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All you need to know about metal detecting in rivers

All you need to know about metal detecting in rivers

Detecting metals in rivers and streams is an entirely different practice compared to fishing on land. Where you find a completely different set of treasures. There are fewer coins, but a lot of jewelry and falling objects, such as knives, fishing gear, and marine equipment.

If you’re really lucky, you might find a discarded engagement ring from an angry fiancé! When people swim or wade in the water, the rings come loose and slip, and the jewelry comes off more easily.



If your metal detector isn’t completely waterproof, you may not want to check beaches. When a metal detector has waterproof manufacture, it is designed to keep out sand, saltwater, and moisture. Don’t spoil your device, get a waterproof one


Why are metals detected in rivers or streams?

In most cases, you don’t need to define your goals precisely. You can just go down to the river and find a good place, and get in, you can start from the sandy beach, or where the boats, rafts, and kayaks set off or dock.

On the other hand, if you have specific things you want to look for, there may be different ways to approach this challenge. Whether for lost items or perhaps gold and silver or anything else. I mean these places:

Under bridges and overpasses.

Wipe the water and sand under the lovers’ jumps.

Look for popular beaches.

The shallow waters and sandy tongue below the footbridge are a great place to spot coins

Look for places along rivers where there are shallow water crossings.

Look for junctions of shallow rivers with known paths.

Look for areas along the river where there are outcrops of gold-bearing quartz rock or known silver deposits.

In the dunes at the bends of the river.

Look in the dunes that appear as the river changes from a narrow gorge to a wider stream


What kind of metal detection equipment is needed for rivers and streams?

Most detector coils are waterproof, but it is wise to check them for cracks or damaged insulation. Any breaches in the closure could destroy the file. Many special purpose detectors have a submerged control box as well, but be sure to check your user manual.


Are clothes important to a metal detector?

Look for wading shoes or rubber boots. There are a plethora of shoe products for wading in shallow water, from neoprene socks to quick-drying sneakers.

You may need wading suits for deep-water anglers, some people buy wetsuits for deep- or cold-water detection. This is of course the most specialized diving in the sport, and it is not for everyone.

Also, having the right tools for drilling makes a big difference when discovering minerals. It allows you to dig out the marked points quickly and cover a larger area.


for safety

Do not wade deeper than your ankles in fast-flowing water or waves.

Go out with at least one more friend.

Wear waterproof shoes and thermal socks in cold water.

Put on a life jacket.

Beware of slippery mud.

Also, remember that rivers and streams can hide fishing hooks and sharp objects.


Other ways to detect metals in rivers

There are many ways such as:

One is to use a rowboat, kayak, or canoe to sit while you hang your detector on the side. This will allow you to reach small islands, sandy tongues in the middle of the river, and hard-to-reach places along the river.

Others like using strong magnets. This is called magnet fishing. You attach a strong magnet to a rope and dip it in water. Technically, this is not used as metal detection equipment, but it is good for “hunting” metal objects near the boat, from the dock, or the bridge.

Finally, always use this rule: common sense, good judgment, reasonable action.

Do some research before detecting minerals in rivers, a little research can be of great help in choosing a river location.


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