking for and the underlying conditions you are dealing with.



In fact, headphones are very useful because they; isolate you from the noisy environment that you may be surrounded by and give you a clearer and more accurate sound, which will help you determine the nature of your goals. they allow your device to go a little deeper than usual and they also make your job easier under tough conditions like rain and inclement weather.


Drilling tools


The ownership of a solid shovel is a must for any prospector as the holes are drilled with your bid. However, despite the availability of cheap prices, the truth is that those shovels tend to collapse faster for this reason that you are preferable to always choose a strong one to avoid it and that even may continue to work with you for the rest of your life, so really worth paying money, especially when you need to drill in the plowed land, rocks and gravel.


Sand Scoop:

The exploration within the beaches is one of the most common exploration patterns and so you will definitely need a Sand Scoop.

So it can be said that in front of you there are two options:

1- Plastic Sand Scoop: It can do the task without a doubt, but there may be some reservations. In fact, they can easily break if they are not used correctly and are not excellent during disclosure in wet sand as the latter is becoming heavy leading to destroy your tools. However, we have to admit, the plastic scoop is cheaper though. While the sand scoop made of stainless steel is a more durable option and lasts long especially when you are dealing with the detection of shallow water beaches and there are many species and sizes that you can choose from.

2- Hand shovel: A hand shovel will help you dig, shovel, and move loose materials such as gravel, snow, sand and ground. A regular shovel should work well, but having a hand shovel is useful because it is usually intended for all kinds of tasks and environments.


Protection Tools

Knee pads:

Knee pads are very useful when it comes to protecting your knees as they are really useful to protect you from getting bruises and scrapes because you will often be on your knees digging for your finds.


Examination gloves:

It is very easy to get your hands injured while drilling which is why proper gloves are used. Just be sure to choose a pair that will allow you to work well on your detector screen. Otherwise, you may find yourself removing them every time you want to adjust some settings.


Suitable hat:

This is obvious, but the only reason I include it here is after noticing many hobbyists don’t wear a proper hat even in extreme conditions.


Comfortable shoes:

You will need it especially if you are scouting in difficult terrain and on top of that this is the kind of hobby where you will find yourself swinging your instrument for continuous hours.


Strong magnet:

It is also helpful to keep a strong retrieval magnet with you that can usually be used on land and underwater as well.


Rechargeable battery:

If you use your metal detector frequently and for long periods of time, you will soon end up spending a lot of money buying new batteries often. This is why it is recommended to use rechargeable batteries instead.


Manual guide:

It’s wise to keep the manual that came with your machine even while you’re mining and working.


First aid kit :

Ultimately, safety must come first at all times.


Bag :

Of course to put all those other things .


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