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Simple guide for metal detection on beaches

Simple guide for metal detection on beaches

There is a unique beauty and serenity of beaches unmatched by other landscapes. Anyone who has seen the sunrise outside the ocean can attest to this. With the sunrise, many people want to enjoy the beach in their own way: sunbathers, surfers, people who build sandcastles. But what about people who want another option? This is where another classic pastime comes in: metal detection on the beaches.

Metal detection is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach while isolating yourself from the crowds. Even better, the crowded beaches are some of the best fishing spots!


Why a metal detector on the beach?

There is a metal detector for every type of fishing imaginable. Many modern metal detector models come with an LCD screen, are water-resistant, and have a lot of unique features. You can start finding treasure on the beach today for less than $300.

There are many benefits to a beach metal detector. The term Beachcombing was used and is an activity that involves searching for treasure on the beach whether or not you have a metal detector. People have long been combing the beaches for shells, sea glass, and washed treasure.


The most popular beach metal detection areas in the world

The best place is the East and West Coast where most American Scouts spend their time. There are plenty of island beaches for fishing in Hawaii and other islands as well. The European beaches where World War II battles were fought are another favorite hunting ground for scouts. The best finds on these cosmopolitan beaches are boardwalks, seawalls, boardwalks, and hospitality stalls. Using maps and directories from the library will allow treasure hunters to find deserted or lesser known swimming destinations which can open up new and exciting opportunities for treasure hunting.


The Gridding!

Gridding is a time-tested strategy that always results in goals popping up, no matter where you look. Dividing the search area of ​​a grid helps you to be methodical while keeping the search process simple and straightforward.


Important Tips

Choose an area full of hard sand parallel to the ocean. Complete a full swing of your detector for each step you take. When you reach the end of the grid, take a step or two to the side you haven’t been looking for yet. Repeat the process, making sure you’re swinging enough that it overlaps the area you just looked at. Repeat this process until you have searched the entire grid.


Wet sand vs dry sand

Beach mineral detection tips vary based on the different types of sand. Dry sand is similar to sandy soil, but with more oddities. You may have to dig around for some junk to reach your goal.

Fishing is best done in wet sand when the high tide recedes. Signs such as wind and water erosion, dips, or “tongues” in the sand tell spotters about the best places to start hunting.


Choosing a metal detector for beach metal detector

The Kellyco brand offers the best metal detectors available today. The detector you choose will largely determine the outcome of beach mineral searches. Usually the first choice you have to make is between very low frequency (VLF) and pulsed induction (PI) metal detectors, which, of course, depends on your budget and the features you want.


VLF vs PI  Metal Detectors

VLF detectors like the Garrett AT Max are detectors for beginners as well as seasoned detectors alike because they are ideal on dry sand and freshwater. The downside is that wet, salty sand can cause false signals. Make sure your detector has an adjustable ground conditioning system that takes salt into account.

PI detectors such as the Garrett ATX Pro are designed to ignore salt and can detect targets buried much deeper under the surface. The main downside to pulse induction models is that they cannot differentiate iron and anomalies when searching for gold. PI detectors are usually more expensive than VLF models.


Best for beginners

Nokta Makro Simplex + is an affordable and waterproof detector. It is compact and easy to use, making it ideal for beginners. It works like a sophisticated detector. It includes features such as a manual ground adjustment system and crack detection and is fully submerged up to 10 feet.

Finally, private or quiet beaches hold fewer treasures because there are fewer people on their beaches. On the other hand, the frequently visited beaches in the past are a great place for treasure hunting. Changes in the terrain, such as erosion, can reveal valuables that may have been lost over time.

Also it is important to spend some time doing the survey when you first arrive at the beach. Note where everyone is sitting and where the chairs, towels, tents, and umbrellas are concentrated. Additionally, pay mental attention to where the waves break and how far people are in the water, especially as low tide creeps in. These are the places where the most treasure will be found.


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