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Where is gold most likely to be found

Where is gold most likely to be found

Gold is a precious metal that has been used in minting currencies and in the manufacture of jewelry, in addition to the artworks of many civilizations, peoples and countries over time. Gold plays an important role in global economic performance, so the cover and reserves of gold have an impact on monetary policies in the countries of the world. Global consumption is distributed of the newly produced gold, about 50% in the jewelry industry, 40% in investments, and about 10% in industry, due to the properties it has in terms of ductility, roads, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, so gold has an industrial and applied importance, especially in electronic fields.


The most prominent places of gold

The location of gold is, as is well known, in the soil, rocks, sediments of oceans and rivers, in addition to its presence in the ground, in the form of veins. For this matter, a certain extraction method known as the open mine is used, as large and very deep tunnels are dug that may reach a depth of more than 4000 meters underground, as happened in some regions of Africa. Gold may also exist with other metals such as iron and lead, and to separate gold from these metals, it is reacted with cyanide solution after treatment, and the result is the dissolution of gold from the rest of the metals.

Gold is found in nature in two cases, either as primary deposits or in river gatherings as movable deposits, and one of the most important global regions rich in this shiny metal is America, as it is found in California, Alaska, Nevada, Ural Mountains, South Dakota, and the most prominent areas are the Rand Transvaal region in the Union of South Africa, where it is produced This region accounts for 40% of the world’s gold production.


Places of gold in riverbeds

Raw gold is found in some stones that are in rivers and estuaries, and the detection for gold is done by doing a manual search in stone deposits at the bottom of waterways, where the possibility of gold at this depth is very high and the quantities are large

These deposits are obtained, and then the gold is extracted from them by washing and sifting. In the past, this process was done by hand sieves, in which the workers searched for gold by looking.

At present, giant machines are used to withdraw large quantities of sediments found in riverbeds and to extract gold from them.

Taking advantage of the fact that gold is one of the densest metals, so stones containing gold can be found at the bottom of the screens.


Tips for searching for gold

Gold is not found in all types of soil, it is only found in certain types of soil, and as a result, it is preferable first to know the type of soil in which gold is located so that we can know the places where gold is

The issue of prospecting for gold requires the availability of an amount of money to purchase exploration tools and equipment, and it is better to purchase high-quality machinery and equipment

It is possible to detect gold in the lands where gold was found previously, as they most likely contain gold, so it is preferable to start with

You must learn the basics of research and exploration, and the correct methods used in that, and be able to use the machinery and equipment designated for exploration, to save a lot of time and effort.

It is not possible to excavate in lands that are not owned by us, such as those owned by government agencies, or owned by someone else, as the consent of the owner of the land must first be obtained if it is not owned.

Gold is present in many regions and countries around the world, most notably America, Australia, Canada, and some regions of Africa. These days, it has become easy to know where gold is located, but access remains the biggest challenge, as it requires practice, experience, and good knowledge in addition to the financial factor that may contribute significantly to Great access to these places.


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