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Gold Vision

5.450 $

Gold Vision is a lightweight metal detector & 3D ground scanner for prospectors, treasure hunters who need a device that helps them locate buried metal objects





40 Meter

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Operating Principle

6 Search Systems


3 Years

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Gold Vision

Gold Vision metal detector from the German company Geoground is the latest release of the company in 2023

for prospectors, treasure hunters, archaeologists who need a device that helps them locate and identify buried metal objects.

The device uses advanced 3D ground scanning technology to create a detailed three-dimensional drawing or visualization

that represents the composition of the ground under the surface so that it reveals the location and depth of burials

and even underground voids and cavities with great accuracy.

Gold Vision

Gold Vision is lightweight and portable device, making it easy to use in a variety of settings, from urban environments

to remote locations. It also features an easy-to-use interface and a range of customizable settings, allowing users to tailor

their searches to their specific needs.

Whether you are searching for lost treasures or ancient artifacts and even tunnels and caves,

Gold Vision device is an invaluable tool in your hands that can help you discover buried treasures

visually and all at a great economical price that works for you.

Device Features

Gold Vision Uses

Here are some possible uses for the Gold Vision device:

  • Treasure Hunting: user can use the device to locate buried metal objects such as coins,

jewelry, or other valuables such as boxes containing gold jewelry or jars containing gold coins.

  • Archaeological Excavations: The 3D ground scanning system in the Gold Vision device is useful to locate and identify

metal artifacts, such as weapons, tools or other objects that can provide insight into the history and culture of a particular area.

  • Beaches: to search for lost jewelry (rings – bracelets – watches) or other valuable things on the beaches of oceans or seas.
  • Tunnels and Caves: The device can detect any void under the surface of the ground and determine the approximate depth of places

that contain rooms, tunnels, caves, or spaces buried underground.

6 Search System with Different Technologies

Gold Vision metal detector is a multi-system device that provides an advanced metal detector that combines multiple detection technologies

to provide a more comprehensive and accurate search to discover targets buried underground, know their exact location, and estimate

the depth at which they are located.

The search systems in the Gold Vision device include six integrated systems, namely:

  1. 3D Ground Scan system
  2. Long Range system
  3. Free Mode system
  4. Smart Depth system
  5. Ionic system
  6. Bionic system

The user can select search system easily from the main menu of the device.

In the following paragraphs, we review a brief and simplified explanation for each search system separately.

1 – 3D Ground Scan System

The 3D Ground Scan system is a new and distinctive addition to the Gold Vision device.

This system works with the built-in ground scanning technology through the smart sensor that is used to measure

changes in magnetic fields resulting from metallic targets or underground voids.

The reception of the weakest signals received by the device enhanced by a “Signal Booster Dish” which installed on

the upper side of the main unit of the device.

gold vision ground scan

Then the device transmit scanning data received by the sensor via Bluetooth technology to any smart phone or tablet

supporting Android for modeling and visualization in the form of a 3D graph within the device’s data visualization

and analysis application “Gold Vision app”.

Gold Vision app developed and programmed so that it provides the user with multiple visual tools for displaying

and modeling the scan data visually.

It is also offer tools for analyzing the 3D graphics that help in visually determining the type, shape, size and depth

of any potential targets within scanned ground area, including precious and non-precious metal targets and voids

such as tunnels and caves with the representation of different targets in different colors reflecting the nature and type of the target.

gold vision 3D ground scan

2 – Long Range System

Long Range locator system in the Gold Vision device is a system with a unique special technology that works

to capture signals from buried targets through the antennas and the Smart Sensor probe to ensure that the capturing

of signals within a wide search area to ensure the detection of deep metal objects and treasures buried at great depths.

It is possible to set different settings in this system to get a customized search according to the user’s preferences,

to obtain results that are more accurate.

long range gold vision

The user can adjust settings such as:

Soil Type – Target Type i.e. the type of metal (for example, gold or silver) and Front scan range in addition to an option

to choose the maximum depth of the device to limit the scope of the search.

Where the device works on programming the search process based on the options that selected in the system settings by the user,

and the device provides visual and audio instructions on the device screen that help the user during the search process.

3 – Free Mode System

The Gold Vision device’s free mode system allows users to customize their search more accurately by setting the required search frequency,

which corresponds to a specific type of metal, such as gold, bronze, or copper. This system operates in the same way as the device’s long-range

scanning system, with identical settings.

Free Mode Gold Vision

The only difference is that instead of choosing a target type from a pre-defined list, users can specify an exact value for the required search

frequency that matches the type of metal they want to search for it.

FREE MODE gold vision

4 – Smart Depth System

After conducting an initial search using the long-range system or the free mode system, and determining the approximate location

of the target using the square method, prospectors can use the smart depth system to estimate the depth of the target.

This system calculates the target depth by having the user move in two different directions from the “approximate target location”

and waiting until the device’s antennas move more than 70 degrees each time.

smart depth gold vision

The device then calculates an estimate of the potential target depth and displays it on the screen.

Note: To determine the “approximate target location” using the square method, draw a hypothetical square with the potential target located at the center point.

This made by conducting a preliminary search through the long-range scanning system in four directions (North, South, East, and West),

defining an imaginary line each time.

From the intersection of these lines, a square or rectangle formed that encloses the target, and the target is approximately located

within the center of this quadrilateral shape.

SMART DEPTH gold vision

5 – Ionic System

The ionic search system helps the prospector in detecting the ionic fields, which produced around any metallic object

buried underground with the passage of time, so that the ionic field is greater with the passage of a longer period,

and thus it is easier to detect by metal detectors.

ionic system gold vision

The technology in the ionic search system in the Gold Vision device is a developed and enhanced technology to detect these fields through the Smart Sensor probe

It is a search probe installed in a special port on the front side of the main unit of the device; the probe on the upper side contains LED lights

that change its light colors according to the type of target detected.

When selecting the ionic system in the device, the device will show us on the search screen progress bars; the first at the top reflects

the signal strength coming from a metallic target such as gold or iron.

In addition, the second bar at the bottom shows us the signal strength resulting from an underground void such as a tunnel, grave or some gap.

IONIC system gold vision

5 – Bionic System

The bionic system is a search system similar to the ionic search system in the same way it works; the only difference

is that the search in this system is directed according to a predetermined signal that is picked up from a specific object (sample)

made of the same type of metal to be searched for.

Bionic gold vision

That is, for example, to search for gold, user can pick up a signal from a golden coin by the smart sensor probe,

then the device searches within the surrounding area for similar ionic signals.

The search screen displays, in the case of searching through the Bionic system, a circular indicator changing to green,

and when capturing the target signal, the indicator turns red with an audio tone via the built-in speaker.

BIONIC system gold vision

Easy to Use Multilingual Program

Gold Vision device program is equipped with a graphical user interface that adopts a system of sequential screens,

which in turn contain for some search systems different tabs for settings and icons that express each option that sets the search settings for the chosen system.

The device interface also includes options for customizing a range of general settings that include:

Time and date – Device screen settings such as brightness – Device sound settings such as key sound and scanning sound

– Change program language – Display general information such as serial number and others.

SETTINGS gold vision


The device software interface is available in eight languages, which are the most widely used in the world, namely:

English – German – Spanish – French – Russian – Italian – Arabic – Persian

LANGUAGES gold vision

Additional information




40 Meter

Made In


Operating Principle

6 Search Systems


3 Years

Package Contents

  • Main Electronic Unit
  • Smart Sensor
  • Signal Booster Dish
  • Wireless Handle Unit
  • RF Antennas
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


CPU ( Processor) Type ARM
Clock Frequency 72 MHz
Memory Type SD
Capacity 2 GB
Screen Type TFT LCD HMI
Size 3.5 INCH
Resolution 480 X 320
Colors 64 K 65536
Backlight LED
Sound Output Speaker + Headset
Jack Type 3.5 mm
Internal Speaker 3W
Charger Input 100 – 220 V 50 / 60 Hz
Output 5V – 2.5 A
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Input 5V – 2.5 A
Capacity 9600 mA
Removable Battery no
Other Flash LED 5mm
Laser 650nm /5mw
Vibration Yes
Temperature Operation Temperature 0 – 40 C
Package Dimension 400 mm X 300 mm X 160 mm
Weight 3200 g


User Manual


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