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Best underwater metal detectors

Best underwater metal detectors

Best underwater metal detectors

Nothing beats the excitement of pulling a rare relic or a nugget of gold from a hunting ground that most hobbyists don’t even have the equipment to access. I think diving with a metal detector is also something every hobbyist should try at least once.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of the various waterproof and submersible detectors on the market. Underwater detectors aren’t cheap, nor are they easy to use, so getting the wrong device can be a costly mistake. Many of the best metal detectors are also not suitable for underwater hunting.

When it comes to metal detectors, there are many non-waterproof detectors, but many new detectors have come into the market in the last couple of years. Some are designed to withstand water up to 10 feet deep, while some can sink more into the water than that. Detectors that can go more than 10 feet deep are intended more for diving, while other detectors are made for detection in rivers and lakes.


The accessories that any prospector or mineral searcher will need?

Here are some suggestions for basic equipment that every underwater treasure hunter and prospector should have. You can always spend more money on extra items later, but these are the basics of what you should have:

– The headphones will let you hear older and deeper targets and block out external noise. All underwater detectors come standard with a set of waterproof headphones.

– The carrying case is an excellent way to protect your new detector and makes transportation easier.

– While detecting along the beach – You’ll need a shovel.

– You will also need one or more metal detector sand scoops.


What are the different types of underwater metal detectors?

Aside from being waterproof, underwater metal detectors work differently to find metal through water, wet sand, and various floors. There are two types of underwater metal detectors: pulse induction (PI) metal detectors, and very low frequency (VLF) metal detectors. Underwater pulse induction metal detectors work by sending electronic pulses that are unaffected by water and wet minerals. They send out fast electronic pulses that are sensitive to precious metals, so they can detect them through wet or metallic ground. PI metal detectors are the best choice for use on beaches or for deeper treasure hunting.


Some of the most important underwater metal detectors

1- Underwater Metal Detector (Garrett AT Pro):

One of the medium range VLF metal detectors. It’s a great multifunctional device that’s perfect for hunting coins, jewelry, and relics – plus it’s fully submersible to a range of 10 meters. Garrett has included two modes with the AT Pro: “Pro” and Standard. Pro mode provides more detailed audio feedback, including estimated depth and target size, while Standard mode simplifies audio cues useful for beginners. Other features include an electronic selection indicator, custom search patterns, kerf discrimination and a target depth indicator.


2- Underwater Metal Detector (Garrett ATX):

An expensive pulse induction detector designed for extreme conditions – including saltwater environments. With its durable design, DD coil and amazing depth of search, it is a great underwater detector that also offers great sensitivity to the PI model. There are two types of ATX packages. The standard package includes a 10″ x 12″ DD coil, which provides great depth and sensitivity for small objects. If you’re looking for more depth when searching for larger items, Deepseeker packages include a 20″ Deepseeker single search disk.


3- The Tesoro Sand Shark

is one of the most popular diving metal detectors. It has numerous features, including a depth rating of 200 feet and pulse induction technology. As a pulse induction detector, the Sand Shark is great for detecting in wet sand and saltwater environments. The 10-20 battery life isn’t the longest, but it should be enough for most hunting sessions. There is also a drop-in battery compartment for easy switching.


4- Underwater metal detector (Wedigout)

If you are looking for a mid-budget residue hunting tool, the Wedigout Underwater Metal Detector is the best. The pulse induction mechanism takes the device’s operation from a level of pleasure only to a level of meticulous focus on finding gold.

The detector’s construction is critical – it features stainless steel hardware and a low battery sensor designed to last for many years.

The built-in microprocessor provides you with stable depth detection, which means you won’t run out of battery before locating the artifact that’s buried deep underwater.


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