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EXP 6000
EXP 6000
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EXP 6000

32.440 $

EXP 6000 a revolutionary metal detector device with most complete features set in one package so it is most powerful metal & gold detection device in the world.



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EXP 6000

EXP 6000 a revolutionary metal detector device with most complete features set in one package,

so it is most powerful metal & gold detection device in the world.
EXP 6000 incorporate latest Germany technology from OKM in the field of 3D ground scanning

and metal detection via its powerful modern geophysical detection system.
EXP 6000 is a versatile device for any serious prospector because it locate and detect all types of targets

underground such as buried artifacts, gold treasures, underground hidden structures

such as tunnels and bunkers and everything else.

EXP 6000 via its various included probes and sensors scan underground soil layers

and display the scanning data as 3D graphics representation on computer,

so it enable the prospector to know all details about buried targets

such as size and depth visually before excavation.
EXP 6000 with its powerful professional functions and tools opens up new opportunities

for any serious treasure hunters, archaeologists, gold seekers, metal mining companies

and anyone interested in metal detection.


EXP 6000 Features

– Applications

EXP 6000 3d ground scanner and metal detector

considered as all in one solution for any metal detection

and treasure hunting activities, it is a perfect device for a lot of practical applications

includes for example:

– Detection of metal objects and items made of gold, copper, bronze and silver also

– Treasure hunting of old civilizations buried artifacts

– Detection of non-metallic objects underground such as statues and ancient tombs.

– Detection of underground structures such as tunnels, walls, foundations and caves.

– Natural gold minerals prospecting

–  Surveying of battlefields, historic settlements and ancient sanctuaries

– Tools and Technologies

EXP 6000 metal detector includes a vast array of measuring probes,

also a wide array of accessories and other tools.

Most components and tools such as main control unit and probes work

by use wireless connection and communicate with other components via Wi-Fi technology.

– Measuring Probes Set

The EXP 6000 metal detector comes with a variety of specialized measuring probes as follows:

1 – Telescopic Probe

A unique probe that can be extended in length from 50 cm to 120 cm

so it gives more scanning width and coverage , it connect to main control unit

then transfer the scanning data wirelessly .

2 – Super Sensor

It is versatile ground scanning probe for a lot of applications and tasks such as:

– Metal minerals scanning and detection

– Natural gold prospecting

– As Pin Pointer with metal discrimination.

3 – Live Stream Sensor

It is most complex and advanced probe with its live stream technology

that operate to get direct live view of underground and it stream measured data

to the display of main control unit or to bundled eye glasses also .

As a result of  using this powerful sensor the user of exp 6000 can see

visually what is buried beneath his feet

in the underground soil, and thus ease the finding of hidden metallic objects

and treasures and underground structures

4 – Tunnel Sensor

As the name of this measuring probe already implies, it is designed to locate

hollow spaces underground such as  tunnels, caves, chambers, bunkers, tombs and the like.

– Wireless Eye Glasses and Tablet PC with Android system

The Tablet PC with Android operating system is a used to display the scanned data

by the probes using Visualizer 3D software which can be installed on the tablet which

It is necessary to either replace the display or to allow some additional users to watch

alongside while the operator is using the detector.

The optional Eye Glasses make it easy and more comfortable to watch scanning data

directly during using the probes (live stream sensor especially).

– Integrated GPS receiver

It can be activated by the user, and it is able to store GPS coordinates

along with the measured values.

so the user can use the GPS navigation features of the EXP 6000

then locate the areas of previous recorded scans easily, even after a long time between ground surveys and scan analysis.


– Operating Modes:

EXP 6000 supports six operating modes for various applications.

and metal detection tasks, and the user can select one of them

[that will be most appropriate for its task and must be used with suitable measuring probe for this task.

From the menu on display of main control unit the user can select one of these operating modes:

1 – Ground Scan

This mode is most comprehensive operating mode as it can be used with all available probes

in order to perform complete scan for specific search area, and the data saved to control unit’s memory

for later analysis on Tablet PC via Visualizer 3D software which enable the user to perform

for in-depth analysis like position determination, depth and size measurements .

2 – Live Scan

This mode used in in conjunction with the Live Stream sensor only and

the scanned data streamed wirelessly to the screen or video eye glasses.

3 – Tunnel Scan

It is best suited to detect voids, tunnels, chambers, caves and the like.

so it is used only with the Tunnel Sensor to find locations of aforementioned structures.

4 – Mineral Scan

This operating mode is most suitable for gold seekers and prospectors,

so it used in conjunction of Super Sensor to locate underground deposits of natural minerals like gold.

5 – Magnetometer

Used to find ferrous metals such as iron, stainless steel or alloys of iron with other metals.

so the operator can use this mode to indicate presence of ferrous metals via audio signal that

can be heard via headphones and in visual way via magnetic indicator on the display of exp 6000 main unit.

Furthermore it can be used to clean ferrous contaminated areas before conducting ground scans

for precious non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, copper or bronze

6 – Pin Pointer Mode

The Pin Pointer operating mode utilizes the Super Sensor to pinpoint the exact

location of detected objects.

It also gives some kind of indication concerning

the type of metal (ferrous vs. non-ferrous).

– Visualizer 3D – 3D visualization software

This powerful software is installed on Tablet PC to perform in-depth analysis for the data

collected by all measuring probes and sensors, via USB flash memory data transferred from

main control unit to the tablet and by using Visualizer 3D the operator can learn detailed visual

information about buried targets such as its shape, size, location and depth.

Features of Visualizer 3D:

– Graphical 3D View so it is easy to indicates the existence of buried targets that

have been detected underground with various render and display options also(wireframe, resolution, colors, …)

– Depth Measurement so it is easy to measure the depth of any target or object in 3D view

– GPS Location by saving current ground scans location data into Google Maps.

– Multilingual graphical user interface comes in many different international languages.

– Interpolation Filter so it can improve the quality of the ground scan to better find hidden objects.

– Error Correction in case of recording errors (probe inclination, wrong rotation) the 3d software utilizes error correction features.

– Selection of preset soil types for depth measurement


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Additional information



Made In

Operating Principle


Package Contents

The eXp 6000 metal detector and 3d ground scanner is available in 2 pre-configured packages

Professional (the basic package) and Professional PLUS (the complete package).

It is also possible to purchase a basic package ,

then add additional parts and accessories as needed by the customer.

Professional Package Contents:

  • eXp 6000 Control Unit
  • Telescopic rod assembly
  • Power Pack ( x 2)
  • Charger, docking station and travel adapter
  • Wireless Headphones
  • USB Stick
  • 3D Software (Visualizer 3D)
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case
  • Telescopic Probe
  • Super Sensor
  • Tunnel Sensor
  • Live Stream Sensor (optional)
  • Android video eye glasses (optional)
  • Android / Windows Tablet PC (optional)

Professional PLUS Package Contents:

  • eXp 6000 Control Unit
  • Telescopic rod assembly
  • Power Pack ( x 4)
  • External GPS receiver
  • Charger, docking station and travel adapter
  • Wireless Headphones
  • USB Stick
  • 3D Software (Visualizer 3D)
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case
  • Telescopic Probe
  • Super Sensor
  • Tunnel Sensor
  • Live Stream Sensor
  • Android video eye glasses
  • Android / Windows Tablet PC (optional )


Dimensions (H x W x D) 320 x 190 x 95 mm
Weight approx. 2200 g
Processor / Main CPU QuadCore AMD @ 2 GHz, OpenGL 4.2 HD Radeon GPU
Display CPU 6.5″, 1024 x 768 Pixel TFT | Color | 650 cd/qm
Data memory 16 GB Industrial SDCard, Class 10
Operating temperature 0°C – 70°C
Storage temperature –20° – 60°C
Waterproof No
Voltage 11.8 – 14.8 VDC, 30 W maximum
Operating time approx. 3 hours (delivered power supply full charged, 25°C)
Air humidity 5% – 75%
Feedback acoustic, visual
Protection Type IP40
Data Transmission Technology WiFi 802.11n a/b/g, MIMO 2×2
Data Transmission Rate 11 – 54 Mbps
Range max. 30 m (line of sight to telescopic rod assembly)
Working memory 4 GB Kingston HyperX


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  1. Clyde Lutz

    simply a most powerful treasure hunter

  2. Keshav

    I what only one pice price in indian ruppes

    • Orient Detectors

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  3. Elkana J

    What is the price for the EXP 6000 and can it detect diamonds under ground.

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