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Professional Gold Detector

Professional Gold Detector

Professional Gold Detector

Professional Gold Detector is any metal detector device designed for professional use by professional prospectors

and serious seekers of high-value buried treasures.

Professional gold detectors combines high technical features and multiple components with multi-functionality

and suitability for all practical uses in the search for precious metals and archaeological treasures .

Also, these devices are characterized by their accurate results and the ability to discover targets

at very large depths up to 20 meters and more.

Professional Gold Detector Features

  • Specially designed for professional applications in metal detection .
  • Advanced search technology with tools , for example, three-dimensional ground scan
  • It features professional features that help the professional prospector to easily discover buried treasures and metal objects
  • Guarantee of accurate and reliable search results
  • It provides very large search depths (may reach 40 meter) that exceed many times what can be accessed on amateur and beginner devices

Professional Gold Detector Uses

– Excavation of the treasures and relics of ancient civilizations.

– Discovering golden treasures buried hundreds of years ago, such as ornamental jewelry (rings – bracelets …)

– Shooting of coins coined with different metals (gold – silver – copper …).

– Searching in historical battleground for lost objects such as ancient weapons (swords, shields, daggers …)

and other tools such as metal helmets or others objects.

– Detection of underground spaces and cavities such as huge tunnels – basements – shrines – graves – hidden rooms – caves …


Professional Gold Detector Examples

Nokta Invenio Pro

Nokta Invenio Pro a latest professional device which has a special technology, which is a 3D imaging metal detector

for searching gold, metals, and artifacts, and that is one of the best metal detecting technologies in the recent years.

That new 3D imaging technology has been patented internationally because of its features of showing the precise

shape of the underground metal objects.

Invenio is multi-purpose gold & metal detector which can be used to detect everything underground including various types

of targets such as deep-buried gold treasures, cavities like tunnels, ancient coins, old artifacts, underground cavities such as tunnels, graves and chambers

Invenio Metal Detector


Cobra GX 8000 from Geoground is a professional device at an affordable price for professional prospectors and those looking for buried treasures.

The device includes six search systems that provide the professional prospector with all the tools and techniques needed to detect

underground metal burials in an easy way and with professional results.

With the unique free-frequency feature, the prospector can adjust the search frequency to 1 kHz to find the metal or buried object with great accuracy.

Ionic research systems also offer great possibilities for discovering buried treasures, as in ancient ruins.


EXP 6000

EXP 6000 a revolutionary metal detector device with most complete features set in one package,

it is most powerful professional metal & gold detection device in the world.

EXP 6000 incorporate latest Germany technology from OKM in the field of 3D ground scanning and metal detection

via its powerful modern geophysical detection system.

EXP 6000 is a versatile device for any serious prospector as it can locate and detect all types of targets underground like buried artefacts,

gold treasures, underground hidden structures like tunnels and everything else.

EXP 6000 via its various included probes and sensors scan underground soil layers and display the scanning data as 3D graphics representation

on computer, and thus it enables the prospector to know all details about buried targets like size and depth visually before excavation.

EXP 6000 with its powerful professional functions and tools opens up new opportunities for any serious treasure hunters, archaeologists,

gold seekers, metal mining companies and anyone interested in metal detection.



GEPARD GPR 3D from OKM – Germany is a new type of 3D ground scanners

with unique technology and powerful features and performance for all detection applications.

GEPARD GPR use a powerful ground penetrating radar technology that offer great scan

depth range that may reach up to 40 meters underground.

GEPARD GPR 3D with its features set, offer for the professional prospectors or even companies or organizations,

many practical uses for the detection of underground objects like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers and metals.




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