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Minelab GPZ 7000 Review

Minelab GPZ 7000 Review

Minelab GPZ 7000 Review

Minelab GPZ 7000 is a new step forward in the sub niche of gold prospecting. Searching for gold dust and nuggets is an incredibly hard and complicated type of metal detecting. As a result, making machines for this type of activity is more complicated, as well, so little surprise brands do not release new models often. Moreover, inventing a new groundbreaking technology for this sphere is also not easy, because it has to really make a difference – otherwise, no one is going to be impressed in the metal detecting world.

However, Minelab has always been a brand that takes gold prospecting seriously. It is safe to say that the brand’s initial focus was gold prospecting. Therefore, when they announced a new metal detector, we could expect something outstanding.

Minelab GPZ 7000 definitely offers an outstanding feature – due to its ZVT technology, this machine allows 40% deeper reach than all the previous models by this brand. Almost twice as deep as before already sounds pretty good, but wait, there’s more. The same technology, combined with high quality ground balance and noise cancellation, makes possible spotting smaller nuggets that could be missed out with previous machines.

These two characteristics alone make the GPZ 7000 worthy of attention. In all other terms, we’ll have to be honest and admit that the machine is not packed with amazing features. Finding more gold deeper in the ground should be enough for many prospectors, and in the rest of tech specs, GPZ 7000 is pretty basic and similar to other metal detecting machines for the same activity by other brands.

Search Coil

GPZ 7000 is equipped with Super-D search coil for increased sensitivity and more stable signal transmission. The coil has enhanced design, plus improved protection from moist and mechanical damage. Since the whole metal detector is not waterproof – that is, the control box can only stand wet weather – it is only the coil that is waterproof up to 3 feet (while this makes little sense).The size of the coil is 14×13”, and it is yet not clear whether other compatible coils will be available – at least we know there aren’t any for now.

Design & Usability

While the solid white coil cover looks a bit weird, the rest of the metal detector boasts sleek design. High quality materials promise long and faithful service, and the color scheme is pleasant to the eye.

The machine is somewhat heavy – heavier than many metal detectors in general – so one should expect they need to be ready to use it for long hours. However, the shaft is collapsible and can be suited to the person’s height, plus, the whole thing is well-balanced. Wireless audio system offers more freedom in movement, so we believe that, but for the weight, the user experience should be positive.

Considering that GPZ 7000 was created specifically for gold prospecting, and was designed to manage with specific problems that most prospectors face, it does not include numerous and various search modes – simply because this is not a universal tool. Instead, there are only two search modes, each with three sub modes for finer tuning.

Minelab GPZ 7000 All Features

To better understand the specifications of GPZ 7000 by Minelab, compare it with other machines for prospecting, and maybe make an informed choice about it, Technology and Frequency – Zero Voltage Transmission for enhanced depth and sensitivity of the machine in hot rocks, and complicated grounds in general. This also applies to highly mineralized waters and wet sand.

Search coil is 14×13” Super-D – this search coil with skidplate promises more stability and control in signal transmission and reception. A new enhanced structure means more immunity to physical damage, and also more immunity to unstable signal from mineralized soils.

Wireless audio system plus non waterproof socket 6,3mm – there is always a possibility to use standard wired headphones if needed, but wireless audio is indeed a must have for all metal detectors these days. Wireless system provides more freedom of movement, and less risks of damaging the headphones by catching something with the wire. The headphones in the kit are non-waterproof KOSS, by the way.

Backlit Full Color LCD Display 320×240 pixels – some metal detectorists believe that interpretation should be performed relying on sound signals, but a high quality and informative display is actually an irreplaceable thing. The abundance and accuracy of information provided on display is a huge help for interpretation of the sound signal.

Discrimination offered for GPZ 7000 is All Metal type. While one may not be impressed much, the machine was created for gold search, therefore, it is only natural to expect that all other metals should be ignored.

Ground Balance is Audio / Manual Quick Trak for exceptional sensitivity and clean identification of potential targets. It is not news that gold is mostly located in highly mineralized places with many hot rocks, plus, the environment can change in terms of mineralization pretty often within the same location. So, fast and accurate Ground Balance provides clean search and more comprehensive signal.

20 sensitivity levels. Remember we have discussed enhanced sensitivity? Well, GPZ 7000 has 20 sensitivity levels that can be additionally adjusted, separately from the search mode.

Noise Cancellation is backed by 256 channels, and can be tuned automatically or manually. Such number of channels guarantees to the user that no additional noise will interfere with the signals, be it noise from the soils, or from other metal detectors around.

The Threshold has 50 levels and the Pitch from 1 to 100. The Target Volume is adjustable, and has 20 points for Range and Limit.

The whole thing is powered by the Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, and low battery indicator is available. The battery life is comparatively low, though – from 8 to 10 hours.

The shaft is collapsible and can be adjusted – from 46 to 65 inches in different positions. It is easy to pack and transport the metal detector with a collapsible shaft. This is valuable, considering that the whole thing weighs 3.32 kg / 7.32 lb.

Zero Voltage Transmission ( ZVT)

Most metal detectors and gold detectors devices work according to two technologies for searching for different kinds of metals:

1 – Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology which offer better sensitivity at higher frequencies

2 – Pulse Induction (PI) technology which offer more depth in mineralized grounds.

Each previous technologies has its own advantages, and also disadvantages and practical uses. GPZ 7000 incorporates the unique ZVT technology, so it combines the positives of both technologies, as a result giving high sensitivity to capture the smallest gold nuggets available in VLF technology, with a deeper depth of up to 40% in comparison with any rival device that works according to pulse induction technology.

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