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Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Pinpointer Metal Detectors 

Metal detectors pinpointer is small size hand-held metal detector with limited detection range

used usually after locating the position of possible metal target underground by traditional metal detector .

So, the main task of the pinpointer device is to discover the metal target more closely,

i.e. to locate its location more accurately, as the initial detection by the metal detector gives an estimate of

the location of the buried metal target

but most devices do not give accurate information about the depth of

the target and therefore it is important to use the pinpointer during the digging process and removing the

dirt from the hole because it is possible for the metal target to be very small, for example a small coin,

and it is possible by mistake to remove the target with dirt without seeing it, so the use of the pinpointer

is important to discover such targets.

metal detectors pinpointer main benefit for prospector is to allow him to locate buried items more accurately

by narrowing down the search area to a limited scan range that not exceed more than 50 – 70 cm in most pinpointer devices .

The use of the pinpointer is not an additional process that is useless or entails additional costs that the prospector does not wish to spend.

It is a very important tool for any professional prospector and serious treasure hunter because it saves him time,

effort and money during the search for targets and treasures, and therefore it is advised to buy a Pinpoint device

when a prospector purchase his metal detector and most pinpoint devices are cheap and it is possible to get a good

device at a price that does not exceed 200 dollars or less


Pinpointers For Metal Detectors

Most of the manufacturers of metal detectors, such as Minelab, Garrett, or Nokta-Makro, offer Pinpointer devices

as an additional purchase option with their conventional metal detectors that work according to electromagnetic technology.

Sometimes these companies or their distributors offer these devices as an attached gift in the case of buying certain

devices or at a reduced price within seasonal offers, and it is possible to obtain similar offers from online selling

companies and electronic stores that offer the option to buy metal detectors such as Amazon or eBay.


Metal Detectors With Pinpointer

Some metal detectors also provide the ability to accurately locate the target without the need for an external device

, as this feature is present within the metal detector as a specific option, for example, a specific detection mode

or a feature that is activated via a special button.

In this case, the detection tool, whether the search or probe Shiites, performs the function of the pin point

to give a more accurate estimate of the target’s location buried underground.

Examples : IMPACT PRO  – INVENIO PRO – Simplex – Equinox – Garrett ACE APEX


Impact Pro 

Impact Pro metal detector from the Turkish company Nokta-Makro is a best multi-purpose

VLF metal detector for coin shooting, relic hunting and gold prospecting.

Impact Pro has a lot of useful features for prospectors including multi-frequency technology ,

12 search modes , ground balance options ,notch filter , iMask , tone break and other features

that make the device professional device for all treasure hunter’s needs.


Impact Pro has the Pinpointer function via the pinpoint mode which is a non-motion mode as

the device continues to give a signal when the search coil is kept stationary over the target,

and in this case the ground balance should be performed properly in order to ensure precise pinpointing.

In the pinpoint mode, the signal tone increases in pitch and volume as the search coil approaches

the target. In this mode, the device does not discriminate or give target IDs. If the device is in

the vibration mode, the speed of vibration will increase as you get closer to the center of target.



Garrett Ace Apex is a new innovative metal detector with new Garrett’s Multi-Flex technology

a multi-frequency feature with best performance and sensitivity for detection of all metal targets

including small gold nuggets , coins , small relics and even large sized objects.

Garrett ACE APEX has a pinpoint functionality via pinpoint button available in device’s control panel

under the screen , the user must press and hold the button with sweeping of search coil over

search area to perform pinpointing during detection .



Equinox is a powerful multi-purpose metal detector from Minelab with new innovative Multi-IQ

technology and a lot of features making him a best companion for any prospector or treasure hunter.

By combining a good pinpointing technique with the EQUINOX Pinpoint function, user will be able to

accurately locate a buried target within an area before he dig.

Equinox  pinpointing functionality available also via special detect / pinpoint button in control panel

under the screen , here also the user must sweep the coil over potential target location

for accurate pinpointing and coil must be parallel with ground.


Pinpointer Metal Detectors Reviews

To get the best Metal detectors pinpointer device suitable for the prospector, those interested can read metal detectors

Pinpointer reviews of these devices on online stores such as Amazon or any online store specializing

in metal detectors, where the opinions and reviews of buyers and former users of the Pinpointer

device you want to buy can be read and we prefer to refer to specialized sites for professional

reviews by professional prospectors, not amateur users.


Metal Detecting Best Pinpointer

There are many pinpoint devices available in the market from manufacturers of metal detectors,

and determining the metal detecting best Pinpointer device for metal detectors requires the

availability of certain features in the device and its suitability for the purpose of its use.

In the following paragraphs, we give a brief overview of three different pinpointer devices

from three different companies, with an explanation of the key features of each device.


Best Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Garrett Pro Pointer II

Garrett Pro Pointer II is a popular pin pointer metal detector from Garrett with small size

and reliable functionality and many useful features that make it best bundle with your metal detector.

garrett pro pointer

Key Features :

  • Lost Pinpointer alarm
  • Auto-off feature
  • Automatic tuning
  • Faster retuning capability
  • Weatherproof, splash proof. (IP 66)
  • LED light
  • 9 volt battery and woven web belt holster included

Nokta Pointer

Nokta Pointer is a lightweight Pinpointer at great price with all required features for accurate

pinpointing and make best companion with Nokta-Makro metal detectors such as Anfibio or Simplex. 

nokta pointer

Key Features :

  • Sensitivity control
  • Waterproof (IP 67)
  • 360° detection tip
  • 4 Audio alert and vibration options
  • Replaceable hard-shell case
  • LED light
  • Works using 9V alkaline battery


Minelab Pro Find 35

Minelab PRO-FIND 35 handheld metal detecting Pinpointer is a professional-level Pinpointer

device with great features  for serious treasure hunters and gold prospectors.

Key Features :

  • Can distinguish ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals 
  • Five sensitivity levels to precisely adjust for maximum depth and minimum noise
  • Waterproof and fully submersible up to 3 meter underwater
  • Built-in shielding so it won’t interfere with any near metal detector 
  • Built-in vibration for silent searching 
  • Bright LED for searching in low light situations 

Pinpointer Metal Detectors Australia

There are thousands of amateurs and professionals individuals interested in detecting metals,

coins , relics , jewelry and natural gold in Australia.

Natural gold is available in Australia in abundance in many areas in sandy or dry desert soils,

and therefore, ore gold detectors are widespread among prospectors.

Minelab is also an Australian company based in Adelaide that produces many metal detectors

and natural gold detectors such as GPX 5000, Gold Monster 1000, GPZ 7000 and Vanquish ..

The company also produces a variety of pinpointer devices suitable for serious prospectors,

providing them with the best accompanying tool to obtain better results in detecting gold at shallow depths.


Metal Detector Pinpointer BCF

The BCF website is an Australian website, and the three letters refer to an abbreviation of the words

Boating, Camping, and Fishing, as the website provides an online store for camping and fishing enthusiasts

that provides all the equipment related to these three activities.

Of these equipment, the site provides amateur metal detectors from the Australian company

Minelab and Metal detectors pinpointer devices manufactured by the company such as Pro Find series.


Metal Detecting Pinpointers For Sale 

Interested prospectors can purchase a variety of Pointer devices from different brands

at varying prices from several sources.

For example, you can buy from electronic stores specializing in the sale of metal detectors,

and these stores provide seasonal offers that include the best prices or packages

of devices that include pinpointers as a gift.

Metal detecting pinpointers for sale also available through online sales sites such as

Amazon, eBay, or other general sales sites.

You can also visit any store specializing in selling gold detectors nearby in your country

to inspect the various pinpoint devices and buy the right device for you in terms of functionality and price.


The best metal detecting pinpointer?

We can recommend the Pulse Dive device, which is the best Pin Pointer device ever,

due to its professional features that go beyond the rest of the devices.

Where the device works as a device between a regular pinpointer and as a metal detector

under water, as it can be used up to 60 meters underwater.

The device also has a larger detection range that can reach 60-80 cm or more

thanks to the large search coil that can be installed on it.

You can learn more here : Pulse Dive


What is a metal detecting pinpointer?

It is a small-sized hand-held device to detect nearby metal objects within a near

and limited field and is used during the digging process to locate the target

more precisely after determining its initial location by a metal detector.


How to use a pinpointer metal detector ?

Just press the on button on the device and move the device with your hand near the digging site

until you hear the alarm sound of the device that tells you that there is a metal target very close.


How does a metal detector pinpointer work ?

The pinpoint device is based on the same principle as the electromagnetic metal detector

according to the very low frequency VLF technology, as the device generates

an electromagnetic field with a limited scope  and this field intersects with a metal target

like a coin, this interference generates a reflected magnetic field that turns into electromagnetic

signals that transform within the electronic circuit of the device into an audio signal through an internal speaker .


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