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Which Metal Detector is Right For You

Metal Detecting for Treasures || Which Metal Detector is Right For You

Which Metal Detector is Right For You Metal Detecting for treasures opens up a new world of excitement and outdoor adventures not only for you but can also be a great way for your family and friends to join in the fastest-growing hobby. Metal Detecting is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors exploring for […]


Garrett ACE 400 Review

Garrett ACE 400 The Garrett ACE 400 metal detector is arguably one of the best detectors for beginners, as well as intermediate metal detectorists on the market today. This budget friendly metal detector was built to perform with excellence at a great price! Continue reading to learn more about the features and benefits of the […]

Choosing the suitable Metal Detector

Choosing the Suitable Metal Detector

Steps to Buy Metal Detector Just like any new hobby, prospecting will require equipment and basic skill and know-how to be done correctly. If you plan to get into this type of hobby, it will pay to invest in the right tools to ensure that the job gets done right. One of the most essential […]

Buying you First Metal Detector

How To Buy Metal Detectors?

How to Buy Metal Detectors So you’ve decided you want to get into metal detecting as a hobby, that’s great! Your most important purchase for your hobby will be your metal detector. Perhaps you are brand new to metal detecting or you are upgrading your detector. Whichever it is, you may need some help deciding […]


Beginners Metal Detector 2023

Metal Detector for Beginners 2022 Beginners Metal Detector , When you are first starting in the world of metal detecting, picking the best metal detector for beginners might seem overwhelming. While metal detectors vary in many ways, the basic performance of a metal detector is the same. You do not need to break the bank […]

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