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Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Metal Detector for Prospectors
Lorenz Deep Max Z2
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Lorenz Deep Max Z2

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Lorenz Deep Max Z2 is a new released metal detector from Lorenz For treasure hunting and detection of metal objects in historical battlefields and other tasks.



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Lorenz Deep Max Z2

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 is a new released metal detector from Lorenz – Germany, the device is a built upon the successful Lorenz Deep Max Z1 but with new features and enhanced performance.

Lorenz Z2 designed and developed to bring new or enhanced features such as high sensitivity, greater depth, easy operation and more accurate detection results.

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 has developed with professional prospectors in mind, as it can be used for a variety of metal detection related application like treasure hunting and detection of metal objects in historical battlefields and other tasks.


Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Features

Uses & Applications

  • Locate buried relics made of different metals like gold, silver and bronze
  • Detection of ancient artifacts such as: statues – swords
  • Golden treasure detection such as golden coins – jewelry like rings
  • Detection of natural gold and small gold nuggets.


Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Search Technology

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 metal detector technology is based on special Pulse Induction technology called Pulse Ground Balancing System (Pulse GBS).

The principle is that the current in search coils passing through copper coils emit a short intensive magnetic pulse, those magnetic pulses produce eddy currents in conducting materials like metal objects for example a golden coin, eddy currents will be kept in a metal object and will die away after the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil has turned off.

This is the reason why it is possible to detect those eddy currents during the time delayed receiving phase by means of the same search coil which now acts as a receiving coil.

A rather complicated electronics circuitry is necessary to detect those tiny voltage changes and has to separate that particular signal from interference also received. The signal has to be amplified to drive an audio stage with voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), which emits an audible signal either by headphones or built-in loudspeaker when a metal is in the near of the field of the search coil.

The Pulse GBS (Ground Balancing System) is especially suitable for searching at depth. The performance of this electronic device is almost unaffected by salt water, most types of mineralized grounds or temperature changes.

a power PST (Pulse Shaping Technology) was added in order to improve the performance and depth capabilities. The complete power management with efficient low electromagnetic interference converters and low self-discharge batteries makes this detector even more flexible for worldwide operation.



Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Lorenz Deep Max Z2

Data Logger Unit

A Data Logger unit is combination of Hard/Software developed by Lorenz Detecting Systems is first of all easy to use, very accurately working and affordable. Only three controls of the DEEPMAX Z2 will make data acquisition a pleasure for both beginners and professionals like engineers, geologists, archaeologists, scientists and many more.

A very sophisticated multi-channel data logger function of the DEEPMAX Z2 metal detector will take simultaneously different channels of data when passing the ground with several tracks and stores the information into memory

After recording field data, the scientific Surfer Software easily and accurately transforms the stored data into color, contour, surface, image or vector maps on a computer in minutes.

An additional Lorenz Scripter Software will therefore automatically generate twelve maps with each field. Six are two-dimensional and six three-dimensional. The operator can therefore choose between different gridding and mapping methods. The LORENZ. The users will investigate mainly for waste disposal, meteorites, or lost aircrafts. No non- sense functions will confuse the operator. Six different maps will be generated simultaneously when covering the ground with multiple tracks. Each scan/ map is different depending on the electronic analysis method and therefore will not only give different sensitivity ranges but can be the key to the probable kind of metal buried in the ground.


Search Coils

Different search coils can be connected to the Lorenz Deep Max Z2 for special search and location purposes. In general, small search coils offer great detection depths on small metal objects while large search coils offer the highest possible detection depths on big objects. The possible detection depths also depend on the setting of the detector, the kind of metal and the shape of the metal object and slightly on the type of ground below the search coil

The following search coil are included in the package:

  • 1 m x 1 m frame coil with cable mounted on tubes
  • 35cm search coil


A variety of search coils are available for different detection purposes (purchased separately) can be mounted to the device including:

  • 26 cm search coil
  • 26cm double D search coil
  • 26cm differential search coil
  • 35cm double D search coil
  • 44cm search coil
  • universal cable coil 4 m perimeter
  • universal cable coil 8 m perimeter
  • 0,67 m x 0,67 m (3 windings) universal cable coil 8 m perimeter
  • 1 m x 1 m (2 windings) universal cable coil 8 m perimeter
  • 2m x 2m (1 winding) universal cable coil 8 m perimeter
  • 1m x 2m compensated coil (two separate windings) universal cable coil 8 m perimeter
  • universal cable coil 12 meters perimeter 1,5m x 1,5m (two windings) or 3m x 3m (one winding)
  • 1m x 1m double frame coil kit


Features List

  • Highly sensitive to all kinds of metal types
  • Stable operation on mineralized ground or salt water
  • Reliable / simple operation with few controls and customized LCD display
  • Exact pinpointing with large coils
  • Very easy and effective detection of large areas
  • Small unwanted metal objects can either be identified or eliminated
  • Fast audio response speed with different settings
  • Logarithmic audio response and intensity bar
  • graph reading for easy pinpointing
  • Battery check with audio alarm tone
  • Improved ferrous/ non-ferrous identification
  • Stable static response (acoustical and visual)
  • Waterproof search coils

Additional information



Made In

Operating Principle


Package Contents

Lorenz Deep Max Z2 Standard Package

  • Control box
  • Adjustable shoulder and belt strap
  • Fast charger with wide range 100-240 VAC input
  • 1m x 1m frame coil with carrying straps
  • Carrying bag for 1m x 1m frame coil
  • 35cm DD- coil
  • Three rods telescopic S pole
  • Stereo headphones with adapter cable
  • Instruction manual in English

Optional Data-Logger Kit Includes:

  • Surfer scientific mapping software (single user license)
  • Lorenz Scripter software latest version
  • Z2 USB data transfer cable
  • Z2 Battery + GPS Module (Power Bank)



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  1. Jorden Frost

    got best results with frame coils

  2. Khalil

    هذه السعر واصل من الجمارك في اسراءيل 7500 دولار

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