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Geoseeker Mini

7.990 $

GeoSeeker Mini is stripped down version of its brother GeoSeeker the best groundwater detector in the world From OKM Germany 2020





100 Meter

Made In


Operating Principle

Geo Electrical


2 Years

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Geoseeker Mini

GeoSeeker Mini From OKM is stripped down version of its brother GeoSeeker

the best groundwater detector in the world.

GeoSeeker Mini water detector use geoelectrical measurement procedure technology

based on practical test of German companies.

Therefore GeoSeeker Mini device offer a great solution to any farmer or even mining companies

for detection of groundwater resources up to 100-meter underground.

In addition to its ability to detect water resources including fresh water,

drink water and salt water, however it is even able to find and detect underground cavities

such as tunnels, hidden rooms and cavities.


Geoseeker Mini Features

Geoelectrical Measuring Technology

GeoSeeker Mini groundwater detector depends on geoelectrical measurement

technology based on measuring of electrical resistivity characteristics of

underground water resources or cavities.

Groundwater has a very good conductivity thus the device measures the conductivity

changes in the specific ground area to indicate presence of water resources.

However a bad conductivity is a hint or indicator of cavities existences

such as chambers, tunnels, graves and so on.

So, based on conductivity values user can use the device either as

water detector or cavity detector at reasonable price also.

Device Applications

Water Resources Detection

GeoSeeker Mini has many versatile applications in groundwater detection for

water finders like well builders, and also drilling companies

and agriculture companies or farmers or even building contractors.

The applications of the device can be summarized as:

  • Finding water deposits include fresh water, drinking water
  • Know ground water level also
  • Detect underground watercourse, water veins
  • Find underground water streams, headwaters
Cavity Detection

The capability of cavity detection is useful for archaeologists, historians

treasure hunters, geotechnical engineering, military services and building contractors also.

Some examples about types of cavities includes:

  • caves, tunnels
  • galleries and manholes
  • chambers, sepulchers, tombs
  • bunkers, vaults, cellars, rooms

Easy Operation

GeoSeeker Mini includes an easy to use updated graphical user interface

with a screen that support touch for easy quick operation also.

After selection of measurement depth and amount of scanning points,

then simple graphical instructions guide through the measuring procedure.

Placing The Electrodes

During the measurement the electrodes have to be replaced several times

to measure the ground resistance at certain places.

Then all instructions can be read from the color display screen, where the results

are presented after each single scan.

Then At the very end of a measurement the final result is shown as

a graphical 2D scan image.

Graphical Data Visualization

The results of the measurement are visualized in a 2D diagram

or in more simple representations using unambiguous pictures also.

However after finishing a geoelectrical measurement, the final result is

calculated to generate a representative 2D scan image of the

underground resistivity.

So with the pictographs in the lower display area,

users can read directly the diagram: The colors in the scheme

indicate water deposits (such as blue with water drops) and/or

detected cavities (red with tunnel symbol).


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Additional information




100 Meter

Made In


Operating Principle

Geo Electrical


2 Years

Package Contents

  • Control unit with touchscreen
  • 4 Electrodes
  • Power Pack with charger and travel adapter
  • 2 Voltage Cable (10 m)
  • 2 Power cable drum (Ø 290 mm)
  • Connecting Cable (2 m)
  • User’s manual


Dimensions (H x W x D) 410 x 340 x 180 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Input voltage (max.) 11 – 13 V DC / 30 W
Display 3.5” Resistive touch, 480 x 320 Pixel
Display CPU Cortex M3, 32 MHz, 128 KB RAM
Data memory 4 GB
Sample rate 4096 Hz (64-fold oversampling of 512 values)
Operating time approx. 6 – 8 h
CPU 80 MHz Cortex M3
ADC 16 bit
Effective Range (differential) –1400 to +1400 mV
Measurement Period per Scan Point min. 16 s
Output 320 V / 0.4 A
Input Resistance (static) approx. 12 MΩ



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