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Most Accurate Gold Detectors

Most Accurate Gold Detectors

Most Accurate Gold Detectors

The discovery of gold and precious metals and the search for archaeological treasures has become a profitable and widespread hobby in various countries of the world for many dreamers of finding ancient treasures and achieving wealth and quick profit. Prospectors and researchers use gold and metal detectors to help them in search and exploration. but with many options in the market and the availability of many Gold and various metals detectors in various sizes and prices and with different features, the researcher and the new prospector in this field is confused about how to choose the right meaning detector for him.

Gold is a shiny, malleable metal, which makes it a good metallic material. Chemically, it is a transition metal, and transition metals are unique. Humans adorned themselves with gold for nearly 4000 B.C. From Eastern Europe to the Middle East to the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, gold appears throughout the ancient world. Its use is increasing exponentially to this day.

Characteristics and advantages of gold

Gold is one of the most important chemical elements in life. that is because it is distinguished by rare and very important properties from the rest of the elements.

and the most important properties and advantages of gold are:

  • Gold is one of the densest metals
  • it conducts heat and electricity very well.
  • this element is malleable, longer, and more flexible than other elements.
  • the color of gold is pleasant, workable, and does not tarnish or corrode. Due to the rare qualities and properties of gold, it is still today the preferred material for making jewelry and other decorative objects.
  • Due to the unique qualities of gold, it was the only material universally accepted in exchange for goods and services. as gold was made in the form of coins and bullion.
  • Gold at one time played a major role as a high denomination currency.

Gold detector and its working principle

The working principle of the gold detector follows the principle of metal detectors  . It emits electromagnetic waves, and when the electromagnetic field of the transmitted wave affects a metal, it causes it to radiate electromagnetic waves. these secondary waves are sensed by the detector coil and the device begins to ring.

The metal detector contains two coils of wire: the transmitting coil and the receiving coil. and when electricity flows through the transmitting coil by the battery, and a magnetic field is created around it, and when the detector passes over a metal object, the magnetic field affects the atoms inside the metal – changing how Electrons move with it – which generates an electric current in the metal and is accompanied by the formation of a magnetic field around the metal, which is picked up by the receiving coil.

The receiving coil is connected to a circuit containing an amplifier. When moving the detector over the metal, electricity flows through the receiver coil, causing the loudspeaker to click and an alarm sound. this summarizes the working principle of the gold detector.

Accurate Gold Detectors and their types

It is certain that modern devices that work to prospect minerals, especially gold, have many types that consider several points.  the most important of which are the geographical location, the nature of the region, the type of land to be explored, and the type of gold that may be present in the area to be searched and prospected.

Raw Accurate Gold Detectors

They are the most common and widely used gold detectors . this is due to their low price and ease of use for amateurs and beginners in the field of searching for gold and discovering ancient treasures. Electromagnetic accurate gold detectors work using a disc or dish that contains electric coils through which electric current is passed, generating an electromagnetic field that is sent towards the ground and when it collides with a metal object.

Like a small piece of gold bounces an opposite electromagnetic field received by another coil (receiving coil), and according to the difference between the two fields, the signal is analyzed and converted into a number identified for the type of metal displayed on the special screen of the device.

Pictorial Accurate Gold Detectors

These devices are mostly used by professional prospectors and serious researchers who want to discover the largest buried treasures underground to very great depths of up to 20-25 meters in some devices.

It operates a magnetic probe that generates signals that are sent to the ground. The search is done by dividing the area to be discovered, which is in the form of a rectangle with a certain length and width, into a set of scanning lines, and each line includes a set of points separated by equal distances.

Measurement or survey values ​​are recorded at each point. and these data are collected and represented in the form of a three-dimensional space drawing that accurately shows the composition of the surveyed land, for example, the metal objects buried within it and the spaces such as tunnels or graves, as well as the normal land.

One of the best and most accurate imaging gold detectors: the Phoenix device. In conclusion, we find that each type of gold has its own device. gold bars and coins have their own equipment. and gold, such as small pieces and grains of sand, also has its equipment. and as we mentioned, each place has its appropriate equipment in line with the nature of the land and the type of exploration to be searched.

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