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Look for gold and treasures in these places

Look for gold and treasures in these places

Look for gold and treasures in these places

Before you start practicing metal detection, you must know the best places to find treasures and gold. Below we will mention these areas.



In fact this is where most valuables get lost. The good thing is that most of the beaches are public and allow for detecting activities to some extent, however you should make sure that you do not need to get permission first before starting your search. Land and salt water can be a bit tricky to search, which is why you will definitely need a good metal detector.


– Parks:

Searching parks in your area should be at the top of your search list however it is likely that you will need to obtain permission before you can start excavating and digging in any public park so prepare the documents first. Parks are among the best places to find valuables because this is another place where people tend to gather in large numbers and activities such as sporting events, concerts and events are usually held in parks.


– Circus and festival sites:

If there is a circus or fair in your town or city once they have moved this is a golden opportunity. In fact, many explorers in the past have made impressive discoveries from such sites.


– Ancient churches:

Depending on where you are and the regulations there, this can be a difficult area to make a decision to research in. It is important to respect any cemeteries located far away i.e. look away from the tombstones you can scan with your detector under the trees and old gates. If the church is still in use, it is best to ask permission from the priest or church agent first.


– Old house locations:

Detecting old home sites can be very profitable if you know where to find such sites. The first thing to do is to confirm whether they are on private property in which case don’t forget to get permission. Many people may find it difficult to find these old residential sites, however there are some things that you can look for that may help you find these sites and include each of the following cases:

If you are new to the place and have not visited this area before, start by looking for a source of freshwater. A river, lake, or anything that will provide fresh water. Then find the highest land located near this water source. It is probable that some of the first settlements were found in these areas.

In the spring, you can look for daffodils or other flowers growing in forests or fields because they are another sign that people used to live there.

As well as large old trees such as oak trees or maple trees that may have fallen into a state of rot. But if you can still see them, they are also likely places of old home sites or even picnic orchards in the past.

Glass shards, pottery shards, bricks, and any items that won’t be picked up by a metal detector are also essential for finding old home sites.

It is also possible to find many good things in these old home sites so all the effort spent searching for these sites often proves to be worth your time.


– Swimming areas:

Popular swimming pools and similar areas can yield some good things. These places are usually crowded and you can end up finding some great pieces of jewelry or modern coins. However, since these areas are generally not maintained there is a good chance you will find a lot of litter too and a detector with good discrimination would be the preferred option here.


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