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Best Lorenz metal detectors

Best Lorenz metal detectors

Metal detection is a science in itself! It is true that it is not famous for that great fame compared to altitude or other economic activities, but it exists, and work is constantly being done on the design, construction and installation of various and diverse metal detectors and the modernization and development of these devices and all the techniques used! That childish dream that remains in your memory, which you saw in one of the children’s cartoon or educational programs… about the possibility of finding treasures, jewels, buried metals, gold, or metallic pieces… It exists and we will discuss in this article the subject of metal detectors and we will single out mentioning the best Lorenz brand metal detectors! If you are interested in the techniques of metal detectors, read the following words with us…


Metal detectors are many and varied, get to know the best ones! 

There is an abundance and diversity of metal detectors within stores in various Arab and foreign countries.. Hundreds of ads are published daily about metal detectors and gold detectors within websites and online stores… There are high-tech and effective metal detectors, and on the other hand, there are a large number of these devices that may be cheap and ineffective or have a short term… Those who want to buy such devices may be confused between different brands and different prices and price offers…where there is a difference in brands and prices, where there are very cheap prices and others that are expensive in time! Among the most important brands and famous brands in metal detectors, we mention: GARRETT, MINELAB, FISHER and others…


Learn about the best Lorenz brand metal detectors

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Metal Detector 

LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 Lorenz Deep Max is a metal detector officially released by Lorenz, knowing that Lorenz is a German company… The LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 was built on the success of the LORENZ DEEP MAX Z1… LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 has witnessed many features, advantages and developments. Among the most important features and ingredients that LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 enjoys are high sensitivity, depth, ease of handling, accuracy in detection, and impressive results. The LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 device, one of the best Lorenz brand metal detectors, was used to search for various metals, including gold and treasures, and also to detect various metals in war lands, battlefields and historical battles in the context of antiquities exploration…


Learn about the uses of the LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 device! 

LORENZ DEEP MAX Z2 is one of the latest and best Lorenz brand metal detectors and its uses are manifested in the following: 

  • Excavation for antiquities within the various areas in which there are suspected antiquities and artifacts! Including swords, shields, statues, silver utensils, furniture, metal kitchen utensils, and… 
  • Locate buried antiquities made of different metals such as gold, bronze or silver! 
  • This device is used as other gold detectors… in order to search for gold treasures, coins, jewelry and gold ornaments… 
  • Detection of pure gold and natural golden atoms. 
  • There is a special booklet attached to the device that you can read and review and learn how to use it in detail!


Learn more about metal detectors and gold detectors from the best international brands…


This device ranks among the best metal detectors! And it is considered very ideal when comparing its advantages with its price! This device contains 5 search modes and is distinguished by the first class.. It is designed for research and exploration in a water-resistant way to a depth of up to 9 inches, so it is ideal and suitable for training to use within coastal areas or on sandy beaches… There is an old version of the GARRETT ACE 250 which is the GARRETT ACE 150 with the same features and at a relatively lower price! 



This device uses Minelab multi-frequency technology in addition to the availability of high sensitivity and 4 detection modes, which are Park, Beach, Field and Gold…. The battery life of this device is approximately 12 hours and it has a water resistance feature up to a distance of approximately 10 feet! There is also an accurate indicator for determining the goal and many other advantages and components. 



The most distinctive feature of the XP DEUS is its high frequency, which gives it a high sensitivity towards small and delicate objects such as small pieces of jewelry or very thin alloys…. XP DEUS is a very accurate device compared to other premium metal detectors. XP DEUS has a battery life of about 30 hours and is completely waterproof! This device is characterized by a long consumer life and can be used in many different work environments and terrains, and the company is constantly updating and upgrading its devices and services!



A new version of modern, reliable and modern metal detectors! This device provided many accurate results for researchers, archaeologists and prospectors for a long time, and from here gained confidence! This device offers improved performance over previous versions and is characterized by the presence of many components, facilities and advanced interactive touch screens! D GROUND NAVIGATOR includes the latest generation version of land survey technology… There are many offers of modern metal detectors used in order to detect metals in various countries of the world… The producing companies are constantly working on developing and updating these devices… Also, the prices of metal detector offers for sale vary according to many factors, the most prominent of which is the device’s release date! 

These are the best Lorenz brand metal detectors and the best other devices We hope we have been able to cover this topic!


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