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Garrett ATX Metal Detector Garrett-ATX-Metal-Detector-–-Designed-for-Deep-Gold-Nuggets

Garrett ATX Metal Detector – Designed for Deep Gold Nuggets

Garrett ATX Metal Detector

Garrett ATX Metal Detector is the first pulse induction (PI) metal detector that Garrett has released that is specifically designed for gold prospecting. It offers one of the alternative options to the many Minelab PI detectors that have dominated the market for the past 2 decades.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector may seem expensive compared to other metal detectors on the market, but this is because the PI technology is completely different than most other detector sold today. The Garrett ATX Metal Detector is specifically designed to find deep, large gold nuggets in highly mineralized soils that most detectors do not function well.

Features of the Garrett ATX Metal Detector

The heightened sensitivity and user-friendliness makes the price well worth it. The model comes in at around 6.5lb, heavier than most similar metal detectors; partially because it requires eight standard AA batteries to operate. It’s military style design also adds to the weight.

The model also sacrifices the LCD screen for more standard, straightforward LED indicators that show information regarding signal strength and current settings. Though this may be a bit of a downfall for individuals who are used to a vibrant LCD display, the LED indicators provide information quickly in a clutter free format that many users can appreciate. Though the model is a bit heavier than most, it does offer an adjustable armrest helping to improve comfort; the product is also fully collapsible (up to 20’’) for ease in transport and storage.

This model also has a multi-pulse operating frequency that aids in actively distinguishing mineralized soils. On top of the LED indicators that aid in conveying information to the user, audio can be played both through an external speaker located on the unit or through an audio jack.

The installed automatic ground-tracking feature constantly adjusts the sensitivity of the unit, helping it to perform at optimal condition. There is also an automatic ground balancing feature called “Fast Track,” making it even more reliable when trying to distinguish mineralized soil from actual metals.

Despite the Garrett ATX’s durability, it does suffer slightly from a reduced battery life. On average, the Garrett ATX Metal Detector with eight fresh AA batteries will last about 10+ hours. However, the model does come with a battery charger and rechargeable batteries, helping reduce the number of new batteries you may need to buy.

It also has a two year guaranteed warranty (which may be a bit lower than most metal detectors) but is not a major cause for concern since the Garrett ATX Metal Detector is extremely durable and there have been few reports of any problems or defects with this detector.

The rugged nature, flexibility, and heightened sensitivity make this unit extremely dependable. the Garrett ATX Metal Detector is priced very competitively compared to nearly all other PI gold detectors on the market today.

Coil Selection for the ATX

Another great thing about the Garrett ATX Metal Detector is that it is compatible with three different coil types: a 12’’ DD coil, a deep-seeker 20’’ coil, and an 8’’ coil. The 12’’ coil is the default, but can be switched out with ease, and the different coil sizes give great flexibility for users depending on the situation.

For deep, large gold nuggets, the big 20” coil is the best option and can find large metal objects at great depths. In shallower bedrock areas where the gold nuggets are expected to be closer to the coil, the smaller 12” or 8” coils will have the greatest sensitivity. All coils can be locked at a ninety-degree angle, making it easier to scan embankments.

Waterproof Pulse Induction Detector

In terms of functionality, the Garrett ATX is water resistant, rated to be used at a depth up to 10 feet. Until the release of the Garrett ATX Metal Detector there were very few good options for gold hunters to use underwater, and this detector opens up new possibilities to hunt in shallow water areas that you would be afraid to take most other metal detectors.

Because of its strong exterior and rugged nature, the Garrett ATX Metal Detector is excellently designed for all terrain use: whether it is being operated in wet, humid, or dry environments, the Garrett ATX Metal Detector can handle all without losing a significant amount of sensitivity, making it a true military grade piece of equipment.

Motion and Non-Motion Detection Modes

Garrett ATX has two detection modes that the user can use in order to provide a best performance to specific task, those modes are based on ground condition and personal preference:

Non-Motion All Metal Mode : it is offers deepest detection depth and more sensitivity for detection of smallest gold nuggets, so in this mode the device works as electronic pinpointing device used to locate accurate detected target’s position .

Motion Mode:It is usually preferred because it is more stable and quiet, but requires the search coil to be in motion to detect targets.

Advanced Ground Balance

Garrett ATX Metal Detector engineered with special fast track ground tracking technology for automatic ground balance in different terrains such as mineralized ground and saltwater. By using this technology the device continuously measure ground mineralization then automatically adjust itself for optimum performance based on ground conditions.

Work in All Terrain and Weather Conditions

Garrett ATX Metal Detector work effectively in all ground terrains types such as  mineralized ground, salty soils, sandy soils and so on, because of  its automatic ground balance and other features.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector Designed for use in wet, humid and also in dusty environments, and also can be immersed in water to 3m depth and thus suitable to find gold in rivers and shorelines and lakes.

Tough Device with Military Design

Garrett ATX Metal Detector was built using military design with high durability in mind , so it work in all tough environments and conditions. It is also fully collapsible as it can be operated with its stem fully extended, fully collapsed, or anywhere in between.

Designed for Deep Gold Nuggets

Discrimination is generally not recommended for nugget hunting in normal conditions, but since recovering metal targets underwater is considerably more difficult than it is on dry land, this may be the easiest option even if it means that some gold nuggets are missed.

Ground balance is not necessary in discrimination mode, however, this method may have the disadvantage of reducing detection for low conductivity items.

The second method is the Ground Balance Method. This method can greatly help in increasing the amount of detection for low conductive items, without any need of increasing the discrimination level. Ground balance is one of the most important skills required for metal detecting and therefore to obtain the optimum stability, the Ground balance must be balanced when there are any changes in the ground conditions. Using the detector in all-metal mode, this will be the most sensitive way to operate the Garrett ATX. However, ground balancing can be challenging if you are fully submerged underwater. If you are just wading it is probably the best way to go.

The third method is the Default Ground Balance Method. This method has its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantage is that, this method provides the highest amount of detection of low conductive targets. The disadvantage is that, this method can produce high amount of false responses due to changing ground conditions.

Just like on dry land, the coils should be swung smoothly and at a constant height. Allowing smooth transitions between ground conditions, will allow the detector to set itself at an optimum level for all the varying grounds.

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