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german metal detectors

German Metal Detectors

German Metal Detectors

German metal detectors are metal detectors manufactured by German-based companies.

The German industry is characterized by high quality, effectiveness and excellent performance,

which also applies to metal detectors manufactured in Germany, which has earned a good reputation

among prospectors from different countries of the world due to the good reputation of the German industry in general.

German Metal Detectors

German companies produce metal detectors that operate based on multiple search technologies

and include the latest developments in the field of metal detection of underground treasures based on

practical experiences and tests of devices in real life uses by expert prospectors

German Gold Metal Detectors

German gold metal detectors have a wide range of uses and practical applications in the search for all types of

metal including gold and precious metals such as silver or copper and buried treasures underground made of different metal,

in addition to detection of ancient archaeological treasures and detection of cavity, spaces and tunnels

German Metal Detector Manufacturer

There are many German metal detector manufacturers that manufacture metal detectors, including

OKM, Mega Detection, Lorenz and other companies.

These companies offer prospectors a wide variety of metal detectors that work according to all

metal detection technologies, including electromagnetic metal detectors using pulse induction and

very low frequency (VLF) technology, 3D imaging ground scanning devices, long-range locators

devices and devices that work according to other technologies such as the ionic search system the bionic system.

German Metal Detectors Companies

In this section we will provide a quick review of some of the best German metal detectors companies

with brief overview and detailed info about each company products.

OKM Germany

OKM Germany is the largest manufacturer of professional metal detectors that work according to 3D ground scanning

technology based on measuring tools and scan probes manufactured according to the latest developments in the field of

metal detection and underground cavities detection.

German Metal Detectors

OKM Germany manufactures a wide range of land surveying equipment suitable for different categories of prospectors,

amateurs, beginners and professionals, mineral mining companies and archaeological treasure prospectors.

The company’s devices are characterized by high quality in terms of design and high performance and reach

to very large search depths ranging between 20-25 meters and most of the company’s devices include modeling

the results visually in the form of three-dimensional graphics- that displayed on laptop or tablet PC or smart phone

– that give the prospector a clear vision of the buried targets within the scan area.

OKM’s devices is characterized by its high quality and professional performance, a high performance and reliable results

in various terrain and ground conditions with unique technological features.

OKM Metal Detectors

OKM metal detectors are specially designed for professional prospectors who want to discover archaeological

treasures at great depths exceeding 20 meters and feature advanced ground scan and search tools and probes

plus accessories to visually display the results like tablet or smart phone or others.

Below we review some of the company’s most important devices

EXP 6000 Series

EXP 6000 metal detector series from OKM – Germany is the most complete solution in the world for metal detection,

treasure hunting, cavities and tunnels detection and more applications.

EXP 6000 comes in two releases including: EXP 6000 Professional & EXP 6000 Professional Plus that differ in included probes and accessories.

It is a revolutionary 3D ground scanner with most complete set of detection tools and probes for different purposes

with visual scan data representation as 3D graphics on bundled computer via Visualizer 3D software.

EXP 6000

EXP 6000 via its probes and sensors deep scan underground soil layers and display the scanning data as 3D graphics representation

on computer, and thus it enables the prospector to know all details about buried targets like size and depth visually before excavation.

EXP 6000 is a versatile device for any serious prospector as it can locate and detect all types of targets underground like buried artefacts,

gold treasures, underground hidden structures like tunnels and everything else.

EXP 6000 with its powerful professional functions and tools opens up new opportunities for any serious treasure hunters,

archaeologists, gold seekers, metal mining companies and anyone interested in metal detection.

Fusion Series

OKM Fusion series are a set of professional metal detectors and 3D ground scanners support treasure hunters, gold seekers,

adventurers and archaeologists to discover lost treasures, buried artifacts, hidden places and other historical items.

There are three devices in Fusion series including:

1 – OKM Fusion Light

2 – OKM Fusion Professional

3 – OKM Fusion Professional Plus

OKM FUSION Professional


The Fusion series of devices provides advanced search tools and visual results, suitable for various prospectors,

and includes the following features:

  • 3 Versions for different categories of professional and hobby users
  • Most powerful 3D ground scan technology
  • 3 Search modes in Pro Plus version:
  • Ground Scan
  • Live Sound
  • Live Scan (Multi-Sensor, Ultrasound)
  • 3D Visualization of underground treasures via Visualizer 3D on Tablet PC
  • Companion App (Fusion Light Only) for any Android Tablet or smart phone

OKM GEPARD GPR 3D is a unique device for detection of underground structures and objects with its ground penetrating radar

technology that make the device best 3D ground scanner that integrate powerful features and high-end performance for all detection applications.

GEPARD GPR ground penetrating radar technology offer great scan depths range that can reach up to 40 meters underground ,

the scan data visualized as 3D graphics using bundled tablet pc.



GEPARD GPR 3D with its features set, offer for the professional prospectors or even companies many practical

uses for the detection of underground objects like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers and even metals.


Rover C4 2021 is a new release with new style, new ergonomic design and internal integrated batteries

and easy data transfer and more features.

Rover C4 combines powerful technology for 3D ground scanning via its probes and sensors with accurate representation

of scanned ground area with all its included metallic objects, relics, treasures and cavities like tunnels.


Rover C4 visualize the scanning data via new Visualizer 3D Studio app installed on bundled tablet PC as 3D graphics

with colors that present different objects types like metal, underground cavities like tunnel and gold treasure…

Using the Visualizer 3D Studio analyzer app enable user of the device to know the full details about possible

targets including its depth, size, accurate position and metal type …

Rover C4 is a perfect choice for treasure hunters who are looking for buried treasures like chests, boxes,

golden artifacts and statues and silver coins, rings and jewelry.


Evolution NTX is a unique device that combines VLF metal detector with 3D ground scanner in one compact

easy to use package, plus it is available at best price ever.

Evolution NTX


Evolution NTX considered a multi-purpose and versatile metal detector for all applications like gold prospecting

and treasure hunting and even cavities detection.

Evolution NTX comes with modern design that include high-resolution touch screen and enhanced search coil

and improved probe performance.

Evolution NTX Features

  • 2 Search technologies: 3D ground scan + VLF
  • Powerful ground scan via Telescopic Probe
  • Enhanced special search coil for best metal detection performance
  • 2 Search Modes including: 3D Scan Mode + Live Sound Mode
  • High-resolution colored LCD display screen with touch support for easy settings adjustment and results display.
OKM Metal Detector Price

OKM metal detector price is relatively high for many prospectors, as the prices of OKM’s devices

exceed the barrier of 5000 dollars and above, and some devices exceed the barrier of 20000 dollars,

but with the accuracy of the devices and their reliable results, and the fact that the devices are intended for

professional prospectors justify the high price, because it is a profitable investment in the long term in the event

of the discovery of valuable archaeological treasures.

Here we list a full prices for OKM products:

German metal detector exp 6000 price depends on the package:

EXP 6000 PRO price is 24.900 $

EXP 6000 PRO PLUS price is 34.900 $

For Fusion series prices:

FUSION LIGHT price is 5.250 $

FUSION PRO price is 8.150 $

FUSION PRO PLUS price is 15.500 $

EXP 4500 LIGHT price is 14.500 $

EXP 4500 PRO price is 16.400 $

EXP 4500 PRO PLUS price is 27.400 $

ROVER C4 price is 11.150 $

ROVER UC price is 9.200 $

GEPARD GPR 3D price is 21.800 $

EVOLUTION NTX price is 5.750 $

BIONIC X4 price is 12.250 $

GEOSEEKER groundwater detector price is 10.600 $

GEOSEEKER MINI groundwater detector price is 6.850 $

Mega Detection

Mega Detection the German company is considered one of the major companies that manufactures

a variety of metal detectors. In the past, it was distinguished by the Mega devices series (Mega Scan Pro – Mega G3 – Mega Gold) ,

which depends in its work on long range locator technology to detect treasures and burials underground,

and these devices have won the trust of thousands of prospectors around the world.

Mega Detection Detectors

Recently, the company has issued a new series of professional devices with different and various search technologies

that include new technology in the field of ground scanning, long-range scan system and other search systems

with tools and probes developed with special technology to meet the needs of all treasure hunters and prospectors.

Mega Detection offers best German metal detectors that can be used for many practical applications such as gold detection

and finding most precious metals such as copper, silver, platinum and bronze, plus some of these devices can also

be used to detect tunnels, voids and underground caves, bunkers, graves and so on.

The devices of Mega Detection are easy to use and comes with modern graphical interface, which includes

an easy-to-use program for users to choose different settings such as search systems, preset programs,

ground scan settings, and adjust the various values ​​such as front scan range and search depth range and other scan options.


Gold Star 3D Scanner is a multi-system multi-purpose metal detector for wide range of

applications for beginner and professional prospectors and treasure hunters.

Gold Star 3D Scanner is considered the most complete solution for treasure hunters in terms of functionality

and applications that can be used for, thanks to the eight search systems available in the device that provide beginners

and professional prospectors alike with all the tools necessary to find buried treasures and ancient monuments.

Gold Star 3D Scanner


Gold Star 3D Scanner is a powerful versatile metal detector & 3D ground scanner with latest detection technologies

for all metal detection applications including archaeological excavations and deep treasure hunting and gold prospecting and so on.

Features List:

o   Powerful detection tools and probes: I.M.T.U, V.S.T, M.G.S

o   8 search systems with all metal detection technologies

o   Enhanced Long-Range detection technology with 3000 m scan range and 50 m depth

o   Completely new 3D ground scan technology with more ground coverage and visualization.

o   Visual results display on colored LCD screen or included Android Tablet.

o   2D & 3D visualization using Multi Visual Analyzer app on tablet offer powerful analysis tools

o   Multilanguage software program offers ease of use and full control and options for search and

result visualization via its charts, graphs and icons.


Phoenix is a powerful multi systems 3D ground scanner and one of the best professional devices

recently released in 2021, it is made by the Mega Detection company in Germany, which is distinguished

by its professional devices for prospectors and treasure hunters.

Phoenix Metal Detector

Phoenix metal detector includes a new technology that is the first of its kind to scan the ground

in a three-dimensional form with greater accuracy and speed through the first-of-its-kind scanning probe

Multi-sensors Ground Scanner, or M.G.S for short, as well as the V.S.T vertical high-signal transceiver probe

that provides powerful scanning tools to accurately record changes in the ground magnetism to obtain better results.

Phoenix is a versatile device with three different search systems suitable for detecting different metals, ancient monuments,

voids and ground cavities such as tunnels, and can reach very great depths.

Phoenix software program of the device is a modern-designed available in 12 languages including most spoken one,

with ease of use and visual feedback.


Mega Scan Pro metal detector from Mega Locators – Germany with a new and distinctive version

with new programs and a new design for the magnetic sensor and carrying case of the device.

The power of the Mega Scan Pro comes from the availability of three search systems with various

techniques within the device, namely the long-range locator system, the ionic scanning system

and the magnetic system, which offers various search options for the user and prospector

in his search for gold and most precious metals.

Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro is an integrated multi-purpose device with ease of use at the same time thanks to

a simple graphical interface and preset search programs that include most precious metals such as gold,

silver and bronze as well as programs to discover diamonds and gemstones as well.

Mega Detection Metal Detector Price

Mega Detection offers a list of metal detectors suitable for various categories of prospectors,

and their prices vary according to several options related to search systems, search technology,

accessories, embedded tools and other options.

Mega Detection metal detector prices listed here:

Gold Star 3D Scanner price is 9.500 $

Phoenix metal detector price is 6.900 $

Mega Scan Pro price is 6.500 $

Mega G3 price is 5.500 $

Mega Gold price is 3.500 $


Lorenz is one of the distinguished companies, despite its small size, thanks to the good reputation

of the company’s devices, as it provided products and metal detectors that won the trust of many

prospectors and discoverers around the world.

The company specializes in electromagnetic metal detectors working with pulse induction technology,

especially with the company’s own innovations in terms of performance, search coils and technology.

One of best German metal detectors from the company is Lorenz Deep Max Z2 is a new released metal detector

built upon the successful Lorenz Deep Max Z1 but with new features and enhanced performance.

Lorenz Z2 designed and developed to bring new or enhanced features such as high sensitivity,

greater depth, easy operation and more accurate detection results.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2


Lorenz Deep Max Z2 has developed with professional prospectors in mind, as it can be used for

a variety of metal detection related application like treasure hunting and detection of metal objects

in historical battlefields and other tasks.

Lorenz Z2 metal detector price is 7.500 $.

Best German Gold Detectors

What are the best German metal detectors?

Determining the best German gold detectors is related to many points and factors related to

the device, such as search or scanning technology, the maximum possible depth to search for

buried targets, the way to represent the search results and display the results visually,

the availability of tools and accessories appropriate for the purpose of the search,

as well as the suitability of the device to the customer’s needs.

Through the previous explanation, we clearly see that there is no perfect and complete

Germany metal detector, but there are various options of devices with different specifications

that meet the needs and requirements of different categories of professional prospectors

according to their financial budget and certain features they desire.

But we can offer many suggestions from the best German metal detectors according to different standards:

Best German metal detector at budget for beginners: Evolution NTX, Fusion Light

Best German metal detector for professional treasure hunters: EXP 6000 Pro Plus, Fusion Pro

Best German metal detector as a complete solution with multiple detection systems: Gold Star 3D Scanner

Best German metal detector 3D ground scanner with best price for features: Phoenix

German Metal Detector Price

German metal detector price varies between one device and other and from one company

to another according to several factors that were previously explained, such as search technology,

depth, device features, and others.

Perhaps the German gold detectors prices are relatively expensive compared to devices

from other brands from other countries, but the reason for the high prices is the advantage

of these devices due to the special technology available, the reliability of these devices,

the accuracy of the resulting search results, the high quality of the devices manufacturing

and their provision of a search mechanism that ensures the discovery of deep treasures.

German Metal Detectors for Sale

Orient Technology Group offers all kinds of best German metal detectors from different companies

and variety of purchase options suitable for most customers with the most powerful offers on different

devices at the best prices with the possibility of obtaining discounts.

Our customers interested in obtaining the best German metal detectors can contact us through our numbers

on the company website to obtain the device that best suits your needs and desires.


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