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Learn about the features and latest devices of the Fisher brand for the manufacture of metal detectors

Features and latest devices of the Fisher metal detectors

Features and latest devices of Fisher metal detectors

1- Fisher Metal Detector : Fisher F44 Metal Detector – Best All-Around 

F44 is weather resistant. It is also excellent at discriminating against a target. The F44 also features a computerized floor scale and a manual floor scale. The detector adjusts itself to the soil you are detecting in, making it easier for the user to spot targets even in difficult terrain. This detector contains nine parts of the target ID that work using both visual and digital signals. The different substances are placed in categories for each indication so that when the detector indicates a category, there is a high probability that it has detected that particular element. Visual cues are supported with four-tone identification capabilities. A big improvement on the Fisher F44 is the Ground Grab feature. This feature helps you consider the mineralization of the soil where you are looking to minimize interference during detection. 



  • Weatherproof 
  • Lightweight 
  • Ground balance 
  • Waterproof coil 
  • Increased sensitivity 
  • Audio and Visual Target Identifier 



  • Minor hassles with the setup 
  • A little expensive 


2-Fisher F22 Metal Detector 

The Fisher F22 is an excellent recommendation for beginners because it is more than just a metal detector to turn on and start detecting. It resets itself quickly and features excellent target separation. The F22 has 9 target identifier classes, and they can identify 99 different types of targets, ranging from aluminum to ferrous objects, American nickel and so on. This ability to accurately identify targets applies not only to material composition but also to size. In addition, the visual output is audio feedback available in four tones to better understand precisely what it detects. However, the F22 has such minimal ground balance that you may encounter interference when hunting in some places with high levels of mineralization or soils containing iron oxides. You may also find it difficult to spot items on salt water beaches. 



  • Lightweight 
  • Fast processing speed 
  • 0-99 Target ID 
  • Weatherproof 
  • Average price 



Minimum ground balance 


3- Fisher Metal Detector F75

The Fisher F75 metal detector is a multi-purpose metal detector because it is designed to detect almost all items, including coin photography, antiquities hunting and gold prospecting. One of the F75’s most rewarding features is its all-terrain functionality. Highly recommended for all metal detecting operations, including coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting and gold prospecting. Although the F75 is waterproof, the metal detector is only submerged in its control box (the search coil and its rods are fully submerged). The Fisher F75 is excellent at suppressing electromagnetic interference while detecting EMI terrain using digital shielding technology. The F75 features a manual and automatic ground balance that maximizes hunting results in areas of varying mineralization or soil conductivity. Auto Ground Balance automatically configures the detector according to the condition of each hunting ground. The handy feature comes in handy when you face challenges while fishing in salt water or while searching for gold. 



  • Waterproof 
  • All-terrain performance 
  • Large LCD screen 
  • Lightweight 
  • Magnetic mineralization bar graph 
  • Fast processing speed 



  • Steep learning curve 
  • A little noisy 


4-Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector 

As the name suggests, the Fisher Gold Bug has revolutionized gold prospecting with new tools and features. These features include impressive detection depth, target ID, two-axis search coil, multi-tone voice ID system, V-Break and an excellent ground balancing system. The Multi-Tone Voice ID system helps the user to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous targets. In this case, the gold must be chopped. The Fisher Gold Bug detector combines tone discrimination with an instant visual identification system that makes it easy to detect gold without the errors of prospecting for other iron targets. Another noteworthy feature is the ground balancing system capable of handling the toughest ground conditions by balancing even mineral terrain. 



  • Lightweight 
  • Easy ground balancing 
  • Easy to use 
  • Three types of files 
  • Gold sensitive 
  • High operating frequency 
  • Easily find coins and jewelry 
  • Simple interface 



  • Poor instruction manual 


5-Fisher Metal Detector CZ21-8

The beauty of the Fisher CZ 21-8 metal detector lies in its unique ability to operate in freshwater or saltwater. This detector will function properly submerged up to 250 feet. Due to the specialty of salt water, it is considered the best salt water metal detector due to how well it detects despite the unique mineralization of the terrain. CZ21-8 is a multi-frequency metal detector that is highly recommended for all water terrain hunting and also useful in all types of weather. It is the best underwater metal detector ever due to its patented electronics which makes it detect targets in deep water without being affected by the destabilizing effects of water, especially salt water. 



  • Weatherproof 
  • Double frequency 
  • Great depth 
  • Fast and sensitive to small targets 



  • A little heavy 
  • A little expensive.
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