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How To Select A Metal Detector

How To Select A Metal Detector

How To Select A Metal Detector

Select A Metal Detector should not be bought solely on the suggestion of one person no matter how good a friend. If you are new to the hobby, you should realize that long time detector users can be very committed to the particular model and brand of detector that they have been using.

They are generally unfamiliar with anything newer or different. Lots of new electronics and features have come along in recent years. So always make certain that you investigate a broad variety of equipment.

How Often You Will Use Your New Detector?

Do you want to metal detect on the weekends or whenever you can? Are you retired and planning to search for objects as much as possible — even taking your detector with you on vacations?

Most people who start metal detecting find that they truly love the hobby, so you want to consider how your detector stands up to repeated use. If you’re simply looking to find a lost item or just want to try it out, consider renting a metal detector before Select A Metal Detector or making a big purchase.

How rough will you be on your machine? You might not plan on dropping it, but you probably will. Think about all the bumps and jolts your machine will have to handle in the trunk of your car or if it gets dropped on rocky terrain. The bottom line is that you’ll want a rugged machine that is built to last. Most detectors today are built to rigorous international standards to stand up to hard use.

Before you buy metal detector, make sure you read the reviews for your detector and look at the warranty. Most detectors offer exceptional warranties that will keep you searching for treasures for many years to come. And if you ever need to send your detector in for repairs, these manufacturers will provide excellent service.

Where Will You Use The Detector?

Are you at a coast, near gold prospecting country, or in an area that has many old relics and coins. You need to pay special attention to the choice of detector if you wish to have a “special purpose” detector. Some of the specialty detectors have more than one operation mode and can be used for different types of detecting.

Most detectors will perform as promised by the Manufacturers. However, different brands of detectors will have various characteristics and features. Some detectors may require different swing speeds and some may weigh more than others. Yet another feature to consider for ease of travelling and packing is the number of sections that the detector will separate into.

Select A Metal Detector for Gold, Relics, or Jewelry

Different metal detectors are better at locating different things. Define your interests before you decide on a metal detector. You’ll need a different model for gold than you would for relics or artifacts, for example. If any of your plans include searching across a riverbed or shallow stream, you’ll want to make sure you get a waterproof model or one that’s designed to be submerged.

Many metal detectors are all-purpose detectors that will find everything from coins, rings, and jewelry to relics and even gold – and they’re available within every price range. Detectors such as the Garrett Ace , Garrett ATX , or Minelab’s Equinox Series are perfect for finding just about anything you could want.

If your main goal is to have fun and get some exercise, there are plenty of places to go coin shooting and jewelry hunting. You’ll want an all-purpose metal detector with exceptional pinpointing abilities and discrimination features to eliminate trash and junk targets.

If you’re searching for relics, artifacts, buried coins, and treasure caches, you’ll need a deeper seeking detector . These detectors will also allow you to filter out other things. For real hidden and buried historic artifacts, Minelab’s GPX 5000, and the Nokta INVENIO are some favorites of hobbyist relic hunters. These can be more expensive, but they provide a lot more depth.

If it’s gold nuggets or gold flakes that you’re after, you’ll need a detector that operates at a higher frequency with smaller or special-shaped coils and is more sensitive to smaller gold, which is harder to register on standard detectors. Look at Nokta|Makro Kruzer Gold. Higher priced and super-deep gold detectors from Minelab and Nokta are world-wide favorites.

Select A Metal Detector for the Beach, at a Park, or at a Historic Site

Think about where you’ll be hunting the majority of the time. Do you have easy access to metal detecting on the beach, at parks, fairgrounds, mountains or water?

More gold rings and jewelry are found on beaches and lakeshores than anywhere else. If you live close to the ocean, a river or lake, and want to go into the water where the entire metal detector can be submerged or dropped into the water, then you’ll need an underwater/beach/land metal detector that has a waterproof housing. You’ll also want one that can find things without the signal being disrupted by the conductivity in saltwater or on a wet sandy beach.

Check out the Minelab Equinox Series for this too, as well as the Minelab CTX-3030, All are excellent options that will help you find items on land and water.

How To Select A Metal Detector Based on Experience

Even if you’ve never metal detected before, most machines feature quick start settings that make metal detecting as easy as installing batteries and turning on the detector. With the push of a button, pre-set discrimination settings let you zero-in on finds like old coins, diamond rings, and gold nuggets while filtering out iron junk.

Automatic tuning helps you calibrate your detector for different ground conditions and cancel out interference from power lines. You don’t have to master everything about your detector right away — the in-depth features will be waiting for you when you’re ready for them.

There’s no shortage of detectors that are powerful, yet simple enough to guarantee an excellent experience for operators of all experience levels. The Garrett ACE 400, Garrett AT Max will give any beginner tons of hassle-free relic hunting adventures. Other machines are designed with intuitive features that keep the learning curve low for newcomers and experienced detectorists alike.

What Price Range Works for You?

Metal detecting is a hobby that can pay for itself. Think of it as an investment for fun, adventure, and excitement.

The better your detector, the more sensitive it will be, and the deeper it will penetrate. Most higher-end models have more features and automation, which makes it easier to tune.

The wealth you find with your detector can add up quickly. A single killer find like a diamond ring, gold bracelet, or an old coin with a rare mint mark could pay for your detector and then some. We hear from people nearly every week about that one find that paid for their detector — it’s far more common than you think.

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