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Metal Detectors Coil

New Metal Detectors Coil Type

New Metal Detectors Coil Type Whether you are a beginner or an experienced metal detectorist, this article will provide you with the knowledge and clarity you need to make a more informed decision about your search coil to help you get the most out of your metal-detecting equipment. Before we get started I would like […]

Metal Detecting Beginners Mistakes

Metal Detecting Beginners Mistakes

Metal Detecting Beginners Mistakes If you’re looking for a hobby that’s easy to learn and intellectually stimulating, you should consider trying your hand at metal detecting. You don’t need lots of pricey equipment or niche skills to get started. There are plenty of beginner-friendly detectors at attractive price points that you can use to get […]

Metal Detectors Artificial Intelligence

Metal Detectors Artificial Intelligence

Metal Detectors Artificial Intelligence Metal detectors are devices that detect the presence of metal objects. They have been used for various purposes, including security, mining, and archaeology. In recent years, metal detectors have been combined with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create more advanced systems. AI technology allows metal detectors to process large amounts of […]

Finding Coins with the Minelab CTX 3030

Detecting Coins With Minelab CTX 3030

Minelab CTX 3030 CTX 3030 has the advanced technology to identify the good targets and mask signals from undesired metals. Its signal processing allows the target to be detected, according to their ferrous and conductive properties. Of course most detectors now have some sort of discrimination, but the CTX 3030 is widely regarded as having […]

Metal Detector Pinpointer Metal Detectors Pinpointer

Metal Detector Pinpointer

What is a Pinpointer in Metal Detecting? Metal Detector Pinpointer , whether handheld or built into the metal detector, which allows you to hone in on the exact location of a hit on your regular metal detector. They work by relating the frequency or volume of a sound to how strong the signal the pinpointer […]

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