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Difference between motion and non motion metal detectors

Difference between motion and non motion metal detectors

Difference between motion and non motion metal detectors

One of the mistakes that many amateur prospectors make at first is not trying to understand some of the details about metal detectors which often makes them unable to choose the right machine or even use it correctly. But as soon as they realize this mistake, the whole picture begins to become clear and it becomes easier for them. One of the most important of these matters is the difference between motion and non-motion metal detectors, and you may be wondering about the same thing, so we will work to answer your question.


First: What is the difference between motion and non-motion metal detectors?

The main difference is that motion metal detectors require you to swing the coil of the device in order to be able to record the signal so that you will come close to your target and eventually find it. On the other hand, non-motion metal detectors are designed so that they do not need to be moved in order to record a signal, as their work only requires that they be close enough to the target.


Secondly: More differences between motion and non-motion metal detectors:

In fact, whether you use a motion or non-motion device, the goal of using it is one and that is to find valuable metal targets by generating an electromagnetic field, provided that the target interacts with it. While the difference can be in how the task is accomplished! Non-motion metal detectors were launched to the general public in the seventies while motion metal detectors were launched ten or fifteen years later. And as an answer to those who ask which type of them is the best, we will say that there is no accurate answer for that, because both devices are considered integrated and each of them works best under specific conditions and for this reason most modern devices contain both modes; That is, it can be a motion and a non-motion device with the same delicacy so that you can use them according to the situation.


Third: When to use a motion or non-motion detector:

In case you are using an accurate pointer then you must use a non-motion detector because you need to get close to the target to receive the signal. The signal may be lost due to many factors such as ground conditions. However, by working on a reset of the device you will be able to get the initial signal again.

When using a motion metal detector, there is no need to adjust it, but you will need to swing the coil in order to find your target, and this means that you have to make movements directly above your target so that you can find it, i.e. if you pass the device without movement over the target, it will not be able to see it.

In fact, it is undeniable that motion metal detectors are the most capable of achieving better performance, in addition, they are easier to use compared to non-motion metal detectors. Also, this type of device consumes large amounts of energy during exploration and research operations using it.


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