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Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

How do Pulse Induction Metal Detectors work? 

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors Metal targets are frequently hit by magnetic pulses from the detector. PI metal detectors emit about 100 pulses per second, but it can be less or more depending on the model. This short-duration impulse transmission causes relatively longer response signals to return from a metal target than from no target. This is seen as a form of detector echo, which results in the acoustic alert you hear.

Things to know about pulse induction detectors: 

Pulsed induction metal detectors are also commonly referred to as multi-frequency detectors. Target ID accuracy is reduced or absent compared to an VHF detector. Less energy efficient than VLF detectors, requiring more batteries and/or changing battery frequently. More susceptible to external noise (EMI) and interference.

What Should You Base Your Purchase Decision On?

That is also a difficult question which will depend on what you want in a metal detector and what you will use it for.

If you want to specialism in finding gold nuggets as more that just a once a year hobby, and price is not your key issue then a top range Pulse induction metal detector is a very good choice.

Remember too that if you look after this machine it will have a good resale value after use – check out sales on ebay or other sites!

Don’t waste your time on lesser or old technology – its just false economy.

If you just want to use a metal detector occasionally when you are traveling to look for a few coins or relics with the odd trip gold prospecting then a good VLF Detector or a lower price range PI Detector might be quite OK for you.

If you want a waterproof detector for beach hunting or underwater detecting then you can also get models that are designed for land and underwater use.

There is truly no single best type of detector when it comes to gold hunting. But understanding the differences between a VLF very low frequency and a PI pulse induction detector and their coils can help you decide which detector might be the best to use.

Garrett Axiom

Garrett Axiom is a brand-new metal detector designed exclusively for natural gold prospecting with its new-patented technology Ultra Pulse an enhanced Pulse Induction technology with better performance in detecting small or large golden nuggets.

Axiom metal detector brings many new and enhanced technologies and features useful for gold prospecting including unique ground balance feature, different detection modes and sensitivity options for detecting in different ground conditions and terrain.

Axiom gold detector modern ergonomic design and lightweight offers comfortable working experience for prospectors and more operation time in detection fields to find more gold.


GARRETT ATX the most powerful natural gold detector with high sensitivity for detection of tiniest gold nuggets underground. GARRETT ATX uses a unique Pulse Induction technology that gives most accurate and reliable results with extreme gold sensitivity to locate tiny gold nuggets in all hard terrain.

GARRETT ATX  however is a versatile device can be used for many purposes and metal detection activities such as gold prospecting, relic hunting and coins shooting and so on.

GARRETT ATX is a robust machine that give the prospector best performance in most hard terrains, such as rocky lands and sandy soils thanks to its robust design and advanced features.

With ATX there is no need to switch search modes to enhance detection of specific target as the device can detect all targets at the same time. Garrett ATX engineered with special FAST TRACK ground tracking technology for automatic ground balance in different terrains such as mineralized ground and saltwater.

By using this technology the device continuously measure ground mineralization then automatically adjust itself for optimum performance based on ground conditions.

Pulse Nova

Pulse Nova metal detector is a new product from OKM, Germany released in 2021. Pulse Nova uses new enhanced pulse induction (PI) technology , famous for better performance and more depth reach underground up to 3 meters , with more reliable results in comparison with VLF metal detectors. OKM Pulse Nova is a perfect choice for amateur and beginner prospectors as it is easy to handle and use metal detector with minimum controls but with professional-level performance in all terrain.

Pulse Nova works using a pulse induction technology with a search coils with one coil for sending and receiving magnetic field signals. Pulse Nova metal detector use a time-controlled oscillator principle, here it use an alternating current for generation of magnetic field inside the coil, the generated field transmits into the ground generating an eddy current that react with any buried metallic object changing its electrical conductivity properties, the change lead to creation of reflected magnetic field which detected by coil as an anomaly, the received field interact with coil and converted into a digital signal that converted into acoustic signal and audio output via device speakers.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 is a new released metal detector from Lorenz – Germany, the device is a built upon the successful Lorenz Deep Max Z1 but with new features and enhanced performance.

Lorenz Z2 designed and developed to bring new or enhanced features such as high sensitivity, greater depth, easy operation and more accurate detection results.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 has developed with professional prospectors in mind, as it can be used for a variety of metal detection related application like treasure hunting and detection of metal objects in historical battlefields and other tasks.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 metal detector technology is based on special Pulse Induction technology called Pulse Ground Balancing System (Pulse GBS).

The principle is that the current in search coils passing through copper coils emit a short intensive magnetic pulse, those magnetic pulses produce eddy currents in conducting materials like metal objects for example a golden coin, eddy currents will be kept in a metal object and will die away after the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil has turned off.

This is the reason why it is possible to detect those eddy currents during the time delayed receiving phase by means of the same search coil which now acts as a receiving coil.

A rather complicated electronics circuitry is necessary to detect those tiny voltage changes and has to separate that particular signal from interference also received. The signal has to be amplified to drive an audio stage with voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), which emits an audible signal either by headphones or built-in loudspeaker when a metal is in the near of the field of the search coil.

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