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Gold Detector Price

Gold Detector Price

Gold Detector Price

Gold detector price depends on many factors related to the manufacturing process, the technology for searching

for underground metals, the search mechanism and parts or accessories used.

Gold Detector Price
The price factor also relates to the technical features of the gold detector, which in turn are related to previous factors

and other factors such as the manufacturer.

These factors include, for example, search frequencies, detection modes, audio tones

in electromagnetic devices, and the way data is displayed in imaging devices, among others.

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How do gold detectors works?


Gold Detector Price Factors

In this article we will show the effect of some of these factors on the price of gold detectors,

with mentioning various detailed practical examples of all types of gold detectors.


Gold detector price

Search Technology

The search technology in the device is the most important factor in determining the gold detector price,

where the price of the device relates to the method of search and the cost of manufacturing this technology,

including special equipment or certain parts, for example magnetic sensors or coils or otherwise,

which is reflected in the final price of the product.

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Maximum Depth

In general, the maximum search depth plays a large role in determining the price of the gold detector,

so that the greater the depth of the maximum search for a metal detector, the more it will increase

in price and vice versa, of course, taking into account the factor of the search technology.

As a practical example, electromagnetic gold detectors are significantly less expensive than long-range scanners

because they give relatively small search depths that do not exceed two meters, unlike long-range devices

that provide a large search depth up to 40 – 50 meters underground.

On the other hand, 3D imaging gold detectors, although they are more expensive than the long-range devices,

they offer depths between 15-25 meters as a maximum, and here the search technology factor plays the biggest role in the price.


gold detector depth

Origin Country & Brand

There are many international companies that manufacture gold and metal detectors from different countries of the world,

such as Germany, Australia, Turkey and America…

German metal detectors devices are the most expensive because of their high quality and the technology

in them compared to similar devices from other countries.

As in most electronics and other products, the subject of the device brand (the manufacturer) affects the value of the device, as buying

a device from a well-known brand may cost the prospector more expensive than a similar device with the same specifications from another unknown company.

The country of manufacture also plays an important role, as in the field of gold detectors and metal detectors,

the devices made in Germany are of the highest quality, but in return they are more expensive compared to devices made in other countries.


Device Technical Features

Gold detectors technical features discriminate each device from each other as the features may be available in

a specific metal detector are not available in a similar device and this vary the price.

Some technical features can be a reason for the high price of some types of devices due to the manufacturer’s investment

in technology that may be private and exclusive.

Technical features may be basic or essential features or additional features such as new search systems or multiple search modes or extra features

that may be helpful such as special audio tones or the ability to update the device software .. all of that features affects the final price of the gold detector


Parts & Accessories

The parts supplied with the device, whether they are essential original parts or accessories, affect the selling price of the gold detector.
For example, on devices that rely on search coils, the availability of an additional search coils means an increase in the price.
In 3D imaging devices, the presence of additional sensors or probes for specific applications such as tunnel detection means a higher price

for the device compared to another device without these sensors.


Other Factors

The final retail price of the device also depends on various factors, such as the tax in the country of sale, the customs tax on import,

the shipping costs related to the country, the shipping company, and other factors.


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How Much Does a Gold Detector Cost

Here in this paragraph will give an overview about gold detector price based on search technology with examples

Electromagnetic Gold Detectors

Electromagnetic gold detectors are the least expensive among the types of metal detectors,

where simple and small devices are available that their prices do not exceed $ 300 USD ,example : Simplex, but when buyer want to obtain

higher specifications such as more search coils and greater depths the price increases steadily and depends on the country

of manufacture and the brand but is not expected that the best device exceeds more than 2000 dollars only.

Example : Nokta Impact


Impact Metal Detector

Long-Range Gold Detectors

The prices of long range gold detectors range from $ 2,500 to about $ 7,000, depending on the technical features of the device

such as number of search programs, front scan range (distance), maximum search depth and other features such as the brand.

Example : Mega Gold


Mega Gold

Gold Scanner Detector Price

Imaging gold detectors are considered the most expensive among the types of metal detectors because of the great accuracy that they

give to the prospector in metal detection, as well as the large depth range that reaches up to 25 meters underground.

Prices vary greatly depending on the features of the device and its accessories, such as the number of probes,

the availability of a computer, laptop or tablet, scanning technology, depth range, and other features.

The country of manufacturer and the trade mark (brand) also plays an important role in the price range, for example,

Turkish made devices are several times cheaper than the prices of similar German made devices, for example,

some Turkish devices price range do not exceed 5,000-7500 dollars, while the price of a similar German device reaches 11,000 dollars.

Some professional German 3D Ground scanners devoted to excavating antiquities and archaeological treasures at great depths ,

their prices can reach up to a of $ 20,000 or more.

Examples : 3D Ground Navigator , EXP 6000


EXP 6000


Gold metal detector price

Gold metal detector price is most important factor for prospectors either the hobbyists

or professionals because the buyer need a device that meet his needs and apply required

features at best price that fit his budget.

Gold metal detector price is based on various factors and options including the brand, technology and other factors listed below:

  • Detection technology and detection tools or probes used to perform metal detection
  • Maximum detection depth that can be reached by device
  • Package contents and parts such as probes, search coils, shafts, optional accessories…
  • Manufacturer or device brand
  • Transportation costs, shipping frights, taxes related to the laws of each country


Gold Detector Price Amazon, Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington,

which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

It is considered one of the Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry, along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Amazon is most popular e-commerce website in the world and sells all kinds of products, including books, digital goods, electronics, foods and others.

On the site there are many sellers from companies and individuals who offer various devices at different prices and with many options,

gold detector price on Amazon vary based on many factors like seller, brand, device features and so on.

Amazon website is reliable and trusted source for buying online and it is most recommended, but you should search for the best prices,

additionally avoid buying from unreliable vendors or sellers and it is better to compare prices from different sources to get best deal.


Used Gold Detectors for Sale

Used gold detectors for sale are available for purchase from various sources including online websites such as eBay, Amazon and some e-commerce websites.

In addition, some specialized companies in metal detectors sales offer ability for customers to buy used gold detectors devices at reduced prices lower than the original prices of new devices.

Also, some prospectors and treasure hunters after using their devices for a while, sell their used gold detectors for many reasons like to get some money or simply they have no need for it.

Buyers can contact local prospectors to buy used devices at great prices in comparison with new one , but pay attention and check and test the purchased device .


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Gold Detector Price Philippines

There is a growing interest in the Philippines in gold and metal detectors.

There are many companies out there that sell metal detectors and offer different types of devices

of different brands with a very different price range.

Most of the customers in the Philippines want to buy cheap devices within a price range not exceeding $ 2,500.

Therefore, we advise our customers in the Philippines to buy electromagnetic devices.

You can review the devices available through our company at the following link.


Gold Detector Price in India

India is one of the most populous countries in the world, but the level of per capita income in India is very low

compared to many countries around the world.

The Indian market is a promising market in terms of selling gold detectors, and there are millions of people

interested in this field, especially with the presence of valuable archaeological treasures in different parts of India.

The average per capita income in India is low, so it is difficult for the vast majority of people to purchase a metal detector,

so the price of a gold detector in India is very high for per capita income.

Therefore, for Indian customers we recommend two distinct gold detectors, which are available at a price less than $ 500,

namely the Vanquish and Simplex.


Gold Detector Price Australia

Australia is characterized by a large area and a relatively small population, and most of Australia’s land is desert,

and gold is available in its natural form.

Therefore, most of the gold detectors required in Australia are gold ore detectors, especially from the Australian

company Minelab, such as GBX 4500, GBZ 7000 and Equinox.

The price of a gold detector in Australia for this type of device varies according to the features of the device

in terms of depth, search technology and various factors.

In general, most gold ore detectors are priced in the range of 1000 to 3000 dollars, with a few exceptions

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Gold Detector Price in Saudi Arabia

Although gold detectors are banned in Saudi Arabia, dozens of Saudis own a variety of gold detection devices,

ranging from simple, inexpensive devices to professional devices that cost thousands of dollars.

With the presence of natural gold in Saudi Arabia, most of the demand is for medium-priced ore

gold detectors that achieve the equation between price and efficiency.

You can find more details by reviewing the following article : جهاز كشف الذهب في السعودية


Gold Detector Price List

In the following paragraph, we offer our valued customers a short list of gold detectors’ prices

that meet the needs of different categories of amateur and professional prospectors.

  • Gold Star 3D Scanner price : 9500 USD
  • Phoenix price : 6900 USD
  • Invenio Pro price : 6.700 USD
  • Impact Pro price  : 1.800 USD
  • Evo metal detector price : 3.900 USD
  • Mega Scan Pro : 6500 USD
  • Mega Diamond : 4500 USD


What is the best gold detector to buy?

The best gold detector to buy is the device that matches the specifications required by the prospector

or the buyer so that the device includes the necessary features in order to achieve the prospector’s goal of buying.

Several factors play in determining the best device, including the maximum search depth, search technology,

device performance, as well as the price factor.

You can refer to the following article for more information:


How much is the gold detector?

The answer depends on the type of gold that you want to discover.

In the case of natural gold, you need a specialized device that can cost you from a few hundreds of dollars

to about 3000 dollars, and the price can exceed that much, as in the GPZ 7000.

As for discovering buried golden treasures, it is related to technology, depth and search technology,

and it is possible to buy a good device at a price of 1500 – 2000 dollars, but with a limited depth

that does not exceed 3 meters, for example the Impact Pro device

But for great depths, you need a professional device with 3d ground scan technology,

and the cost varies greatly according to the type of device, the brand, the depth field,

various factors, and the field ranges from about $ 6500 to $ 30,000


How much does a good gold detector cost?

It is possible to buy a gold detector at an affordable price and at the same time

that is effective and practical to detect gold efficiently and with high performance.

We recommend, for example, for beginner prospectors, the Impact Pro device,

with an electromagnetic system, with multi-frequency technology, and a variety

of search modes suitable for searching for metals and gold, especially accurately

with a special tone for gold and the advantage of ignoring iron and others.

For professional prospectors, we recommend the Phoenix device from the

German company Mega Detection, which is a professional device at a very reasonable price

compared to competing devices that may cost twice its price, and the device is imaging

with three systems and offers very large search depths and a visual representation

on the device screen or via a tablet with a special application.

What is gold treasure detector price?

As for the price of the treasure detector, the price mainly relates to two factors,

the maximum depth the prospector wants to reach, as well as the accuracy of the results related to the search technology.

It is recommended to buy an imaging gold detector for the best results, and the prices vary

according to the manufacturer and the features in each device.


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