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What Types Of Metals Can Be Detected By Metal Detector

What Types Of Metals Can Be Detected By Metal Detector

First: Introduction to metal detectors:

Metal detecting will open up a world full of excitement and outdoor adventure as newspapers as well as TV reports assure that you can find fortune as long as you are sure to buy a good metal detector. It is quite possible to quickly find the treasure after buying a suitable electric tool, but of course you also have to be prepared for all possibilities as you may be disappointed as during this quest you may come across different things, such as beer cans or silver chips. But the hobby is well worth the effort because you can find money and valuables too which means metal detectors can locate just about anything. However, are there any metals that a metal detector can’t identify?


Secondly: Things that a metal detector can find:

A metal detector, such as the Bounty Hunter type, is capable of detecting all types of metals. These metals are divided into two categories, the first is ferrous and the second is non-ferrous. Ferrous refers to any metal that is attracted to a magnet. Ferrous metals are the easiest to detect due to the fact that they have magnetic properties. And if the metal is conductive, the chances of it being located are high. Although it rusts when exposed to air and water, iron materials are still easy to find. Examples of ferrous metals include nails, staples, and screws.

The second category, non-ferrous metals, refers to non-magnetic metals, which include many examples such as copper, aluminum, brass, and lead. And some electrical tools used in metal detection can even determine the location of the manganese element.


Third: Metals that a metal detector cannot detect:

Metal detectors work on the basis of electromagnetism, as we have already mentioned, and this basically means that they emit electromagnetic fields that change over time and listen to the waves coming from these conductive elements. It can be said that the most difficult metal to detect is stainless steel. The reason for the inability of the device to locate stainless steel is due to its poor electrical conductivity.

And we can conclude that based on the definition of stainless steel that has a low magnetic permeability, which means that it does not produce a strong signal that is enough to be recognized.

As for the other elements that the metal detector will not identify, they include gemstones, pearls, bones and diamonds, and paper and stone shapes are added to them.


Fourthly: Can a metal detector be set to detect gold only?

Bearing in mind that there are many variants with alloys and exact sizes, unfortunately we have to tell you that it is not possible for you to adjust the device to locate only one type of metal.

You might read a large piece of gold high up on the screen, while a small piece could read very low. In addition, there are some metals that have almost identical properties, which confuses the process of reading them, even when using the most complex electronic devices, which means that you will normally make some mistakes from time to time.


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