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Industrial Metal Detector

Industrial Metal Detector

Industrial Metal Detector

An industrial metal detector is any device that has the ability to distinguish and detect small metal pieces

, and it may contain a mechanism for sorting or removing these pieces,

which are not desired, especially in certain industries such as the food industry.

These industrial metal detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present on industrial products,

with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds designed to satisfy

the strictest Quality Control requirements.

Industrial Metal Detector

Industrial Metal Detector vs Typical Metal Detector

Industrial metal detectors differ from regular metal detectors in several points, including:

  • Industrial metal detectors are sold only to companies and factories that works

in different industrial sectors like food and pharmaceutical industry and are not sold

to individuals as in typical metal detectors.

  • Usually industrial devices are large and have very huge weights compared

to regular metal detectors that do not exceed a few kilograms.

  • Industrial metal detectors are installed in a fixed place and the products to be examined

are passed through them. In a regular metal detector, it is portable and the user searches

for metals by moving the device over an area

  • In a regular metal detector, its purpose is to discover buried metal targets underground.

In industrial devices, the targets are passed onto the device in order to detect any

impurities or metal pieces.

  • Industrial metal detectors may cost thousands of dollars, while most regular

metal detectors that work with electromagnetic technology do not exceed a few hundred

dollars or a few thousand dollars for professional devices.


Industrial Metal Detectors for Sale

Industrial metal detectors are available for sale to different sectors of the food and pharmaceutical

industries and other sectors through companies specialized in manufacturing these devices

and sold directly to interested companies and with special solutions for large and small companies.

Example: CEIA Metal Detectors company that offer industry-level metal detectors for different

sectors including: Food Industry – Pharmaceutical Industry – Textile Industry – Mining and Plastic Industry


Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

Pharmaceutical metal detector systems facilitate quality control by monitoring for the presence of ferrous

and other metallic contaminants in granulated or powder-form dosage forms.

Metal contaminants threaten compliance with quality assurance standards, taint the dosage formulation,

and ultimately affect the end consumer.

Pharmaceutical metal detector systems can be mated with a conveyor system or operate on a gravity-based

free-fall principle, and are particularly well suited for testing of tablet dosage forms.

In addition to magnetic testing, some detectors feature the ability to test for non-magnetic stainless steel.

Purchasing considerations for pharmaceutical metal detection systems include the size of the manufacturing operation,

quality standards to be met, the dosage form to be analyzed for contaminants, the presence and/or

compatibility of existing conveyor and sorting equipment, the production budget, the desired user interface,

and the maintenance prospects for the equipment.


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Metal Detector for Plastic Recycling

Metal detectors for plastic recycling are industrial metal detectors designed to detect impurities or small metal

pieces that are usually iron and which may be present among the plastic products to be recycled.

The task of these devices if detecting metal parts and sorting or separating them, and keeping

the plastic parts only to ensure high quality when recycling these materials.

Example: Secotec Company


Food Metal Detector

The food industry sector is one of the important and necessary sectors, and there is a sensitivity

in this sector in terms of obtaining food products free of any contaminants or unwanted materials.

Food Grade Metal Detectors

Food Grade Metal Detectors or Detection Systems offer detection, construction quality and reliability

characteristics that make them the most suitable and effective solution to automatic elimination

of metal contaminants.

Examples of food industries that food grade metal detectors can be used include:

  • Bakery or Baked Goods
  • Dairy, Milk, Yogurt
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Ready Meals
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Sushi
  • Snacks and Biscuits
  • Candy, Sweets or Confectionery
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Cereals and Grains
  • Beverages, Drinks, Juice or Water

Metal Detector for Food Manufacturing

In the food production industry, metal is one of the most commonly found contaminant materials in food.

Metal can be introduced at all stages of processing of food, as it is most commonly used in the construction

of machinery, handling equipment and ancillary utensils. A metal detector for the food industry can

help ensure the safety and integrity of a wide range of unpackaged, packaged or bulk goods,

by identifying metal contaminants during processing or packaging and helping to ensure that

they do not enter food that we eat.

Types of Metal Detector for the Food Industry

  • Search Heads
  • Conveyor based Systems
  • Pipeline for Pumped Products
  • Vertical Fall or Gravity Feed

All of these systems must be of a hygienic design specific to the particular type

of food or beverage being inspected, and to suit the cleaning methods.


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Metal Detector for Food Processing Industry

Metal detectors can be used throughout the food production process in order to protect consumers

by detecting metallic contaminants and preventing the contaminated food from ending up on retailers’ shelves.

With packed products, a food metal detector can be placed at the end of line for a final product inspection of metal contaminants.



Food metal detectors can also be used in line to protect other machinery that is downstream.

A metal detector is normally installed before the machine to detect metal particles in order to help

prevent damage to processing equipment, which can cause downtime and costly repairs.

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Metal Detector for Food Industry Price

The prices of food metal detectors vary greatly according to the purpose of the device, size, quality, accuracy in sorting out impurities, and various factors.

You can review the manufacturer to see the price, or do a search on the Internet to get an idea of the prices that may exceed $ 3000 and more



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