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Top security detectors

Top security detectors

Top security detectors

There are many uses of metal detectors, as some use them as a hobby to prospect for gold in their backyard, while some consider them an essential profession to detect precious metals and jewelry all over the world, and some prefer them to search for ancient treasures and discover antiquities, and some of them use them for other security purposes for the detection of explosives and firearms.

Below we will mention the most important metal detectors that are used for security purposes.


– Garrett Super Wand

This device is characterized by a set of qualities and comes with a two-year warranty.

1- It can be set to several modes: audible, silent or vibrating to indicate when the target is found.

2- It provides a 360-degree metal detector coverage, which allows it to provide a comprehensive survey of the area.

3- It contains a LED light to facilitate the process of seeing in poor lighting conditions.

4- It has a simple and easy to use design.


– Fisher CW-20

1- It can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

2- It operates at a frequency of 7.1 kHz.

3- It can be operated in three modes: audible, vibrating, silent.

4- It needs one 9-volt battery to work.

5- The battery indicator is low.


– Fisher CW-10

1- It detects different types of metals.

2- It works at a frequency of 110 kHz.

3- Lightweight and balanced as it comes in the form of a stick or a device to walk through.

4- It has high sensitivity without the need to reset it.


– Garret THD

1- The device scans at an angle of 360 degrees, which provides a greater possibility to discover all the metals present.

2- The device comes with a unique design and is water-resistant, so it can be used in humid environments and harsh conditions.

3- It contains a special light for vision in poor lighting conditions.

4- It comes with a rubber grip with a weather-resistant wallet.

5- The device can detect all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Important tips before purchasing security metal detectors:

Before you make your decision to buy a metal detector, you must pay attention to some points so that you can choose the most appropriate detector:

– It is necessary to determine the population density that you need to touch with your security device, so that you can determine the most appropriate type of device.

– If the tools or requirements are many, it is better to use walk-through metal detectors, as they are easier to use and save a lot of time.

– If you need to carry many things, you must buy a portable metal detector so that you can use it freely and easily.


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Security Metal Detectors:

Q: What are the objectives that security metal detectors can detect?

The sensitivity of metal detectors varies, as some of them are designed to find specific things. For this reason, it is necessary that you choose a metal detector capable of detecting various weapons and explosives, that is, capable of detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Q: Can these devices be used on objects?

Certainly, this can be done, as portable metal detectors for security purposes can be used and passed on the body from all directions, and in the event of any metal, it will emit a distinctive sound. Some devices may require close proximity to the body in order to be able to detect metals.


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