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Pulse Nova Pulse Nova Pulse Induction Metal Detector 2021
Pulse Nova
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Pulse Nova

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Pulse Nova metal detector is a new product from OKM, Germany in 2021 , uses new enhanced pulse induction (PI) technology for great performance and depths up to 3 meter




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Pulse Nova

Pulse Nova metal detector is a new product from OKM, Germany released in 2021.

Pulse Nova uses new enhanced pulse induction (PI) technology , famous for better performance

and more depth reach underground up to 3 meters , with more reliable results in comparison with

VLF metal detectors.

OKM Pulse Nova is a perfect choice for amateur and beginner prospectors as it is easy to handle

and use metal detector with minimum controls but with professional-level performance in all terrain.


Pulse Nova Features

Multi-Purpose Metal Detector

Pulse Nova is a multi-purpose device fit all needs of prospectors

and can be used in different applications including:

  • Coin shooting of ancient coins made of gold or silver or other metals
  • Natural gold prospecting including detection of gold nuggets and gold veins
  • Treasure detection of artifacts and ancient buried metallic objects.
  • Jewelry detection such as rings, golden collars, earrings and so on.

Detection Technology

Pulse Nova works using a pulse induction technology with a search coils with one coil

for sending and receiving magnetic field signals.

Pulse Nova metal detector use a time-controlled oscillator principle, here it use an alternating current

for generation of magnetic field inside the coil, the generated field transmits into the ground generating

an eddy current that react with any buried metallic object changing its electrical conductivity properties,

the change lead to creation of reflected magnetic field which detected by coil as an anomaly, the received field

interact with coil and converted into a digital signal that converted into acoustic signal and audio output via device speakers.

Pinpoint Mode

The device includes a special pinpointing mode using a slow sweeping of search coil

above possible target , the accurate exact position of this target can be determined

by sweep of coil from different direction over detection area and hear the audio signals

if it reached to an intense level that mean the target is very close to search coil.

Search Coils for Different Targets

Pulse Nova comes with one search coil: delta search coil (38 cm diameter) and prospector

can buy optionally other search coils including Omega coil (38 cm diameter),

small 18 cm coil or frame coil with 4 pipes with 1 m length for each pipe.

pulse nova delta coils

pulse nova frame coil

pulse nova omega coils

Each search coil can be used for specific purpose depending on size of buried targets:

  • Small 18 cm coil: best to find small size objects such as single coin or small relics at small depths.
  • Delta or Omega coils: suitable to detect larger metal objects such jar of coins at greater depth
  • Frame Coil: best for detecting of very large objects at more depths, for example golden chest or big-size coffin



See following table for reference:

Search Coils Delta18 and Omega18 Search Coils Delta38 and Omega38 Frame Coil Xi104
Gold nugget ⌀ 5 mm 18 cm 17 cm Ignored
Gold coin ⌀ 20 mm 23 cm 25 cm Ignored
Gold ring ⌀ 22 mm 17 cm 34 cm Ignored
Silver coin ⌀ 24 mm 26 cm 35 cm Ignored
Silber coin ⌀ 40 mm 24 cm 43 cm Ignored
1 EUR coin 31 cm 44 cm Ignored
Beverage can 0,5 l 65 cm 110 cm 155 cm
Gas can 20 l 115 cm 180 cm 255 cm
Steel barrel DIN EN 210 115 cm 180 cm 310 cm

Simple Controls

Pulse Nova metal detector can be adjusted very easily with minimum controls, as the device

control panel contains just two rotary knobs , one for setting the sensitivity value and the other

one for audio volume adjusting ,

The device has no display screen, here in Pulse Nova the concentration was on acoustic

feedback via audio output across built-in speaker or user use Bluetooth headphones

to hear audio tones related to detected objects

Waterproof Search Coils

The search coils of Pulse Nova are waterproof and therefore can be used to search for lost metal targets

near the shores of the seas or rivers in shallow water (example gold prospecting in rivers).

Telescopic Rod for Convenient Use

Pulse Nova PI detector is supplied with a telescopic rod, It has an adjustable armrest so that the device lies

comfortably and balanced in user’s hand, it is possible to adjust the length of the linkage.

In just a few simple steps, a control unit and a flashlight can be attached to the telescopic rod at the top.

At the lower end, the desired search coil is attached.


Additional information



Made In

Operating Principle


Package Contents

  • Control Unit with Carrying Strap
  • Telescopic Rod
  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  • LED Flashlight
  • Charger
  • Travel Adapter
  • Search Coil 38 cm
  • OPTIONAL Search Coil 18 cm
  • OPTIONAL Frame Coil with Shipping Tube
  • Quick Start Guide


Control Unit

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 115 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 0.64 kg
  • Input Voltage (max): 4.8 – 20 V DC, 3.16 A, 20 W
  • Safety Class: IP40
  • Operating Time (fully charged, 25° C): approx. 8 hours
  • Charging Time @ 19 V: approx. 3 hours
  • Feedback: acoustic
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 40°C
  • Storage Temperature: –20°C – 70°C
  • Waterproof: No


Telescopic Rod

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 630 – 1023 x 115 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 0.90 kg


Search Coil 38 cm

  • Diameter: Ø 375 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Cable Length: approx. 1.50 m
  • Weight: approx. 0.80 kg
  • Technology: Bifilar Mono Coil, High Voltage Pulse Induction
  • Waterproof: Yes


Search Coil 18 cm

  • Diameter: Ø 175 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Cable Length: approx. 1.50 m
  • Weight: approx. 0.4 kg
  • Technology: Bifilar Mono Coil, High Voltage Pulse Induction
  • Waterproof: Yes


Frame Coil Xi104

  • Dimensions, disassembled (D x L): Ø 130 x 1120 mm
  • Weight (with shipping tube): approx. 3.26 kg
  • Dimensions, assembled (L x W x H): 1040 x 1040 x 60 mm
  • Weight (without shipping tube): approx. 2.35 kg
  • Technology: Mono Coil, High Voltage Pulse Induction
  • Waterproof: No

The technical data are average values. Minor deviations are possible during operation.


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  1. Onor Mankal

    Simple easy to use metal detector , i have tested it and gave me best results.

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