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Gold Nuggets Metal Detectors for Underwater Gold Nugget Hunting

Gold Nuggets Underwater Hunting

Gold Nuggets Hunting

Gold Nuggets Hunting for Underwater The design of metal detectors has really improved in recent years, and now it seems that many of the newer gold detectors are either waterproof or water resistant.Gold Nuggets

For true underwater detecting, you need to make sure that the detector is truly waterproof, and is capable of being used at least a few feet of depth for a sustained period. This will allow you to explore most of the creeks and rivers out there. Even if you aren’t fully submerged, you can use these detectors safely knowing that an accidental slip into the water isn’t going to ruin their electronics. If you are metal detecting for gold nuggets underwater, these are currently the three best gold nuggets detectors suited for the task.

Garrett ATX

The Garrett ATX is one of the metal detectors that can be used for all terrain conditions, and works beautifully in a desert wash just as well as it does underwater. For underwater use, the Garrett ATX can be submerged to 10 feet to search for potential target underwater, making it perfectly suited for nugget detecting in gold bearing rivers.

With the Garrett ATX, there are three ways to operate underwater, the first being the discrimination method. With the Garrett ATX, the level can be set to 3-7 and most of the responses will be eliminated in salt water conditions. Of course for gold nuggets hunting you will be in fresh water conditions most of the time so there will be less issues with faulty signals relating to salt conditions that you would find at the beach.

Discrimination is generally not recommended for nugget hunting in normal conditions, but since recovering metal targets underwater is considerably more difficult than it is on dry land, this may be the easiest option even if it means that some gold nuggets are missed.

Ground balance is not necessary in discrimination mode, however, this method may have the disadvantage of reducing detection for low conductivity items.

The second method is the Ground Balance Method. This method can greatly help in increasing the amount of detection for low conductive items, without any need of increasing the discrimination level. Ground balance is one of the most important skills required for metal detecting and therefore to obtain the optimum stability, the Ground balance must be balanced when there are any changes in the ground conditions. Using the detector in all-metal mode, this will be the most sensitive way to operate the Garrett ATX. However, ground balancing can be challenging if you are fully submerged underwater. If you are just wading it is probably the best way to go.

The third method is the Default Ground Balance Method. This method has its advantages and its disadvantages. The advantage is that, this method provides the highest amount of detection of low conductive targets. The disadvantage is that, this method can produce high amount of false responses due to changing ground conditions.

Just like on dry land, the coils should be swung smoothly and at a constant height. Allowing smooth transitions between ground conditions, will allow the detector to set itself at an optimum level for all the varying grounds.

Garrett AT Gold

The Garrett AT Gold is another all-terrain detector that can be submerged to up to 10 feet of water. It has a Digital Target ID, which allows for precise detection of the target. The number can go from 1 (highly ferrous metals) to 99 (metals like silver and gold). AT Gold also has the Adjustable Ground Balance Window Program, which allows the detector to have the proper ground balance, according to different ground compositions. With Adjustable Ground Blance Window, the detector ground balances properly and smooths out the ground signals, thereby allowing the user to hear the deeply buried targets.

The AT Gold is a very-low frequency (VLF) detector. This is a completely different technology which has advantages and disadvantages. The VLF detectors do not detect targets as deeply, and are a bit noisier to operate. However, the advantage of a VLF detector is its discrimination, which is quite accurate at determining ferrous and nonferrous targets. For underwater detecting this is very nice, because you can be more selective with your digging.

The AT Gold has the Iron Discrimination Adjustment, which allows the user to determine the amount of iron to be discriminated out. The adjustment can be set from 1 (no iron discrimination) to 44 (maximum discrimination). Furthermore, AT Gold has an iron audio feature, which can be used in any of its three detecting modes. This feature helps the user to identify undesirable targets like nails or bottle caps.

The AT Gold operates in the frequency of 18kHz, which enables the detector to detect small gold in fresh water along with rings, coins and other nonferrous targets. Furthermore, it has a fast recovery time, allowing the detector to be more efficient.

It is more suitable for fresh water than salt water because its ability to detect small gold comes with the cost of being reactive to saltwater’s conductivity. It will detect too many signals and its ground balance mode is not fit for saltwater. Of course, for the nugget hunter this isn’t really a problem.

When in deep water, make sure the detector is ground balanced for stability. Just like detecting above water, ground balancing the AT Gold is very important.

Adjust the sensitivity of the detector. The sensitivity should be adjusted according to the water’s mineral content. The user must also make sure the coil is swung at constant height to ensure a consistent threshold.

The Garrett AT Gold is a great choice for underwater gold nuggets detecting. It is also the least expensive option out there, plus its accurate discrimination makes it a great choice since rejecting iron targets will is very helpful when detecting in many rivers.

Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000 a simple easy to use gold detector device as it is developed exclusively for natural gold nuggets detection in all terrains. Gold Monster 1000 From Minelab is the easiest gold detector to use, because of its simplicity and unique features such as gold chance indicator and automatic ground balance , also a minimum controls need.

Despite of its simplicity, Gold Monster 1000 is effective device and includes latest advancement in natural gold nuggets detection technology that offers high-end performance and reliable results , The prospector can use the device with minimum settings adjustment and short practice because of its fully automatic operation and special features. also it has simple interface and minimum buttons. so the user of the device can use it easily. Despite of its simplicity , it is high-performance device.

It outperforms all other VLF (very low frequency) gold nuggets detectors, as generally low frequencies are more sensitive to bigger gold nuggets and higher frequencies are more sensitive to smaller gold nuggets, so this device has a combination of optimal sensitivity and frequency. but it is a best device because of its low price.

Work flawlessly in all terrains and conditions, tested in all circumstances in Africa, Australia and worldwide and performed well with awesome results. So this gold detector is a perfect choice because it can be used, in whatsoever terrains and soil types .

The device has simple easy to read and understand visual Gold Chance indicator on screen that displays probability (Low or High) of gold nuggets presence in searched area below the coil. as a result it is breeze for the user to dig in right spots, so it will get best results .

Garrett Gold Master 24K

Garrett Gold Master 24K metal detectors is a new release from the American company Garrett for prospectors of natural gold in particular and for gold nuggets detection in general with the best sensitivity to find the smallest gold nuggets thanks to the high search frequency 48 kHz.

The device includes a set of useful features for the prospector to facilitate the detection and search process, such as ground balancing options, modes, audio modes and tones, iron and hot rocks cancellation features, and other features.

It is a practical device for gold nuggets seekers, available at an economical price suitable for all amateurs and professionals to start their gold detection journey. Gold Master 24K device, as its name indicates, was specifically designed to detect gold with features that ensure the greatest sensitivity to find the smallest natural gold granules in different environments and different types of soil.

The Garrett 24 gold detector works at a frequency of 48 kHz, which provides a balance between high frequency and low frequency, which gives high sensitivity to detect different sizes of gold nuggets at different depths to find more gold nuggets. The unique XGB auto tracking system that change ground balance based on terrain changes allows the GM24k to be used in a wide variety of ground conditions with stable operation and less ground noise.

One of the important features of the device is the feature of canceling or ignoring iron and hot rocks, where the device can ignore or cancel receiving signals from a buried iron target or resulting from hot rocks, which give misleading signals to metal detectors devices, this feature is adjustable also to get best results.

General Advice for Underwater Gold Nuggets Detecting

When metal detecting for gold underwater, you may find that locating a single gold nuggets will lead you to an area that has considerably more fine gold nuggets that a detector cannot hear.

Most commonly, this will happen when a nugget is located in a bedrock crack that is packed with material. You may only be able to hear one target and a nugget is recovered from the crack. don’t just move on without thoroughly cleaning out that crack! If there was one nice nugget in there, it is highly likely that there are others that are down deeper in the crack that can’t be heard. There is also probably quite a bit of pickers and fines. Clean the crack of all its material and pan it out.

When detecting underwater, don’t just about using it to find gold nuggets, but also as a tool to help locate high-grade gold deposits that have not been discovered yet.

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