Gold mining tools

Gold mining tools

Gold mining tools Gold: It is a foldable metal, and it is available in many places in the world. Its presence is not concentrated in one spot, and it has been used in the manufacture of jewelry for women and men, and is used in the installation of some electronic components, as many people have […]

Gold mining equipment for beginners

Gold mining equipment for beginners

Gold mining equipment for beginners The type of tools you will need to extract gold depends largely on the type of extraction you have in mind. If you’re out for a day of fun working your arm in one of the free prospecting rivers, you’ll only need your very basic gold prospecting supplies. On the […]


Old white metal detector parts

Old white metal detector parts White’s Metal Detectors White’s electronics and ergonomics are excellent, making your metal detecting excursions even more enjoyable and efficient. Most White’s metal detectors are waterproof, come with headphones, and generally feature a built-in pinpointer. With excellent ground balance and target ID features, control boxes built to last, and included concentric […]

The difference between ferrous and non ferrous metals

The difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals

The difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals The simple answer is that ferrous metals do not contain iron and non-ferrous metals. A more in-depth answer is that both ferrous and non-ferrous metals have their own distinct properties. These characteristics determine which applications are most suitable for them. Non-ferrous metals have been used since the beginning […]


Waterproof metal detector

Waterproof metal detector When it comes to metal detectors, there are many non-waterproof detectors, but many new detectors have come into the market in the last couple of years. Some are designed to withstand water up to 10 feet deep, while some can sink into the water for more than that. Detectors that can go […]


Simplex metal detector

Simplex metal detector It is very important to have all the right information when it comes to purchasing a detector, especially when it is a new hobby. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding which metal detector is right for you. First, what is your budget? How much do you want to […]


Kids metal detector

Kids metal detector Metal and children’s detectors are a tool for an innocent hobby Children are curious by nature and searching for buried treasure is a great activity for them. Not all metal detectors are suitable for children. However, the best brands design baby metal detectors that can be used in different environments. Modern metal […]

The most precious metals in the world

The most precious metals in the world

The most precious metals in the world Do you want to know the value of the most expensive precious metals you can buy? Precious metals come in different shapes and sizes; Gold and silver are the most common. However, there are plenty of precious metals that are considered more valuable and are highly rated afterwards. […]


Diamond finder

Diamond finder How do you actually find gems with a metal detector? It is easy! Today, as you search for precious metals underground, you begin to wonder what other types of materials your metal detectors might be able to find. Everyone wants to uncover some gems.  Theoretically, the components of minerals and stones within the […]

Best 3d metal detectors 2021-2022

Best 3D metal detectors

Best 3D metal detectors Technological advances today have allowed metal detectors to make a technological leap and move to 3D capabilities! Where 3D metal detectors are one of the most powerful and innovative detection systems for: gold, metals and treasures buried underground.    How it works  The mechanism of action of these devices varies according […]

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