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Cheap metal detectors for sale

Cheap metal detectors for sale 2022

Cheap metal detectors for sale 2022

Many may be attracted to detectors that cost under $100 and think they will get a good one to start the hobby. However, if you’re looking for real results while learning vital skills along the way, cheap detectors won’t do it.


What does the income level of buying a cheap metal detector mean to you?

If you are a newbie to gold prospecting, you will want to have a look at custom built gold detectors which usually start around $700. If you are looking to buy a metal detector for diving, you will need a submersible model made for underwater use, however, most beginners are looking for detectors under $300, something that can find coins, lightweight and portable to be picked up in trips to the beach, wanderings to well-documented prospecting sites, and any time the mood strikes.

Walk around most of the related stores abroad and you will find plenty of “metal detectors” aimed at beginners or children. These models are cheap and readily available – so why look elsewhere? The problem is that these detectors are actually just toys. You’ll be lucky to get any signal unless the object is on the surface. Fortunately, there are some premium varieties that provide professional standard performance at a much lower cost than the more expensive premium models.


Some considerations that you should know when buying an inexpensive metal detector

The level of mineralization of the earth varies depending on where you live. The higher the percentage of mineralization, the more “fake” and “noise” you’ll get from the detector. You will need to reduce the sensitivity of the device to counteract this, which reduces the depth.

Premium detectors have automatic and manual ground balancing, which allows them to “ignore” the mineralization while maintaining the appropriate depth.

But the middle entry level model is likely to suffer from high mineralization, as they often only have a predetermined ground balance. This is calibrated to normal ground conditions, not for highly mineralized soils, and cannot be adjusted.

Therefore, if you live in areas with a high concentration of iron, or if you are going to prospect on wet sand (which causes similar problems), be prepared to spend more on a detector designed to handle these ground conditions.

Another consideration is whether you want to prospect underwater. Almost all detectors have waterproof coils, but the control box is often not waterproof.

This means that you can use the detector in shallow freshwater locations, such as the edge of streams or rivers, as long as the control box remains dry.


Best cheap metal detectors for beginners to detect metals

1- Device (Fisher F22):

The F22 weighs in at a light 2.3 pounds. For comparison, some of the heaviest detectors (like the Minelab CTX 3030) weigh more than twice as long – which isn’t good for your arm or shoulder. It is also well balanced, durable and has a waterproof coil.

Away from the design, Fisher included “Iron Audio” with the F22. This is an advanced feature that allows you to adjust the size of iron targets compared to desired targets. You can then decide not to dig the target if it is likely to be a bottle cap or other unwanted item. Aside from Iron Audio, Fisher was able to pack a huge amount into the F22 while keeping the price low. Other features include clear reading, 10 sensitivity levels, preset pitch discrimination patterns, full digital target ID and depth indicator.


2- (Minelab X-TERRA 305) Device:

Minelab is usually known for its premium metal detectors that cost thousands of dollars. But many people do not realize that the company also produces an entry-level model: Ex-TERRA 305.

It is a VLF detector aimed at beginners or those on a budget. While it can’t match the more expensive Minelab models, it benefits from much of the same technology and is an excellent choice as a first detector.

It also has a manual adjustment of the floor scale. This is a rarity for entry-level detectors, so the X-TERRA 305 can be a great choice if you live in areas of high mineralization. Other features include two preset search patterns, an all-metal mode, three tone identifiers, a threshold adjustment, and a noise canceling function.


3- Device (Garrett ACE 300):

The Garrett ACE series has always been a popular choice for beginners — and for good reason. These models are easy to use and provide great value. If you’re a beginner, I think the ACE 300 offers the best balance of performance and price. It comes with a host of features you’d expect from a more expensive detector, such as adjustable notch marking, coin depth indicator, and digital target ID. For comparison, the ACE 250 does not include a digital target identifier, while the ACE 200 does not have an adjustable discrimination.

In the end, you will find many types of cheap and medium-priced metal detectors, each prospector has certain financial capabilities, and the positive in this is that there are many companies that provide you with inexpensive devices with decent specifications, but the scope of your search will remain limited or limited to certain minerals with specifications and location and a certain ground. Of course, each device has its own advantages, and certainly a high-cost detector has its own characteristics and features, and it will not be like other low-priced devices.


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