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Metal Detectors in Philippines

Metal Detectors in Philippines

Metal Detectors in Philippines

Metal detectors in Philippines refer to electronic devices used to detect metals sold in the Philippines,

which is considered a promising and large market for metal detectors manufacturers due to the large population and the presence

of remarkable interest by large groups of people in the field of metal detection and the search for gold due to

the abundance of mineral wealth in the Philippines.


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The Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It has 7,641 islands.

Spain (1521-1898) and the United States (1898-1946), colonized (controlled) the country, the capital city of the Philippines is Manila.

The Philippine Islands are surrounded on the east by the Philippine Sea, on the west by the South China Sea,

and on the south by the Celebes Sea. Borneo Island is a few hundred kilometers to the southwest, Vietnam is to the west,

and Taiwan is directly north.

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Best Metal Detectors in Philippines

The best metal detectors in the Philippines, which are in great demand, are electromagnetic metal detectors

due to their relatively cheap price, plus provide very diverse devices with different features

from many brands and manufacturers, and these devices meet the purpose for a wide segment of amateur

or beginner prospectors who want simple and suitable devices to detect old coins and small jewelry at small depths

between several centimeters to two or three meters at maximum.

In the following paragraphs, we provide a simple overview of a list of the best metal detectors in the Philippines

Impact Pro

Impact Pro is a professional-level metal detector that proved its success since it released in 2018

through a success stories of hobby and professional prospectors around the world.

Impact Pro can be used for everything related to metal detecting including coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting and gold prospecting.

nokta impact pro


Device Features:

– Multi-frequency technology as it can use one of three frequencies (5 – 14 – 20 kHz)

– 12 Detection modes suited for many practical applications in different terrain

– Digital target ID for easy identification of possible target metal type

– Powerful discrimination feature through iMask and Tone Break

– Economic price for professional-level features and great performance


Equinox from Minelab is a modern multi-purpose metal detector with new innovative technology

and a lot of features making him a best companion for any prospector or treasure hunter.

The most innovative feature of Equinox, is its new Multi-IQ technology, which allows the use of

more than four different search frequencies simultaneously.

So, it is possible to search for underground metal targets using different frequencies at the same time,

which gives the possibility of covering various targets of different sizes and types of metal.

Equinox Metal Detector


Equinox is easy to use, thanks to ease of adjusting the various settings on the large screen which enable

easy to read indicators for the user, as well as through the four search modes, which can be customized

to suit all the terrain and natural conditions.

For gold prospecting, Equinox offer a unique gold mode to get best results in finding golden objects underground.

Equinox redefines the multi-purpose metal detectors and uses for all prospectors and gold prospectors thanks to

its ease of use, technology and high performance in all terrain.

Garrett Gold Master 24K

Garrett Gold Master 24K is a new released metal detector for gold prospectors of natural gold

in with the high sensitivity to detect the smallest gold nuggets thanks to the high search frequency 48 kHz.

Garrett Gold Master 24K includes a set of useful features for the prospector to facilitate the detection and search process,

such as ground balancing options, modes, audio modes and tones, iron and hot rocks cancellation features, and other features.

Garrett Gold Master 24K is a practical device for gold seekers, available at an economical price suitable

for all amateurs and professionals to start their gold detection journey.



Fisher F44

Fisher F44 metal detector is a new entry from Fisher Lab with modern design and great performance.

Fisher F44 considered as multi-purpose metal detector as can be used for coin shooting, gold prospecting and relic hunting.

F44 offers a best entry for hobbyists and beginner prospectors into metal detection and gold prospecting with economic price also.

Fisher F44


Best Professional Metal Detectors in Philippines

The metal detectors that have been listed in previous paragraph was good for beginner prospectors

and serve as new entry into metal detection at cheap prices .

But for professional prospectors, it is preferable to buy devices with greater features and a stronger search technology

in terms of depth and accuracy of results, such as imaging devices or 3D ground scanners (for example PhoenixEXP 6000 )

that represent the search results in an accurate graphical visualization with better capabilities to know the depth and location

of the targets before digging to extract buried treasures.

Here we list some best professional metal detectors in Philippines from different brands:


Evo is a small-sized stick-shaped metal detector and 3D ground scanner with unique technology

that offer great features for treasure hunters for detection of deep ancient treasures easily with reliable results.

With Evo metal detector the prospector can ensure accurate search results in all terrains and ground soils types,

and its small size give it a comfortable search experience in search fields.

Evo Metal Detector


EVO visualize scanned data as multi colors 3D graphics on tablet screen using special Evo app that control

the scan process and visualize scan data coming from the probe, the visualization gives prospectors full details

about buried targets in like depth, position and metal type(ferrous or non-ferrous).

Evo is a best entry device for professional treasure hunters with limited budget, thanks to its economic price.

Fusion Light

OKM Fusion Light is a best entry for any serious treasure hunter who need a reliable ground scanner

with deep reach and visual and accurate results with best German technology from OKM.

Fusion Light is a simple easy to use just scan the ground with its probe and see the visualization

of scan data as 3D graphics inside Visualizer 3D app available on bundled tablet or via special app on smart phone which included inside the package also.

Fusion Light


EXP 6000

EXP 6000 metal detector and 3D ground scanner device from OKM – Germany is the most professional

and powerful metal detector with complete set of measuring tools and probes suitable for all metal detection

applications and searching for deep treasures for all professional prospectors, gold seekers, archaeologists and experts ground surveys.

EXP 6000 with its new 2021 release integrate a new lighter ergonomic design with completely new features such as

updated and simplified software program with built-in 3D scan visualization and analysis directly on screen that offer great user experience

for prospectors to use the device to its extent.

EXP 6000 comes in two packages: EXP 6000 Professional or EXP 6000 Professional Plus with more probes and accessories like Smart Video Glasses.

EXP 6000 with its powerful professional functions and tools opens up new opportunities for any serious treasure hunters, archaeologists, gold seekers,

metal mining companies and anyone interested in metal detection.

EXP 6000


Phoenix is a new 3D ground scanner & metal detector device from the German company Mega Detection,

it is the latest release of the company in 2021.

Phoenix includes a completely new ground scan technology via the M.G.S a multi-ground scanner probe

and the V.S.T vertical high-signal transceiver probe, which provide professional treasure hunters the tools

to scan the ground to great depths accurately and quickly with visual representation of the scanning results on

the device screen or on any supported tablet via the Multi Visual Analyzer app.

Phoenix Metal Detector

Phoenix Metal Detector


Phoenix ground scanner is a professional device dedicated to the work of professional prospectors,

but at the same time easy to use for amateurs and novices in the field of burial detection thanks to its multilingual software

program with a simplified graphical interface that provides the user with a smooth experience in adjusting the ground scan settings,

choosing search systems, and visually displaying results that ensure the best performance in detecting all buried targets accurately.

Gold Star 3D Scanner

Gold Star 3D Scanner is a powerful versatile metal detector & 3D ground scanner with latest detection technologies

for all metal detection applications including archaeological excavations and deep treasure hunting and gold prospecting and so on.

Gold Star 3D Scanner Gold Star 3D Scanner Gold Star 3D Scanner

Features List:

– Powerful detection tools and probes: I.M.T.U, V.S.T, M.G.S

– 8 search systems with all metal detection technologies

– Enhanced Long-Range detection technology with 3000 m scan range and 50 m depth

– Completely new 3D ground scan technology with more ground coverage and visualization.

– Visual results display on colored LCD screen or included Android Tablet.

–  2D & 3D visualization using Multi Visual Analyzer app on tablet offer powerful analysis tools

– Multilanguage software program offers ease of use and full control and options for search and result

visualization via its charts, graphs and icons.

Metal Detector for Sale in Philippines

All types of metal detectors are available for sale in the Philippines, as there are no restrictions in the Philippines

about selling metal detectors and gold detectors, as there are many legally licensed companies that sell various types

of metal detectors to professional and amateur prospectors throughout the Philippines.

Also, the acquisition and purchase of a metal detector is legal and not prohibited as in other countries,

where the prospector can buy any device he desires from companies and stores scattered in most cities of the Philippines,

especially major cities such as the capital Manila, for example, but the buyer must take into account the laws of the country

regarding the places of detection, getting appropriate license or the permission of the owner of the land in which he wants to search.

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Gold Detector for Sale Philippines

All kinds of metal detectors are available for sale, these devices work according to a variety of technologies

and are available from well-known companies such as Minelab, Garrett, Nokta Makro, OKM, Mega Detection and others.

There are also special devices for sale called gold detectors, which are metal detectors with special features to detect raw natural gold

and are characterized by high sensitivity to detect the smallest grains of gold. Among these devices,

we mention as an example: Gold KruzerGold Monster 1000Garrett Ace APEX

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Where to Buy Metal Detector in the Philippines?

The customer can visit the headquarters of companies selling metal detectors, choose a suitable device

from among the devices displayed in the company’s store, and see how they work and test them before starting to buy.

Some companies also provide the possibility of purchasing directly through their website, and here the customer

can browse the site, choose a suitable device for him, and pay through electronic payment methods such as credit cards

Visa and MasterCard or through PayPal…etc.

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Gold Detector Store Philippines

With the sale of metal detectors permitted and legal in the Philippines, many companies have opened

stores to display and sell metal detectors, most of which are imported from abroad from different countries

such as Germany, America, Australia and Turkey from manufacturers or their regional agents.

There are many stores selling metal detectors in major cities such as the capital Manila and other cities.

Large companies also have branches or local distributors or dealers in various regions of the country to

facilitate the purchase process for the largest number of customers.

Gold Detector Supplier in Philippines

One of the most important and largest companies selling metal detectors in the Philippines is Vourvone Electronica,

a major supplier of metal detectors from various major manufacturers such as the German Mega Detection company,

the German OKM company famous for its professional 3D ground scanner devices, and Minelab, which is distinguished

with natural gold detectors. And other companies from the United States and Turkey.


Mega Detection Products in Philippines

Customers in the Philippines can purchase the devices of the German Mega Detection company, which specializes in professional

metal detectors with multiple search systems, through Vourvone Electronica, the authorized distributor of the company in the Philippines,

where the distributor provides all the company’s products in its warehouse with training and technical support services.

Links to the company’s devices on the Vourvone website:

Gold Star 3D Scanner


Contact Information for Vourvon Electronica

Phone 1 : +63 46 512-6203

Phone 2 : +63 998-8529971

E-Mail : [email protected]

E-Mail : [email protected]

Website :

Metal Detector Price in the Philippines

Metal detector price in Philippines depends on a lot of factors regarding the device or related to the seller company.

  • The factors that affect the metal detector price including for example:
  • The search technology or technologies or tools available in the device used to detect metal objects.
  • Number of search systems or detection modes and depends on included probes or detection tools
  • Maximum depth that the device can detect the targets at it, and this also depends on search technology
  • Bundled accessories like probes, search coils, sensors, tablets, smart phone and so on
  • Factors related to import costs , customs , taxes , shipping and more


Gold Metal Detector Price in Philippines

The prices of metal detectors vary greatly according to the factors that were previously explained, for example,

a prospector can obtain a cheap device whose price can reach $ 400, such as Simplex, which suffices to detect small coins

or gold ornaments to a simple depth of about a meter, or to buy a sensor device With good specifications, you should spend

an amount of up to 3300 dollars, such as the Gold Legend device.

As for the purchase of a professional 3D ground scanner device, the price can exceed the barrier of $ 10,000 up to $ 34,000,

in next paragraph we list prices of different metal detectors devices with wide range of values .

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Gold Detector Price List

In the following paragraph, we list gold detectors’ prices

that meet the needs of different categories of amateur and professional prospectors.

Cheap Metal Detectors Prices :

Simplex price is 400 $

Minelab Vanquish price is 980 $

Fisher F44 price is 900 $

Best Metal Detectors for Beginners Prices :

Impact metal detector price is 1.300 $

Garrett ACE APEX price is 1.100 $

Equinox Metal Detector price is 1.450 $

Best Natural Gold Detectors Prices :

Gold Monster 1000 price is 1.150 $

Gold Kruzer price is 900 $

GPX 6000 price is 6.500 $

Mega Detection metal detector prices listed here:

Gold Star 3D Scanner price is 9.500 $

Phoenix metal detector price is 6.900 $

Mega Scan Pro price is 6.500 $

Mega G3 price is 5.500 $

Mega Gold price is 3.500 $

OKM Metal Detectors & Professional 3D Ground Scanners Prices:

German metal detector exp 6000 price depends on the package:

EXP 6000 PRO price is 24.900 $

EXP 6000 PRO PLUS price is 34.900 $

For Fusion series prices:

FUSION LIGHT price is 5.250 $

FUSION PRO price is 8.150 $

FUSION PRO PLUS price is 15.500 $

EXP 4500 LIGHT price is 14.500 $

EXP 4500 PRO price is 16.400 $

EXP 4500 PRO PLUS price is 27.400 $

ROVER C4 price is 11.150 $

ROVER UC price is 9.200 $

GEPARD GPR 3D price is 21.800 $

EVOLUTION NTX price is 5.750 $

BIONIC X4 price is 12.250 $

GEOSEEKER groundwater detector price is 10.600 $

GEOSEEKER MINI groundwater detector price is 6.850 $

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