Best Gold Detectors 2024 For Sale, Get Treasures, Water and Metal Detectors At Best Price


Best Gold detector for treasure hunting

Best Gold detector for Treasure Hunting 2022

Best Gold detector for treasure hunting 2022

In the simplest of terms, there’s no easy answer to that question. Due to so many varied types of metal detecting there are many “best detectors” suited for each style. So, we’ve created this buying guide to thoroughly answer your questions as in-depthly as possible.

Please take note of the areas of criteria you should consider when researching to buy a metal detector. We have illustrated the main aspects to consider, that will help you decide which detector to buy for your detecting preference.

Terminology & Definitions

Have you ever come across those strange looking words that only metal detectorists seem to understand? Metal detecting is filled with unique words that each have their own meaning that newcomers may find difficult to understand. So with that said, we have decided to define the most important words for you below:

Ferrous: Metals that contain iron.

Non-Ferrous: Non-Magnetic metals such as, gold, silver, brass, nickel, lead and tin.

FrequencyDifferent types of metal detectors use different types of frequencies. Frequencies are measured in Kilohertz and range in value for various types of detecting styles. Essentially they measure the number of magnetic fields sent out to the ground. Various metals are made discoverable by reacting to various frequencies. The conductivity and characteristics of each metal react in different ways.

Mineralization: The measurement of how much iron and salt is in the ground. Iron is evident in black sand on beaches and the redness you see in dirt. Salt can be found in the sand on saltwater beaches.

Interference: Electromagnetic fields can interfere with your detecting. These fields usually come from cell phones, power lines or other electronics.

Control Box: The unit on the metal detector that contains the controls/menu, options, presets, volume, speaker, batteries and processor.

Search Coil: This attaches to the bottom of the metal detector that scans the ground below for metal. You can use different search coils, each with their own size and shape to change the performance. It is most common for smaller coils to be much more sensitive in comparison to larger coils that can penetrate the ground more deeply.

Discrimination: This is a setting on your metal detector that allow you to filter out unwanted types of metals of objects by adjusting to your preference.

Ground Balance: This is an adjustment made to the metal detector to allow you to detect in various types of soil and mineralizaton.

Target Separation: This function relates to how well a metal detector can determine how close targets are to each other,  

Evaluation Criteria

You now know (or at least have a fair understanding!) of the terminologies, but what do these mean in practice? How is this going to help you decide which out of all those metal detectors is the best one for you? There isn’t one single metal detector out there that beats all others, although there are some that stand out. But again, how do you know which of these is best fit for your purpose?

It all comes down to evaluating your options which have quite conveniently been already categorized. By doing this you can make a judgement based on predefined criteria. This buyer’s guide examines the specific features that make for a good detector within those categories. You will find that some categories share criteria and include metal detectors with similar specifications. This can get confusing especially for a newcomer, therefore suggestions/recommendations have been included to help guide you.

We will be looking at factors such as:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Price point
  • Customer ratings and reviews
  • Warranty Length
  • Weatherproofing
  • Waterproofing

 Every category we evaluate, we will recommend the best metal detector for these three areas:

  • Best of the best
  • Best for Value
  • Best for Beginners

 It is one thing reading about this type of information and another being able to associate or apply it ‘in real’. To supplement our expertise and in-depth analysis of your options we asked customers to share their own experiences and reviews. By filling in surveys they gave us insight and helped us gather evidence on what they considered the best metal detector is in each category. Their responses have been included at the end of each category.

As mentioned above different categories have unique criteria but similarities are also evident. Results show clear-cut favorites for some of these whilst others have less defined winners. For a more objective evaluation we have combined all these opinions as well as the data, providing you with yet another way to judge what your personal favorite is.

Whether you are a fresh starter or an experienced professional this guide will assist you make an all-encompassed decision which metal detector will be yours next. In all honesty once you start you can’t stop. You will learn something new every time you refer to this guide and there really is no such thing as owning just one detector.

How To Pick the Best Metal Detectors

There are hundreds of metal detectors on the market, so selecting the favorites wasn’t easy. Several professionals of the metal detector world have experience using these devices, but a lot of research was required to fully understand the technology, and ensure we had the latest information.

Versatility: Sometimes people are looking for a specific type of device. A metal detector for gold, or a deep metal detector, for example. However many buyers, particularly beginners, want a metal detector for the beach or back yard that can identify a variety of different “treasures.” A big part of the pleasure is the suspense of not knowing exactly what you will dig up. With that in mind we tried to ensure each of our best metal detectors could find as wide a variety of items as possible.

Ease of Use: Metal detectors use features like “sensitivity,” and “discrimination” to fine tune search parameters. Different frequencies might be used, or pre-set modes. We look at these in more detail in the “Things to Consider” section below. While each of these features can allow the metal detector to focus on particular types of treasure, it’s important that the basics are straightforward so that people can get started as quickly as possible. We have tried to choose metal detectors that have a high degree of intuitive control, so users can learn while they hunt. Spot birds and other fascinating wildlife with the best binoculars.

Brand and Price: We are always looking to find the best possible value, but choosing a metal detector based on cost alone can be problematic. We prefer to select well-known brands with a proven track record, and plenty of feedback from satisfied users. Real value for money comes from metal detectors that live up to the claims made for them, and that display long-term reliability.

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