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3D Ground Navigator

10.500 $

3D Ground Navigator 2 is a new version of trusted metal detector that has been successful & gave best results for professional prospectors and treasure hunters





40 Meter

Made In


Operating Principle

3D imaging


2 Years

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3D Ground Navigator 2

3D Ground Navigator 2 is a new version of trusted metal detector

that has been successful and gave best results for professional prospectors

and treasure hunters around the world.

The device offers improved performance compared to its previous version

with the introduction of new features to facilitate the work of the prospector,

such as control through the touch screen and improved Super Sensor

which equipped with a LED orbit (sphere) like in Rover C4 .

3D Ground Navigator 2 metal detector incorporate the latest generation

of ground scanning technology from OKM – Germany.

3D Ground Navigator is a professional metal detector suit all the needs of

serious and professional users and treasure hunters with its versatile functions and features.

3D Ground Navigator 2 Features

–  Device Uses :

  • Find Buried golden objects such as gold treasures, golden ornaments, ancient coins…etc.
  • Detection of Non-Ferrous (precious) metals such as copper, silver, bronze and so on
  • Can be used also to find natural gold nuggets and gold veins.
  • Cavity detection such as tunnels, chambers, graves and so on.


– Operating Modes

3D Ground Navigator 2 contains three operating modes for different purposes and applications

so it is easy to select the desired mode simply by using suitable mode from menu in main control unit.

The device include following operating modes:

1 – 3D Ground Scan Mode:

This is most powerful mode and used to perform a real detailed 3D scanning

for specific area that can be defined by the user;

the scanning process is performed by using Telescopic Super Sensor

which record the scan data for every point in this area,

then it  transfer directly to bundled Tablet PC via USB cable,


the scanning data show directly on screen of tablet by 3D analysis software

which give the prospector detailed information about targets

such as  its type, shape, size, depth and position.

ground-scan-startBy using this mode it easy to find every type of metals and golden treasures,

artifacts, tunnels, ancient antiquities and everything underground.

2 – Magnetometer Mode:

This operating mode is used to detect ferromagnetic metals underground

such as nails, nuts and objects like soda cans and iron trash.

the scanning is done also using the Telescopic Super Sensor ,


3D Ground Navigator

this mode is only an acoustical mode, which does not create any graphical representation.

This mode is useful for performing quick pre-scan for specific area

for removing trash from the surface and eliminates garbage or useful objects.

3 – Discrimination Mode:

This operating mode is useful for discrimination between different metal types

of buried objects underground like ferromagnetic metals, precious metals or voids.

The scanning is performed by the probe and when it move above any buried object beneath it

will display a graphical signature on tablet screen (via Visualizer 3D software).

By examining the amplitude and color of signature it is easy to know the kind of buried object

for example if the amplitude is positive and color of signature is red then the object is non-ferrous metal like gold.

The following images illustrate the idea more clearly :


signal of non-ferrous metal such as gold,silver


 ferrous metal such as iron


signal of non-metallic object such as space or tunnel


– Enhanced Telescopic Super Sensor

3D Ground Navigator 2 comes with a new redesigned powerful and unique Telescopic Super Sensor

The super sensor used in all operating modes to perform the scanning process,

with you can find anything from small metallic targets such as gold nuggets,

coins, rings, jewelry and other valuable metallic objects hidden under the ground

can be found easily.


Also it is very suitable to detect larger objects like boxes, pipes, gold or silver a

and other metallic masses which are buried deep under the surface

In new design the super sensor equipped with a light sphere called “LED Orbit”,

that can indicate the measured values by color changes during the scanning process

for example if LEDs color is red then it is a metal .

– Tablet PC & 3D Analysis Software

3D Ground Navigator is bundled with a Tablet PC works using Windows 10

the tablet  display the scanning data on it screen in Visualizer 3D

the installed analysis software.


Visualizer 3D software offer  in-depth analysis for the data collected by super sensor

during the scan process , the scanned data presented as 3D graphs,  from it the operator can

know a detailed visual information about buried targets such as its shapes, sizes, locations and depth.




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Additional information




40 Meter

Made In


Operating Principle

3D imaging


2 Years

Package Contents

– Control Unit

The control unit is the main processing unit of the device.

It contains with a modern small digital screen and simple control buttons

to select operating modes and determining other parameters for scanning.

– Charger, docking station and travel adapter

To recharge the Power Packs use docking station and charger
a travel adapter completes the charging accessories to make sure the

Power Packs is easy to charge via any power source worldwide.

– Wireless Headphones

The user can use standard wired headphones

or wireless Bluetooth headphones or simply by using the internal speaker

in control unit, but for comfort of the user wireless Bluetooth headphones

so it is more convenient .

available in the package.

– Cable to transfer data

Used to transfer data from the main control unit to the Tablet Pc

or any other computer with installed Visualizer 3D

– 3D Software (Visualizer 3D) on DVD

Visualizer 3D analysis software display

the scanning data as 3D graphics so it make

easy to determine depth and size of detected objects.

– Windows 10 Tablet PC

For easy field operation the visualizer 3d software  load

into mobile windows Tablet PC.

So by using a tablet the operator can analyse scanned images quickly

with visualizer 3d in the search field.


Dimensions (H x W x D) 180 x 230 x 120 mm
Weight approx. 1.2 kg
Protection Class IP40
Operating time (internal battery) approx. 24 hours
Charging time (internal battery) approx. 3 hours
Input (charger socket) 19 VDC / 0.6 A (max. 24 VDC / 0.5 A)
Operating time (optional Power Pack) approx. 48 hours
Input (optional Power Pack) 12.5 VDC / 0.9 A (max. 24 VDC / 0.5 A)
Processor / Main CPU Cortex M3, 32 MHz
Processor / Slave CPU Cortex M0, 24 MHz
Display 3.5” Resistive touch, 480 x 320 Pixel
Display CPU Cortex M3, 32 MHz, 128 KB RAM
Data memory 4 GB
Sample rate 1024 values / second
Measurement resolution 16 bit
Operating temperature -10 – 60 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 70 °C
Audio Internal speaker / Bluetooth
Air humidity 5 % – 75 %
Waterproof No



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