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ROVER UC Rover UC OKM Smallest and Lightest Metal Detector
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Rover UC is a smallest and lightest metal detector and 3D ground scanner in the world it is incorporates sleek and compact design but with high-end performance




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Rover UC is a smallest and lightest metal detector and 3D ground scanner in the world,

it is incorporates sleek and compact design but with high-end performance that match more professional devices.

Rover UC OKM bundled with smart phone that is used to display scanning data via its installed app.

which is used to control the device and to display 3D representation of scanned ground.

Rover UC use unique telescopic sensor that perform the 3D scanning process to locate buried targets.

such as gold treasures, precious metals like silver and copper,  ancient coins, chests and boxes,

also it detect cavity structures such as hidden rooms, tunnels and graves

ROVER UC Features

– Telescopic Sensor

Rover UC uses the telescopic sensor with powerful built-in scanning technology to perform the scan.

The length of the telescopic sensor can be extended or folded thanks to its telescopic mechanism

and it is equipped also with an integrated FM radio.

The sensor is lightweight for easy and comfortable use, plus it looks like as a hiking stick and with integrated FM radio

so it allows the user to search in areas where he couldn’t with normal metal detectors,

and thus avoid him arousing public interest and getting curious looks.


– Operating Modes

Rover UC can work using 3 operating modes as follows:

1 – Visual 3D Ground Scan

In this mode the device via included telescopic sensor performs a detailed 3d scanning of

the ground of search area, the user can adjust following parameters:

* Scan Mode: determines the manner in which the measurement field or scan area to be performed,

the user can choose these values:

** Zig-Zag  : in this scan mode the operator will perform the scan

while moving in both direction in search field , as he start at start point and

then move away to end point of scan line then he move little to left or right

of end point and perform other scan line

** Parallel : in this scan mode the operator will perform the scan while moving in one direction

in search field as he start at start point and move away to end point of scan line

then he return to near of start point to perform other scan line

* Impulse Mode: this value sets the way how individual scan or measurement is taken, it has two options:

** Automatic: in this case the measured values are recorded in succession without a break and controlled by software,

and there is no user interaction until the cycle is complete

** Manual: this method is completely controlled by the user by pushing on multifunction

button to manually record a measurement value

* Field Length: the length of scan line is calculated prior to the begin of scan,

and each scan line has same length

then the the search will run automatically to the end of each predetermined line,

then at the end of each scan line the device will stop and will wait for user

either to start a new scan line or save current scan.

2 – Visual Metal Discrimination:

In this scan mode the user can discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals

as well as voids, tunnels and cavities.

As the sensor perform scanning it display a signature determining the type of buried target (ferrous – nonferrous – cavity)

3 – Visual Magnetometer

By using this mode, the user can actively see ferromagnetic metals in the ground in real time. This is a visual search mode only and the data cannot be stored for further analysis, and the size and depth of object cannot be determined

– Smart Phone

The bundled Samsung smart phone with Android operating system is used to control the functionality

of the device via installed software program,so  it connect with the telescopic sensor via Bluetooth

to transfer scanning data from sensor to phone memory to perform further analysis via 3D analysis software.

With this smart phone the user don’t need any computer for data analysis , despite that for those who still wish

to use a PC, the scanned data can be transferred to any computer via the smart phone’s USB cable

and can be analysed via Visualizer 3D software from OKM.

ROVER UC Smart phone

– 3D Analysis Software

The smart phone comes with pre-installed 3D analysis software that is used to analyse the scanning data

which display as graphical measurement in the software.


The analysis software offers elegant way to quickly and efficiently

process measurements with its handy built-in tools

and as a result of phone touchscreen that enable the user to rotate,

zoom in and out, resize and other operations

that gives detailed view of scanning data.

Using 3D analysis software the operator can know easily all details

about detected targets including their depth and size and position.

Due to its small weight of just 0.65 kg you can take it everywhere you want. By using just one button you can manage all operating modes.


– Other Features


  • Small in size (smallest metal detector in the world)
  • Light-weight at just 0.65 kg
  • Operates using standard AA batteries available everywhere


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Additional information



Made In

Operating Principle


Package Contents

– Wireless Telescopic Probe (Sensor)

– Samsung smart phone with included component like headphone, USB cable and charger

– Carry Bag

– DVD contains instructions video

– 2 AA Batteries

– User`s Manual


Dimensions (H x W x D) 730 – 1400 x 40 x 60 mm
Weight about 0.65 kg
Operating temperature –10°C – 50°C
Storage temperature –20°C – 60°C
Waterproof No
Processor Dual-system, Atmel AtMega CPU, 20 MHz
Voltage 2x AA Primary battery (1.5 V, 2600 mAh) or 2x Rechargeable NiMh (1.2 V, 2600 mAh)
Operating time about 10 h
Air humidity 5% – 75%
Sensor technology SCMI-15-D
Technology GST / EMSR
Interconnect Bluetooth, Class 2


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  1. Areeb Sparrow

    Rover UC is a good choice for prospectors if you live in a country that forbid metal detection

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