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Simplex metal detector

Simplex metal detector

It is very important to have all the right information when it comes to purchasing a detector, especially when it is a new hobby. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding which metal detector is right for you. First, what is your budget? How much do you want to spend? Fortunately, entry-level detectors are usually one of the lowest priced detectors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something of value with them. As a beginner, it’s perfectly OK to start with an inexpensive detector, and in fact, we recommend it for several reasons. The most important one is that it is easy to use and far from complicated. They are intended to help you get used to metal detection if you are new to this hobby. It is a good rule of thumb not to jump hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a detector until you know what you want and what you feel comfortable with in the world of treasure hunting. So.. here is a list of the simplest and easiest to use metal detectors.


Minelab Vanquish  Series 

The new VANQUISH from Minelab delivers uncompromising performance. Simple yet powerful, it’s perfect for anyone starting out or advancing their game of detection. With innovative Multi-IQ technology, multiple search modes, a lightweight, foldable design, and much more, this is the detector you’ve been waiting for. Minelab Vanquish 440 is a series example of ease of use, convenience and effective simplicity. Weighs 2.6 lbs with batteries installed and balances very well with the 10 x 7 coil. The control box display is large, very easy to read, all controls are easy to access and easy to use. Even a true novice will be using the Minelab Vanquish 440 effectively in no time. Minelab engineers have thought about this in detail and brought us a product that brings smiles to many faces. 


NOKTA Simplex 

You can’t buy a high-end detector, but simply want extreme depth and basic features for a high-end device? Do you need a waterproof detector at an affordable price? If you say yes to one of the above, SIMPLEX+ is the only option that covers it all. We are proud to introduce our first entry-level detector, SIMPLEX+, which makes high-quality metal detection available and affordable to all users. It has automatic ground balancing and four preset search modes, including Beach mode. Includes 11″ search coil. The Simplex fully submerges to a depth of 10 feet and has great illumination for both night and underwater use. It has a great distinction between metals. It features VLF technology. Simplex+ is one of Nokta’s proudest creations ever launched for the entry-level market.



Garrett has put great features in the ACE 300 including a digital target ID, better detection capabilities, a new audio system, and more. Unbeatable price! This detector is very powerful with excellent detection depth and user-friendly functions. The digital target identifier allows for a very accurate representation of the target object – so you can distinguish between a copper and zinc coin based on the numbers on the screen. The ACE 300 operates at 8 kHz, but can be adjusted slightly if necessary. This is useful if you are on a hunt where there are other 8 kHz detectors nearby, or when you encounter other interference from power lines or WIFI signals.


Bounty Hunter Star Bro 

Advanced features within a mid-range detector. The Star Pro comes with an 8-inch water-resistant concentric coil with an LCD screen and touch panel. Features also include adjustable sensitivity and discrimination, 9 target ID options, and a graphical target depth indicator. The stem is fully adjustable and includes an angle lock The Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro is designed and manufactured in the USA. This is the first device model in the Bounty Hunter Pro line, and is the simplest metal detector in the production line. Except for this, there are also Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro and Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro. This metal detector is perfect for beginners. Just press the power button and the device is ready to go. You do not need to perform any complicated actions even when searching for treasure on earth in complex conditions. You already know that some metal detectors can be very tricky to master. Sometimes it is required to have an almost complete knowledge of some branch of physics to do this.


Fisher Detect 

Multipurpose weatherproof metal detector. The Fisher Metal Detector is the best model in the latest F series from Fisher Research Labs Discover many unparalleled features at a very nice price. This Fisher model has a backlit screen that makes it easy for you to fish in low light conditions. I think any beginner and advanced metal detectorist can pick up a fisher and in a matter of minutes, start looking for the treasures they’ve been wanting to find. It also has a waterproof search coil to help you fish on land or in shallow water. It’s not submersible, but if you don’t plan on going into deeper waters than on the screen menu, you’ll be fine. 


Minleab X-Terra 705 

Designed for quick assembly and efficient mobility, the X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack features a lightweight, balanced frame that allows you to explore for longer. The powerful small 18.75 kHz Double-D Elliptical coil is ideal for finding small gold nuggets. You can find gold in different sizes at different depths by changing to other file sizes of 18.75 kHz. 

We all know that gold is very precious and can be worth your time if you find it. I would suggest keeping that in mind. Are you interested in sports or think about taking profits from time to time? If you are thinking of making a profit, we would like to mention that you should consider this purchase as an investment and the rule of thumb is that the higher the price of the detector, the better the research. (Not everyone agrees that the more you spend, the better the product) But this is our opinion when it comes to this topic, “When you spend more money on gold detectors, you get better search coils, more functions and options with a higher detector.” Quality “. All this means finding more valuable gold, and making better use of your time. “


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