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Gold detectors are many and varied ..get to know them

Gold detectors are many and varied ..get to know them

Gold has always been the focus of attention for many lovers of precious metals and prospectors in this field. Gold is the first and fastest step to reach wealth and luxury.

The presence of gold is well concentrated near rivers and along streams, where prospectors in this context use several methods. it includes  ancient primitive ones that depend on humans in themselves, including modern and advanced ones, through which they rely on exploration devices, equipment, and advanced technology in prospecting and metal detection, especially gold.


Gold detector and its working principle:

Gold is certainly a type of metal, so we may find that most metal detectors can detect gold.

but that was in the past. In our modern age, detection devices and equipment have been made for each metal separately. We may find a device dedicated to detecting diamonds only and another dedicated to detecting gold.

and this is due to the programming of these devices to search for a specific metal, as now we find that the gold detector does not give information about any other metal, it is his task to provide the holder of the device with an indication of the presence of gold only.

The device contains receiving and transmitting wires, in which a magnetic field is created and signals are sent when the detector passes over the gold and it emits a strong vibration and creates a magnetic field around the prospected location, and it may sound an alert to the bearer.

This briefly summarizes the working principle of the gold detector.


Metal Detector Principle


Gold detectors and their types:

It is certain that modern devices that work on mineral exploration, especially gold, have many types that consider several points, the most important of which are the geographical location, the nature of the region, the type of ground to be explored, and the type of gold that may be present in the desired area, we show you some types of gold detectors according to the search technology:


-Sensor gold detectors:

Or long-range scanning devices, and they are one of the most important devices that may provide the trouble of accurate search. These devices can sense the presence of gold from a place near you or within the ocean in which it is located. It has a wide coverage range that may reach 2000 meters in some devices, one of the most important features of this type of device is that it can explore minerals even if they are well and deeply buried, as it accommodates an accurate search range of up to 40 meters underground.


Gold Star 3D Scanner



it is used for :

Detecting all kinds of metals (gold – silver – platinum – bronze)

Determining the locations of archaeological burials and buried treasures, regardless of the time of their existence.

Among the most prominent sensor detection devices: (Mega Scan Pro), which is one of the most powerful sensors in the world.


-Electromagnetic gold detectors:

They are devices that depend on the formation of an invisible magnetic field, which extends around the ground to be searched, forming an electromagnetic circumference whose task is to sense the presence of the metal and send electromagnetic signals originating from the ground to the device containing information related to the type of metal that was captured, whether it was gold/silver/diamond.


Impact Metal Detector



Detection of old coins

Detection of small-sized artifacts

One of the most prominent electromagnetic detection devices: (Vanquish), which is one of the latest available devices, and the most prominent feature of it is its small size, lightweight, and economical price.


-Imaging gold detectors:

This type of device relies on a full ground scanning and imaging procedure through dedicated search sensors . and the results of this search are often displayed through an explanatory display attached to the device, the excavation results are displayed in 3D and then the prospector analyzes the results to get detailed information.

3D Imaging Gold Detector targets buried objects, which need extreme accuracy and analysis to prospect and capture these minerals.


Invenio Metal Detector



Detection of minerals within hard rocky minerals

Detecting buried metals on the battlefields such as rare swords, daggers, and ornaments.

Detecting metals more than 25 meters deep underground.

One of the most prominent Imaging gold detectors: detection devices: (Ground Navigator 2) is a device that contains the best-advanced scanning techniques that have been designed by the best leading German companies in this field.


In this, we find that each type of gold has its own device, gold bars and coins have their own equipment, and gold, such as small pieces and grains of sand, also has its equipment, and as we mentioned, each place has its appropriate equipment in line with the nature of the land and the type of exploration to be searched.


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