Best Gold Detectors 2024 For Sale, Get Treasures, Water and Metal Detectors At Best Price


Metal detector for sale at affordable prices for everyone

Metal detector for sale at affordable prices for everyone

Metal detector for sale at affordable prices for everyone

Different metal detectors are better at some things than others. Basically, metal detection is easy – fly the search coil over the ground and dig when it beeps! Unfortunately, the “dig it all” approach can result in a lot of unnecessary digging, lost targets, and wasted time. If you’re specifically looking for gold, for example, you’ll need a completely different detector than if you were diving or metal detecting on the beach

Whether you are a beginner or looking for an affordable spare metal detector, we hope this guide will help you decide which one is best for you. We’ve tried to combine quality with affordability, so while there may be cheaper detectors out there, they may not be the best for the job.


Garrett ACE 400 

Using the Garrett ACE 400 for this category is affordable. This detector features a special iron sound, digital target ID and frequency modulation to help you dig more treasures and reduce anomalies. Five search modes are included with this detector, along with eight sensitivity settings that allow you to search in areas with high ground mineralization, near power transformers or near radio signals. 

The digital target identifier on the Garrett ACE 400 helps you correctly identify targets made of metal. The numbers are labeled 0-99, which corresponds to a list provided by Garrett that can be easily consulted to determine the mineral content of a target. It is very versatile and can be used in many different terrains. 

Its price is approximately $340. 


Nokta Simplex 

This Nokta device is a simple and easy to use detector. It has automatic ground balancing and four preset search modes, including Beach mode. Includes 11″ search coil. The Simplex fully submerges to a depth of 10 feet and has great illumination for both night and underwater use. It has a great distinction between metals. It features VLF technology. 

Its price is around $245 


Fisher Gold Bug Pro 

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro has a high sensitivity to small gold nuggets, but this detector also works well as a multi-purpose metal detector. The coil size is 5 inches, which makes it perfect for small gold, but you can also pair it with an 11 inch DD search coil. 

Its price is 549 dollars.



With a significant increase in power and performance, combined with precise control and extreme depths, it will enable its user to fish like a pro in no time. And to identify treasure from useless things.. The treasure display feature of GO-FIND lights up to tell you what is trash or treasure is below. Get the red LEDs, you most likely have found a screw or wrench. Get the green LEDs and you’ve found coins or jewelry. So dig away. Its price is 249 dollars. 



The GM 1000 is a highly sensitive 45 kHz high-frequency VLF metal detector with a high-speed signal processor – what many have called “Monster Technology.” Undoubtedly, it is designed to detect gold nuggets of all sizes and depths. It is also designed for use in multiple terrains around the world. It is foldable and easy to pack. The funky parts can be used to get you out of the woods if needed, and they also come with the ability to use a lithium battery and then AA batteries if you die while hunting. You have Gold and Deep All-Metal modes. The Gold Chance indicator gives you an idea of ​​the type of target before digging. Its price is about $894. 


Garrett GTI 2500 

The GTI 2500 is a 7.2 kHz single frequency VLF metal detector. It is packed with features that improve its ability to be a treasure hunting beast. The most notable feature is the graphic target shooting display. The graph displays the analyzed information from the signal to determine the target size and depth. This is fed to you via the large digital screen in a way that may require some practice to interpret. You also have an adjustable threshold to help set all those targets including very deep and low conduction targets. Its price is about 935 dollars.


Garrett AT Max 

The idea of ​​its price may fool you into thinking it is a dry metal detector. it’s not like that. It is full of features to the fullest and if there are any complaints about it, it is the fault of the user. AT Max has everything you could want in a multipurpose metal detector. 

It has manual and automatic ground balancing, and if that’s not enough, it also has an automatic ground balancing window that smooths out the sound so you can hear those faint targets. If a waterproof search coil isn’t enough for you, the Max can be submerged in water up to 10 feet deep. If 13kHz operating frequency is not enough for you, you should know that it has been optimized for maximum transmission power transmission for deep depth detection. About $725 


Minelab Equinox 600 

Equinox 800 and 600 metal detectors are high performance technologies. The 800 is a better fit for you if you are specifically looking to develop your gold mining skills, otherwise, the 600 will do everything fairly well. 

It contains Multi-IQ technology that includes four frequencies simultaneously: 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz. Additionally, you can use the 5, 10 and 15 kHz frequencies individually – there may be some soils when it’s best to go into single frequency mode, and you can do that with the Equinox. 

The Equinox is also an all-terrain beast. It has multiple user mods that allow you to unlock those pesky minerals that prevent you from digging deep and finding hidden treasures. Expand your fishing spots to include the beach. Take it snorkeling as it can easily be used to inspect the sea floor up to 10 feet deep. 650 dollars. 


Nokta Impact Pro 

If you’re serious about getting wet while you’re spotting, you may want to check out the Nokta Anfibio. While the Impact Pro can be used in shallow water, it is not as submersible as the Anfibio. 

Instead, Impact Pro does its best job on the ground. While it can be said to be heavy at 4 pounds, most of its users are obsessed enough about its incredibly comfortable and balanced frame. No matter its weight, you can extend your fishing sessions without stress and fatigue. 

The Nokta metal detector has a selectable frequency. It provides frequencies of 5, 14 and 20 kHz for single selective use depending on the targets you are looking at. Hence, this is the reason why it is an excellent all-purpose metal detector. About 1500 dollars; Metal detectors are not cheap. 

High-end models can run for more than $2000 and up. However, you can spend a little more than half of the amount and enjoy the experience if you are starting in this field. 

This is the necessary budget range. With that kind of money you can buy a very good mid range metal detector that will satisfy you for many years to come. From $500 to $1,000, the differences between metal detectors can be really big.

What is the best Metal Detector Coil for Underwater Detecting?

make sure to purchase a metal detector which is designed with all of the waterproofing necessary to be used underwater. If you’re not sure if your metal detector is waterproof the information should be listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Something which is important to consider here is what type of water you will be detecting in. There is a big difference between salt water and freshwater metal detecting. In salt water you either have to use a pulse induction coil or a very low frequency coil with a salt water mode. Pulse induction coils are the most sensitive in saltwater and therefore often preferred. But, many manufacturers are coming out with very low frequency saltwater detectors to accommodate those who desire metal discrimination features.

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