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Aurelian metal detector
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Aurelian is a new Long-Range metal detector easy to use with great performance in locating buried metal targets underground from far distances


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Aurelian is a new Long-Range metal detector from Next Labs Detectors – Germany that combines ease of use

and simplicity with great performance in finding and locating buried metal targets underground from far distances.

Aurelian metal detector with its two search systems and its visual multilingual device program and its economical price,

deliver a powerful tool for prospectors and treasure hunters to find all types of metal targets located at great depths easily.

Are you looking for a powerful metal detector that will not break the bank?

Look no further than Aurelian! , Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to upgrade your metal detecting capabilities.

Get your hands on an Aurelian metal detector today!

Aurelian metal detector

Aurelian Device Features

Aurelian Metal Detector Applications & Uses

  • Finding buried treasures like golden chests, valuable antiques, and historical artifacts.
  • Detect non-ferrous metals like silver, copper, and platinum.
  • Search for natural gold nuggets and veins.
  • Hunt for ancient relics like bronze statues and weapons such as swords and daggers.
  • Detect underground cavities like tunnels, catacombs, and caves.

Search Technology

Aurelian metal detector device works according to the long-range locating technology by picking up signals

coming from targets buried underground through antennas and a remote sensing probe.

Aurelian Metal Detector

Search Systems

Before starting the search and scanning process, the user can select search system from one of two systems:

1 – Auto Search System [Automatic Long Range Locator]

The Automatic Long Range Locator system performs a wide scan for large area of surrounding land

with automatic identification of possible buried targets.

The front scan range is in 0 to 2500 m range and the depth range between 0 and 25 meter.

With this search system, it is possible to locate and detect following target types:

Gold – Natural gold – Silver – Bronze – Cavity

2 – Manual Search System [Manual Long Range Locator]

The Manual search system enable the user to define and adjust some values and settings

that can fine-tune the search for more accurate and specific detection.

User can set following settings:

  • Front Scan Range: can set it in 0 to 2500 m range.
  • Depth Range: can set its value in 0 to 25 m range.
  • Target Type: user can choose from following target types:

Ottoman Gold – Roman Gold – Treasures – Gold Nuggets – Silver Coins – Silver Bars

Easy to Use Device Program

The Aurelian metal detector’s device program features a graphical user interface that is available in multiple languages,

including some of the most widely spoken languages worldwide.

The available languages include:

German, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Persian.

The device program is very simple and easy to use for all prospectors, with an easy-to-understand visual interface

that enables the user to choose search systems and adjust their various settings, such as choosing distances and depths quickly.


Additional information


Made In


Operating Principle


Package Contents

  • Device main unit
  • Grip
  • SP Signal Transmitter
  • 2 Recipient Antennae
  • Compass
  • Electrical Charger
  • Car Charger
  • Lithium-ion battery + 1 extra battery
  • Protective Bag


  • Search Technology : Long Range Locator
  • Screen : LCD 2.8-inch Touch Screen
  • Systems : 2 Search Systems [Auto – Manual]
  • Scan Range : 0 – 2500 m
  • Depth Range : 0 – 25 m
  • Power : Lithium-Ion Battery (Rechargeable)
  • Languages : Germany – English – French – Russian – Arabic – Italian – Portages – Persian
  • Warranty : 3 Years


User Manual

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  1. Dale Thornton

    Where can i purchase one of these German made Gold detectors, in the USA ?

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