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Simplex Ultra

450 $

Simplex Ultra is a simple easy to use metal detector for coin shooting ,relic hunting and gold prospecting at best price ever





2 Meter

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Operating Principle



2 Years

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Simplex Ultra

Simplex Ultra metal detector is a new entry in new Simplex New Generation device series, which renowned worldwide,

has undergone an upgrade with a lighter weight and enhanced features!

The product line includes three different models at varying price points, catering to both beginners and those seeking a powerful

yet cost-effective detector.

simplex ultra

Simplex Ultra is the most powerful entry in the series with a fresh look, improved technical performance,

and is now full waterproof up to a depth of 5 meters (16 feet), all while being impressively lightweight at only 1.2kg (2.6lbs).

Simplex Ultra remains the unbeatable leader in providing high-quality metal detecting technology that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Whether you want a reliable metal detector device for coin shooting or relic hunting or gold prospecting and at best affordable price ever,

then get Simplex Ultra and start your detection adventure.


Simplex Ultra Features

Search Technology

Simplex Ultra utilize VLF (Very Low Frequency) technology at a frequency of 15 kHz,

it incorporates enhanced performance and innovative features to deliver optimal and precise outcomes.

Detection Modes

Simplex Ultra includes pre-defined built-in detection modes with specific parameters and settings

for various detection purposes and applications.

The device offers six detection modes, and users can easily select the appropriate search mode

from the detection modes section displayed on the device screen.

Simplex Ultra has following detection modes:

  1. All Metal Mode
  2. Field Mode
  3. Park Mode
  4. Beach Mode
  5. 4 TONE Mode
  6. 99 TONE Mode
All Metal Mode

The default search mode is a general setting that can detect all types of metal, including ferrous

and non-ferrous metals, without discrimination, with the same tone assigned to all metals.

Field Mode

As the name implies, the Field Detection mode is specifically designed to identify various metals

in fields that may contain metal objects, such as ancient battlefields, where artifacts like coins, swords,

daggers, and other relics may be found.

Park Mode

As the name suggests, this mode is particularly suitable for searching for small metal objects like rings,

coins, and jewelry in public parks and other similar areas.

Its settings optimized to detect smaller targets with greater precision, making it an ideal mode for

enthusiasts who enjoy searching for small treasures in outdoor spaces.

Beach Mode

The Beach mode is specifically designed with optimal settings for metal detecting on beaches,

including those by the sea or ocean, riverbanks, and lakeshores, whether on dry or wet sand soils.

This mode is ideal for detecting objects that may have been lost or washed up on the beach, such as jewelry,

coins, and other small items.

The Beach mode is highly recommended for those who enjoy metal detecting in coastal areas and other bodies of water.

4 TONE Mode

In this mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-14 IDs, a medium tone for gold

and non-ferrous metals with IDs 15-70, a medium-high tone for metals with 71-80 IDs, and a high tone

for non-ferrous metals with IDs 81-99.

99 TONE Mode

This Multi-tone discrimination mode designed for coin hunting in various mineralization.

In this mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-14 IDs.

For targets with IDs greater than 14, the device will produce a different tone for each ID.

The tone will be higher in pitch as the conductivity of the metal increases and vice versa.

Target ID

Displayed on the device screen, the Target ID is a unique number that relate to the signal generated

by the detected metal and is dependent on the type of metal object present as the user sweep coil over the ground.

The Target ID provides valuable information to the prospector, giving them an indication of the type of metal detected,

whether it be a gold coin or a silver relic, for instance. The Target ID number ranges from 00 to 99.

In addition, the Simplex Ultra comes equipped with a Notch Discrimination feature, which allows users to filter out

Target IDs for unwanted metals like iron, providing a more accurate and efficient search experience.

Ground Balance

For beginners, one of the most useful features of the Simplex Ultra is its automatic ground balance.

This allows users to simply pick up the device and begin searching without needing to adjust the ground balance settings manually.

Frequency Shift

The frequency shift feature offers a best way to get rid of EMI (Electro Magnetic Interferences) easily by shifting the frequency in small increments.


SIMPLEX ULTRA will vibrate upon detection of any metallic target; it is Ideal for the hearing-impaired users

as well as for detection underwater also.

Waterproof Design

The device has been designed to meet the IP68 standard, making it waterproof and submersible up to a depth of 5 meters (16.4 feet) underwater,

while also being protected from dust ingress.

This feature is particularly useful for those looking to search for metals in wet environments, such as beaches or riverbanks.

With its waterproof capabilities, users can confidently and comfortably search for treasures in shallow water without

worrying about damaging the device.

Built-in Wireless Module

Compatible with 2.4 GHz Nokta Makro Green Edition Wireless Headphones.

Retractable Shaft

Shaft retracts down to 63 cm (great for easy transport. storage as well as diving!)

Online Firmware Updates

Stay up-to-date with firmware updates (via USB on PC) and get the most out of your detector.

Fabulous Lighting

The user can use the device at night and underwater use, as it has it all – LCD backlight. keypad backlight and LED flashlight.

Built-in Li-Po Battery

Easily charge it with the supplied charger or a USB power bank.

Easy Operation

simplex ultra screen


SIMPLEX ULTRA is a user-friendly detector designed for easy operation with its turn-on and go feature.

Its intuitive, single menu design makes it simple to use, even for beginners. The device’s menu is easy to navigate,

with all of the settings and features accessible from a single menu, eliminating the need for complex adjustments or confusing menus.

This makes the SIMPLEX an ideal choice for those who want a detector that is easy to use and operate right out of the box.


Additional information




2 Meter

Made In


Operating Principle



2 Years

Package Contents

1 – System Box
2 – Waterproof DD Search Coil 28cm / 11″ (SP28) & Cover
3 – USB Charging & Data Cable
4 – 6.3mm (1/4″) Headphone Adapter
5 – Charging Adapter
6 – Nokta Makro Cap – SIMPLEX Ultra WHP Only
7 – 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones Green Edition – SIMPLEX Ultra WHP Only
8 – User Manual & Warranty Certificate


Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency 15 kHz
Search Modes 6 (All Metal / Field / Park /Beach / 4 TONE/ 99 TONE)
Audio Tones 3
Notch Filter Yes
Pinpoint Yes
Vibration Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Sensitivity Setting 6 Levels
Target ID 00-99
Search Coil Waterproof DD Search Coil – 28cm / 11″ (SP28)
Display Graphic LCD
Backlight Yes
Keypad Backlight Yes
LED Flashlight Yes
Weight 1.3 kg (2.9lbs.) including the search coil
Length 63 cm – 132 cm (25″ – 52″) adjustable
Battery 2300mAh Lithium Polymer
Warranty 2 Years




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