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The Legend Metal Detector

The Legend Metal Detector The Legend Metal Detector , Nokta Makro Detectors have been in the metal detecting for 17 years and focus on high-quality metal detectors that are affordable for both hobbyists and professionals. Their detectors cover a wide variety including detectors for gold prospecting, coin hunting, and other treasure-hunting expeditions. Needless to say, […]


Finding Gold || Types of Metal Detectors That Finds Gold

Types of Metal Detectors That Finds Gold Finding gold requires time and effort. Many of the best gold producing regions are remote and cover large expanses of land. The effort may be great, but the rewards can be even greater. As you get started you will be searching large areas looking for your first signal. […]


Find Jewelry With Metal Detector

Find Jewelry With Metal Detector Jewelry and coins are the two most common items found with metal detectors. There is an abundance of lost jewelry out there waiting to be found. Items from gold and platinum rings to silver bracelets, to diamond rings are all buried out there. Metal detecting for jewelry is a great […]


Metal Detecting Tips to Find Relics

Metal Detecting Tips to Find Relics Find Relics is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. I am a huge history buff, and love nothing more than discovering pieces of history firsthand. Relics litter the land in almost every corner of the globe Not all metal detectors are created equal. It is important to […]


Metal Detecting Tips for Finding Coins

Metal Detecting Tips for Finding Coins Finding Coins, metal detecting for coins, or coin shooting, is a favorite for detectorists. Finding coins is a rewarding hobby and some of them can be quite old , All professional metal detectors will find coins, whether they are entry level or high end. Some models are specifically designed […]


Hunt for Gold Nuggets

Hunt for Gold Nuggets In the hunt for gold, equipment plays an important role in being able to find the highest-quality gold nuggets. The industry of prospecting is booming, and this has heightened the demand for mining equipment in the area. Mining for precious metals will require the best kinds of tools to find and […]


Prospecting Gold || What you need to Know

Prospecting Gold || What you need to Know If you are, then consider yourself lucky, as thanks to modern tech, there’s now a wide range of equipment that supports this fun activity. Furthermore, there are a lot of areas designated specifically to prospecting gold. Should you want to prospect gold on private property, you may […]


How To Find Natural Gold Nugget?

How To Find Natural Gold Nugget? Gold Nugget Prospecting is an activity that can be enjoyed by travellers searching for a thrilling adventure, amateurs looking for gold, and experts who are experienced in finding sites. Prospectors use metal-detecting devices to find gold nuggets, which are fragments of eroded or weathered gold. They are typically carried […]

Steps to buy metal detector

Steps to Buy Metal Detector

Steps to Buy Metal Detector Just like any new hobby, prospecting will require equipment and basic skill and know-how to be done correctly. If you plan to get into this type of hobby, it will pay to invest in the right tools to ensure that the job gets done right. One of the most essential […]

Buy Metal Detectors

Buy Metal Detectors 2023

Buy Metal Detectors 2022 Buy Metal Detectors 2022 , We have put this very simple Metal Detector buying guide together to help you learn about metal detectors. It will show you the different parts of a metal detector and will also explain about the features you will find in a metal detector so that you […]

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