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Find Your First Treasure with the Right Metal Detector

Find Your First Treasure with the Right Metal Detector

Find Your First Treasure with the Right Metal Detector

Treasure hunting with the right metal detector is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and physical abilities. It provides exercise, relaxation, excitement and can also be enjoyed alone or with friends. Some of the most exciting places to go coin hunting include beaches, school yards, parks, ball fields and old home sites.

Spend some time researching old sites in the town room of your local library. You may be the first person with the right metal detector to re-discover those popular meeting spots of yesteryear. Coin hunting can be a fun and gratifying way to celebrate and connect with history. In your pursuit of buried treasures you will undoubtedly learn a great deal about history and potentially profit along the way.

While pursuing the hobby, you will discover a wide range of individual coins. Some of the more exciting items that you may encounter in the United States might include a 1916D silver dime. In good condition this rare coin can be worth up to $1,000! Some of the more interesting state coins that you might encounter include the Massachusetts Pine Tree shilling. Being a coin collector even before owning a the right metal detector, finding one has always been a dream of mine. In fine condition this coin can be worth up to $1800.

Best Features In The Right Metal Detector For Treasure

Right about now you are probably saying to your self, this sounds good, but how do I know what to look for in the right metal detector? So let’s turn our attention to the specific product features that you should be looking for in a coin hunting metal detector.

Let’s start with the simplest first. Take a look at the overall weight and configuration of the model that you are considering. Some models are pole mounted, while others have the option of being pole mounted or hip mounted. As many of the newer detectors are produced from light weight micro electronics, weight has become less of a factor but it is still a good starting point.

The next point to consider is the target identification feature. Some models include basic to more elaborate meters which can identify the targets in the ground before you dig them up. Other models feature audio tone identification or a combination of the two. If you are a more visual person, you will probably be most in tune with a digital display meter. If you have a keen sense of hearing, the tone identification feature might appeal to you.

If you will be metal detecting in an area with heavy ground mineralization you will want to consider either a detector with a ground balance control or a multi frequency style detector. Most detectors come with a standard, medium sized search coil. These standard coils provide good depth and sensitivity to coin sized objects. You can also choose a larger search coil as an option for locating deeper targets or a smaller coil for isolating targets that are close together. Finally, if your budget allows, get yourself a model that includes a built in pinpoint control. With it you can precisely zero in or pinpoint your target under the search coil, so you know exactly where to dig.

Choose The Right Metal Detector

Minelab CTX 3030

CTX 3030 metal detector from Minelab, is a powerful device with treasure detection in mind to help prospectors and treasure hunters find golden and valuable treasures. A professional level device gold detector is with great features and high-end performance in all terrain and soils.

It is recommended choice for any professional prospector thanks to its professional features and unique technologies within it that help ensure the best results.

CTX 3030 includes multiple technologies that provide the tools necessary for the prospector in order to discover all the targets buried underground, efficiently and accurately. The device contains the following technologies:

FBS 2 (Full Band Spectrum 2) is a patented technology owned by the brand. It’s as is its name suggests – a full band spectrum of multiple frequency technology. Now, this is true multi-frequency technology with 28 available frequencies from 1.5-100 kHz. Interestingly, the frequencies travel in a rectangular wave which apparently improves coil-to-detector communication.

The new electronics and smart coils provide greater depth perception, even 10% more than Minelab’s E-Trac. FBS 2 also provides auto sensitivity and ground compensation, multi-channel signal conversion for enhancing target separation, and Smartfind 2D discrimination.

Because the CTX is a multi-frequency concurrent machine, it seems there isn’t the ability to use only a single frequency at a time. But, then again, there’s no need to when all frequencies are covering the entire spectrum allowing you detect all-sized objects in one sweep.

There’s no need to switch between frequencies to make multiple sweeps over the same ground to ensure you don’t miss a target.

Garrett AT MAX

Garrett AT MAX is a powerful and versatile metal detector from Garrett that offer the top performance and more depth. It works using VLF technology with improved features and enhanced performance for gold detection and other purposes.

The device is a recommended device for any professional treasure hunter and gold prospector also in all ground conditions and terrain

The AT Max comes stock with a variety of features and benefits that help to make it one of the most competitive mid-level metal detectors on the market. Continue reading for an in-depth look at each of these features.

One of our favorite, most beloved benefits of the AT (All-Terrain) series is that they are built to withstand saltwater, rain, sleet, snow, and virtually any other environment.

This is an excellent feature, since so many detectorists want to take their treasure hunting to rivers, lakes, and beaches. The AT Max is waterproof up to 10 feet, and functions with excellence in saltwater environments as well. This is of great comfort, since many of us are clumsy and might drop the detector in the water!

The submersible nature of the detector is what lends to its great reputation of versatility, as jewelry hunters at the saltwater beach will love it just as much as Civil War relic hunters in freshwater rivers. The ruggedness extends to battery life, which can be up to 20 hours with a set of four AA batteries.

Equinox Metal Detector

Equinox is a modern multi-purpose metal detector with new innovative technology and a lot of features making him a best companion for any prospector or treasure hunter.

The most innovative feature of Equinox, is its new Multi-IQ technology, which allows the use of more than four different search frequencies simultaneously.

So, it is possible to search for underground metal targets using different frequencies at the same time, which gives the possibility of covering various targets of different sizes and types of metal.

This saves time and effort on the prospector and thus explores more targets in less time and thus yields greater returns.

Equinox From Minelab is easy to use, thanks to ease of adjusting the various settings on the large screen which enable easy to read indicators for the user, as well as through the four search modes, which can be customized to suit all the terrain and natural conditions.

For gold prospecting, Equinox offer a unique gold mode to get best results in finding golden objects underground.

Equinox redefines the multi-purpose metal detectors and uses for all prospectors and gold prospectors thanks to its ease of use, technology and high performance in all terrain.

One of the most exciting new features of Equinox is the Multi-IQ technology. This technology, which is the first in a metal detection device, enables the simultaneous use of multiple search frequencies (including the following frequencies in the device 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 40 kHz).

This means that the device uses all these frequencies at once to simultaneously search for underground metal targets and this gives a wider and larger coverage of the various buried targets.

The use of this technique provides the possibility of detecting different metal objects. of different kinds (such as gold, silver or copper…) as well as different sizes (small and relatively large targets) and thus reduce the effort and time.

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