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The best metal detectors for money

The best metal detectors to find money

The best metal detectors to find money

  • What is a metal detector?

It is an electrical device that can determine the presence of metals near it. Metal detector is useful for finding objects containing metals, or metallic objects buried underground. Metal detectors are often installed from a portable unit that contains a sensor, with which metals can be detected by scanning the ground or other objects. If the sensor comes close to a piece of metal, the tone changes in the speakers, or a needle moves in the pointer. The device often gives an indication of the distance or the proximity of the distance as a stronger tone is heard in the speakers when the distance from the metal object is close to the metal detector, or the needle jumps higher in the pointer. Another common type of metal detector is the fixed metal detector, through which people pass and which is used for security monitoring at entry points in prisons, courts, airports, and some hotels in order to detect metal weapons in a person’s body.

Certainly, there is not only one device to detect metals, as they have many and varied types, and each metal has its own composition and distinctive characteristics in it, so there are devices dedicated to some metals. The devices that are dedicated to the discovery of silver are not those that are dedicated to the discovery of coins, since coins have different characteristics from other metals, their composition, size and locations, and among the devices that are suitable for coins and money and which have the ability to detect this type of metal are pulse induction metal detectors .


  • The mechanism of work of pulse induction metal detectors

Pulsed induction metal detectors are electronic devices belonging to the metal detectors that work according to the pulse induction technology, which in turn depends on the principle of electromagnetic induction. And these pulsed induction detectors are used in many fields to detect metals: such as searching for ancient coins, ancient buried monuments, and so on.


  • Its technique:

Pulsed induction systems use a single coil that works on transmitting and receiving, and it can contain two or three coils working together. In this process, pulses of electric current are sent through a coil of metal wire. Each pulse generates a magnetic field. And when the pulse ends, the polarity of the field is reversed and it suddenly vanishes, generating a sharp electric shock that lasts for a few millionths of a second, and causes another current to pass through the coil, and this current is called the reflected pulse and lasts for a short period. Once again, a new electrical pulse is sent and the scientific is repeated in a typical pulse induction metal detector that sends about 100 electrical pulses per second, but the number can vary according to the manufacturer, model, quality and type from a few pulses to thousands of pulses per second. When the device passes over a metal object, the pulse forms an opposite magnetic field in the body, and when the magnetic field resulting from the pulse shrinks, this causes an opposite pulse, and the magnetic field of the body makes this opposite pulse take a longer time to dissipate.


  • The latest and best devices for metal detectors for money

  • Simplex, the latest device to detect coins:

The easiest devices used to detect gold, coins and minerals underground. Simplex works using VLF (Very Low Frequency) technology using a frequency of 12 kHz with improved performance and new innovative features to get the best search results.


Search modes in the device:

The Simplex device includes four search modes:

  1. All metals mode: This mode is a general default search mode used to get all types of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, without any discrimination to the same degree for all metals.
  2. Field mode: Field discovery mode, as its name suggests, is designed to detect various metals in fields full of metal objects such as battlefields and wars, including, for example, ancient coins, swords, daggers, etc.
  3. Park and gardens mode: This mode is very suitable, as its name indicates, for the search for small metal objects such as rings, coins and small jewelry in public parks.

In the end, there are many devices specialized in discovering old money and coins, and each device has its own advantages, and certainly the material value of the device varies from one device to another.


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