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Kids metal detector

Kids metal detector

Metal and children’s detectors are a tool for an innocent hobby

Children are curious by nature and searching for buried treasure is a great activity for them. Not all metal detectors are suitable for children. However, the best brands design baby metal detectors that can be used in different environments. Modern metal detectors for children are of much better quality than they were decades ago. The models marketed to children at one time were flimsy and not of the highest quality. But today all the models we offer are of professional quality. 


Why should you buy your kids a metal detector? 

You may not realize it, but a metal detector is a great device for kids to use for a variety of reasons. A metal detector is a great way to get kids off the couch and get them outdoors. The incentive of finding buried treasure is enough to get most kids out of the house and get them tired of digging in the dirt. 

Searching for these buried items keeps children moving and can give them much-needed exercise. A metal detector can make exercises more fun for kids because they know that they are walking mile after mile in search of gold, silver, coins and other spoils. 

Metal detectors also enable young children to use their senses. Searching for hidden items makes kids use their eyes and ears while searching. Children should pay attention when they are searching or risk missing a key find. Using headphones is a great idea. It’s easy to hear faint deeper targets through acoustic headphones. 

Metal detection is a great hobby to introduce to kids that can continue into adulthood. Yes, metal detection can be commercially viable, but for the vast majority of individuals, it is a great hobby. Why not give your kids an engaging and stimulating fitness activity to participate in?


Metal detectors for kids vs. metal detectors for adults 

There are many differences between metal detectors for children and adults. Metal detectors designed for adults are stronger, heavier and more sensitive than those made for children. Metal detectors for children are less complicated than those made for adults. Kids don’t need to worry about the many complicated knobs and tools on the advanced models because they simply want to hunt for treasure and have fun. 

Kids metal detectors are meant to engage the little ones in searching and being in the great outdoors. Therefore, it is very important to make it less complex and easy to understand. 

Although the kids metal detectors is not as complicated as the adult version, it can still find items just below the surface of the earth. Several finds are located inches below the surface and a child’s metal detector can locate these wonderful finds. 

Parents interested in more powerful metal detectors can give their children a more advanced introduction to treasure discovery. Models like the Nokta Makro Simplex offer plenty of bells and whistles that not only give kids a great device, but they develop into even more powerful models


What are the best metal detectors for children? 

The number of metal detectors designed for children can be enormous. You may be interested in purchasing for your child a low cost and cost effective model. 

While this might be a financially good idea to start with, the device may not be able to perform rigorous treasure hunts. In addition, a cheap metal detector may not completely interest children and teens. 

On the other hand, an expensive metal detector might not get much use and kids might be unsure how to use an advanced, expensive model. However, there are many kids metal detectors on the market that are well priced with some excellent features to keep the little ones engaged while searching for buried treasure. 


Best kids metal detectors  :

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500 is ideal for parents or grandparents who want to introduce their children or grandchildren to a treasure hunt. The device includes an 8-inch waterproof search coil which means kids can get the metal detector search coil wet. However, the control box of the device on top of the column with display screen cannot be immersed in water. 

The Legacy 2500 is designed for both teens and kids. It’s light enough for kids to use for hours of treasure hunting and the perfect size for the little hunter. Its easy features allow the device to be quickly grasped while hunting. It is produced in the USA and backed by a full 5-year warranty. 


Fisher F4-F5 

Fisher metal detectors is the oldest manufacturer of metal detectors in the world. Products are produced at their USA headquarters in El Paso, Texas. Each model is backed by a full 5-year warranty. The Fisher F4 combines the efficiency of on-the-go operation. This balanced and feature-packed model is a great choice for teens. The Fisher F5 is for older kids, or those looking for a model that gives them more room to grow. 



Built with quality built in to give it ease of use, the ACE 300 is a great companion for young researchers looking for a machine that matches their ambition and is affordable for their parents. The simplified interface is informative that is not confusing – it does not pose a threat to beginners while being attractive enough for more advanced hobbyists. 

This tool is perfect for finding a variety of treasures, including coins and jewelry. In addition to the digital target ID, its new features include a larger search coil and better accuracy. 



The Fisher F22 metal detector is a new version of the Fisher F2, which has dominated the detector world since 2007. Easy to use.. Clear.. Relatively light and of course suitable for young researchers. The new F22 was released in 2015 and has a number of improvements over the F2, including: 

  • New file design 
  • Volume control 
  • The sound of discerning worthless items 

All of these features and more are housed in a smaller, more compact and weatherproof control box. 

It is the most suitable light detector for young entrants who are looking for a powerful, versatile and affordable machine for searching for coins and treasures that might be very interesting with a patience that only the little ones have.

In short, there are a plethora of great metal detectors for kids. Parents who want to arouse their children’s interest in a fun hobby that makes them walk and move in the fresh air, move around, and interact to use their eyes, ears and mind, should not miss the opportunity to get their children a metal detector

Beware of the many cheap and game quality imported metal detectors that are offered online by dealers. Always shop at a reputable retailer that specializes in quality metal detectors. Today, parents can find much better models for counteracting children’s messes.


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