Geological signs that point to gold

Geological signs that point to gold

Gold is a foldable metal, and it is available in many places in the world, and its presence is not concentrated in one spot, and it has been used in the manufacture of jewelry for women and men and is used in the installation of some electronic components, as many people search for in the way of exploration since ancient civilizations, and after many From migrations, setbacks, and various circumstances, many people were collecting gold and its precious artifacts and placing them in specific places underground, among rocks, in caves, ancient wells, and places that are difficult to reach by others, hoping to return to extract them later. Gold is a chemical element called aurum platinum. It has the atomic number 79 in group 11. Gold belongs to the transitional elements, and is known as the transition metals; This is because all the elements comprising atomic numbers are metals first, and secondly, showing an increasing number of electrons in their electron shell.


Signs and Pointers

Some may sometimes wonder about the signs by which it is possible to know that this land contains gold or not, and some may also believe that this is easy and simple, but in fact, it is not so, and the difficulty is that gold exists in different types of deposits, as the indicators of the presence of different types of deposits differ. Gold according to each type, for example in some places the presence of vein or vein quartz on the ground is a valuable indicator of the presence of gold, but it is not a valuable indicator in places where there is a lot of vein quartz, and in other places where there is gold in abundance but Completely free of vein quartz.

The signs of the presence of gold in the rocks help a lot in the exploration and detection of gold , as they are clear signs to extract treasures from the places hidden in them, and these signs have been found in the rocks since ancient times, as previous nations used to hide all their money, treasures and antiquities in the rocks or underground Or in ancient wells, and they used to put a sign or sign to show them the place that contains gold again, hoping to return to those places again and extract it.


  • Among the most prominent signs of the presence of gold in the rocks are:


Quartz :

Usually, both gold and quartz are found together, it is likely that when finding quartz, gold will also be found in the same area. many environments.


lush rock species :

The host rocks are rough which is a positive indication that they contain gold but these rock types can vary a lot from region to region and can sometimes be so different that it’s hard to tell them apart.


overlapping rocks :

These rocks are formed when the magma erupts between the layers of the formed rock, and these rocks are very hard and slow to erode, which may lead to the survival of these rocks in the face of erosion even after the surrounding rocks have eroded, and heavy particles such as gold usually accumulate on these rocks.


Suitable topography:

Raw gold generally tends to travel a greater distance from the source. In deserts, for example, most of the best remaining gold deposits are formed in areas with medium to full slopes.


Silt :

It is a sedimentary gathering of eroded materials in a specific area, and alluvium is formed at the bottoms of rivers as a result of water pushing these sediments, and due to the weight of gold compared to other materials, it usually settles at the bottoms of these sediments.


Similar and nearby geological zones :

If a particular rock type or geological environment rich in gold is found in a particular area, and the same type of rock or environment is located a few kilometers in the same mountain range, it may be very useful to search in that area.

Finally, in this article, we talked about the most important signs and indicators that indicate the prospectors and researchers about the presence of gold in the geological and solid areas, and the most important scientific signs that indicate the presence of gold in these place and help the  researchers in prospecting for gold.


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