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OKM Rover C4 Review

OKM Rover C4 Review

OKM Rover C4 Review

OKM Rover C4 is an easy-to-use multi-purpose treasure and cavity detector. By using the modes Ground Scan and Mineral Scan, the detector finds lost treasures such as coins, rings and jewelry as well as cavity structures like tunnels, caves, chambers and graves. The measurement data are displayed graphically via Visualizer 3D Software.

This detector is easy to handle via its touch screen. It can detect lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry, etc.) as well as void structures (tunnels, caves, chambers, etc.). The detector is also equipped with an innovative LED orbit which indicates underground targets visually. While scanning the ground, this LED sphere emits colored light to visualize detected metals and cavities.

It is improved metal detection technology of the Rover series and created the Rover C4. With this metal detector and 3D ground scanner, we have massively simplified your treasure hunting experience. We have combined three previous detectors (Rover OKM C, Rover C II and Rover Gold) to create the Rover C4, our best version yet.

This treasure detector is easy to operate via the provided touch screen. It can detect lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry) as well as empty structures (tunnels, caves, chambers, sepulchers). The detector is also equipped with an innovative LED orbit which visually indicates targets subways. When scanning the floor, this LED sphere emits colored light to visualize the detected metals and cavities.

The Rover C4 generates graphical 3D pictures of underground treasures, localized anomalies, and gold minerals. this enables you to see the dimensions and depth of potential finds before excavation. We improved the metal detection technology of the OKM Rover Series and created the Rover C4. With this sensor and 3d ground scanner, we modify your treasure searching experience. we combined 3 former OKM detectors (Rover C, Rover C II, and Rover Gold) into Rover C4. This treasure detector is simple to handle via the touch screen. It will find lost treasures coins, rings, jewelry, etc. as well as void structures (tunnels, caves, chambers, sepulchers, etc.).

Special features of Rover C4

  • Supported operating modes: Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Mineral Scan, Magnetometer
  • Graphical user interface in many different languages
  • Operational touchscreen with alternative hardware buttons
  • Multilevel LED lighting for usage of the detector in darkness
  • Wireless data transfer
  • 4 separate memory areas to store measuring data
  • Standard Probe and Super Sensor with innovative LED Orbit

Simple operation via touchscreen

The Rover C4 is controlled via color touchscreen with multilingual user interface. This allows easy operation and configuration of the metal detector. The detector can also be operated using alternative buttons and the brightness of the screen can be individually adjusted.

Immediate feedback via LED Orbit

The detector is also equipped with an innovative LED orbit, that indicates underground targets visually. While scanning the ground this LED sphere emits colored light to visualize detected metals and cavities immediately.

Scan functions of Rover C4

Ground Scan allows to create 3D images of the underground and find buried coins, rings, jewelry, and similar treasure objects and artifacts. Mineral Scan is used to locate natural gold deposits.

Ground scanning with metal detector Rover C4

One of the most versatile operating modes in the 3D metal detectors is Ground Scan. This function is used to scan a rectangular area to obtain measuring data from underground structures and objects.

Detectable items that can be found with the 3D ground scanner Rover C4 are:

  • Lost treasures and hidden precious metals
    treasure chests, gold coins, jewelry, silverware, statues, general valuables, buttons, medals etc.
  • Underground voids and cavities
    tunnels, graves, chambers, cellars, sepulchers, dugouts, shelters, bunkers etc.
  • Natural gold minerals
    gold ore, gold deposits, gold veins etc.

By walking over the field in a certain manner (Parallel or Zig-Zag) the treasure hunter scans the area of interest. With all recorded data the Visualizer 3D Software creates a 3D image that represents all detected underground objects. Thus, you know where and how deep the located treasures are in the ground.

3D Data Analysis with Visualizer 3D software

All data that has been recorded with the Rover C4 metal detector during a ground scan or mineral scan can be transferred to the Visualizer 3D Software to process a detailed three-dimensional analysis.

During analysis

  • Identify potential objects and hidden treasures
    You will see the targets represented by different colors. The color information will tell you if it is a ferrous metal (iron, steel), precious metal (gold, silver, bronze, copper) or a void structure (cave, tunnel, grave, chamber).
  • Determine position and depth
    The software shows the position of the detected anomalies and – according to the chosen soil – how deep the target is buried in the ground.
  • Calculate object dimensions
    Besides depth information Visualizer 3D can also calculate the dimensions of hidden targets and buried items.

Buried objects are indicated by different colors in a graphical 3D representation.

Telescopic Sensor

Rover UC uses the telescopic sensor with powerful built-in scanning technology to perform the scan. The length of the telescopic sensor can be extended or folded thanks to its telescopic mechanism and it is equipped also with an integrated FM radio.

The sensor is lightweight for easy and comfortable use, plus it looks like as a hiking stick and with integrated FM radio so it allows the user to search in areas where he couldn’t with normal metal detectors, and thus avoid him arousing public interest and getting curious looks.

Visual Metal Discrimination

In this scan mode the user can discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as voids, tunnels and cavities. As the sensor perform scanning it display a signature determining the type of buried target (ferrous – nonferrous – cavity)

Visual Magnetometer

By using this mode, the user can actively see ferromagnetic metals in the ground in real time. This is a visual search mode only and the data cannot be stored for further analysis, and the size and depth of object cannot be determined

Smart Phone

The bundled Samsung smart phone with Android operating system is used to control the functionality of the device via installed software program,so  it connect with the telescopic sensor via Bluetooth to transfer scanning data from sensor to phone memory to perform further analysis via 3D analysis software.

With this smart phone the user don’t need any computer for data analysis , despite that for those who still wish to use a PC, the scanned data can be transferred to any computer via the smart phone’s USB cable and can be analysed via Visualizer 3D software from OKM.

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