Gold Detectors Australia

Gold Detectors Australia

Gold Detectors Australia

Gold detectors Australia available from different brands and with different technologies

through a large number of specialized companies

Australia is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands.

It is the largest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest country by total area.

The population of Australia is about 25 million, highly urbanized and heavily concentrated on the eastern seaboard.

Australia’s capital is Canberra, and its largest city is Sydney. The country’s other major metropolitan areas

are Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Australia consists of six states (New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, South Australia,

Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia)

Source: Wikipedia

Gold in Australia

Australia is characterized by the abundance of mineral wealth, especially gold, where there is gold ore

in different parts of the country within vast areas and invests from several mines.

Australia is ranked third in the world among gold producing nations. Mining about 300 tons annually,

with massive known reserves the future of gold in this vast country is assured.
follow following article for more details.

Source: http://www.gold-net.com.au/maps1.html

Gold Detectors Australia

Gold detectors in Australia available from different brands and with different technologies

through a large number of specialized companies, distributors and resellers in all big cities.

Most gold detectors sold in Australia is working using electromagnetic technology like Very Low Frequency (VLF)

metal detectors, or pulse induction detectors.

There are many brands of electromagnetic metal detectors from different companies such as

Impact Pro from Nokta-Makro, Fisher F44 from Fisher Lab and Garrett ACE APEX from Garrett.

But most recognized brand in Australia is Minelab, the Australian company famous for its high-quality

and high-performance gold detectors for natural gold prospecting.

Which is famous for its various devices for gold ore detection that offer best sensitivity

and great performance, it is sold in all countries worldwide.

Minelab Gold Detectors

Minelab gold detectors are best metal detectors devices trusted by millions of professional prospectors

around the world  to find natural gold nuggets and all types of metal minerals in general.

About Minelab

The Australian company Minelab is the largest manufacturer of metal detectors and gold detectors

in the world, and it is based in Adelaide, Australia.

The company is characterized by the diversity of its products and equipment that are suitable

for a variety of prospectors, from beginners and amateurs to professional prospectors.

The company is especially distinguished by its natural gold detectors such as the GPZ 7000

and the GPX 5000, the most widely sold devices in the world for gold detection that are trusted by experts.

Minelab is the major world manufacturer of metal detectors over the past 30 years, it has introduced more

innovative and practical technology than any of other competitors’ companies and always provide

a best new gold detector with new technologies.

Minelab Gold Detectors for Sale

Minelab gold detectors for sale available in most countries of the world through a large number of distributors,

resellers and local companies in various continents of the world.

Orient Technology Group is proud to be a reseller of Minelab gold detectors products,

because we believe in the quality and great performance of its metal detectors,

which provide customer a most trusted products for gold detection and metal detection.

Our customers can easily order any device and ensure they will get a genuine original device

from Minelab with expected high-quality and performance to find and detect gold.

In following paragraphs, we give an overview about some of Minelab gold detectors.

Minelab GPZ 7000

Minelab GPZ 7000 gold detector is classified as a best gold detector ever for gold nuggets detection,

its great performance marked it as first gold detector for natural gold in the world.

This is due to the strength of the device and its efficiency in detecting and capturing smaller grains

of gold ores and at greater depths than any other competitor

GPZ 7000 includes a completely new technology (ZVT) that gives greater sensitivity and

depth to the gold prospector to find gold granules that no other device can find.

GPZ 7000

Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000 is a best introductory gold detector for beginner prospector and amateur gold seekers,

as it is simple easy to use gold detector device which combines super performance at a great price in one compact package.

Gold Monster 1000 classified as the easiest gold detector to use, because of its simplicity and unique

features like gold chance indicator and automatic ground balance plus minimum controls need.

Gold Monster 1000 includes enhanced ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination and works effectively

in any type of soils like salty soils or rocky soils better than any rival higher frequency metal detector,

making it the most suitable device to maximize gold nuggets detection recovery.

Gold Monster 1000

Minelab Equinox 800

Minelab Equinox 800 gold detector is the latest promising metal detector in Minelab gold detectors

with its unique and new Multi-IQ technology which enable the gold detector device to use multiple

search frequencies at the same time, so it provides most accurate result.

Equinox with its special multi-frequency technology is adaptable for all metal and gold types

and ground conditions, including rocky lands, beaches, parks and so on.

Equinox provides an easy-to-understand gold detector via its simple menu design

and predefined search modes, plus easy settings adjustment.

Equinox Metal Detector

Gold Detectors for Sale NSW

New South Wales (abbreviated as NSW) is a state on the east coast of Australia.

It borders Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and South Australia to the west.

Its coast borders the Coral and Tasman Seas to the east. The Australian Capital Territory

is an enclave within the state. New South Wales’ state capital is Sydney, which is also

Australia’s most populous city. In June 2020, the population of New South Wales was over 8.1 million,

making it Australia’s most populous state.

Source: New South Wales (Wikipedia)

Many companies and local distributors in NSW provide gold detectors for sale

and most of the devices from Minelab, which are dedicated to detecting natural gold.

Prospectors can search for local companies in their area to buy the suitable gold detectors

for them according to required features and suitable price.

Gold Detectors for Sale Victoria

Victoria is a state in southeast Australia. It encompasses mountains, national parks,

wineries and surfing beaches, Melbourne city is the state capital.

Gold detectors for sale in Victoria available from different companies

and prospector can search the web to find nearest shop near his town or city.

Second Hand Minelab Gold Detectors for Sale

For new prospectors, hobbyists and prospectors who do not have much money to spend

on buying a good gold detector, they can buy second hand gold detectors.

The devices used by former prospectors are sold by their owners to recover an amount of

money they need, or in order to save money to buy a newer device.

When buying a used device through a company, always make sure that the device

is working and suitable for your need before purchasing and do a search on the Internet

to find out the appropriate prices for used gold detectors

Second hand Minelab gold detectors for sale may be found from multiple sources ,

it is better to search online for best deals in your area.


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