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The best metal detector coils in the world

The best metal detector coils in the world

The best metal detector coils in the world

Selecting the right metal detector coil for your metal detection needs can help you find smaller targets deep in the ground, with less interference with the ground, and will enhance the performance of your metal detector wonderfully. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Kellyco has plenty of knowledge and experience that can help you choose the perfect metal detector and other detector accessories, including search coils.


What is the best metal detector coil?

Determining the best metal detector coil is not an easy task, because every metal detector has different needs that will influence this decision. With that, many of the best-selling search coils can be discussed.


Search coils and some of the best types:

1- Search coil “Garrett 5 x 8 DD PROformance”

Garrett is known for making high quality metal detectors, as well as its range of high performance search coils. The company produces many types of search coils designed to be compatible with its various lines of metal detectors. This search coil “Garrett 5 x 8 DD PROformance” is designed to be compatible with Garrett AT Max, AT Gold, AT Pro and CSI Pro. This DD coil is lightweight while providing a narrower and smaller search area for neglected areas, and a deep search depth that can capture the smallest targets in an underground manner. This is a great coil for picking up the smallest gold nuggets with a Garrett metal detector. The PROformance DD search coil also works very well in mineral soils and some water areas, as it is a waterproof coil. However, I’d avoid using the coil on beaches because it struggles with the salt water.


2- Minelab 15″ DD Smart Coil (Equinox)

Any treasure hunter who owns a metal detector (Minelab) can attest to its durability and overall performance. Fortunately, Kellyco offers a wide variety of Minelab search coils, providing you with excellent Minelab quality in a variety of options and models. Minelab 15 DD Smart Coil (Equinox) is a very important search coil, as it provides maximum depth and ground coverage, which means you can cover more ground with less fluctuation. This will save you time and make you find more targets for longer. Whether you have an Equinox 600 or Equinox 800, this large coil size will amaze you with its performance and durability. This DD coil is completely waterproof and comes with an attached coil cover.


3- Fisher 11″ DD Search Disc for Fisher F70 and F75

Fisher has a wide range of metal detectors to produce, from entry level options to more professional models. They produce a variety of search coils, concentric coils and DD coils for all of their different series of metal detectors. Fisher 11″ DD search coil for Fisher F70 and F75 is an excellent search coil that combines the largest search area of ​​a D coil while providing the sensitivity and compression of a concentric search coil. This coil not only detects targets deep in the ground, but also performs well in areas of high soil mineralization. Hunting for treasure with the Fisher search coil is a blast, as this coil is very light to perform, which will keep you in the field for longer.


4-NEL Snake Search Disk 6.5″ x 3.5 (AT Pro)

NEL produces many aftermarket search coils that are compatible with a wide range of makes and models of metal detectors. These cookies are specialized and designed with a specific purpose in mind. The NEL Snake 6.5 x 3.5″ Search Coil (AT Pro) is designed for the specific purpose of detecting metal in neglected areas with the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector. Snake’s unique design allows for easy separation of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, helping you etch less distorted signals. It really shines when you are specifically looking for small targets, such as gold nuggets and small jewelry. NEL Snake is completely waterproof and will last for decades.


Why do I need an additional search file?

While many scouts may spend their entire lives searching for treasure using the stock coil, many others will find an additional quest coil that complements their hunting style and habits in one way or another. There are a variety of reasons why someone might choose to invest in an additional search coil, these reasons range from performance to region-specific issues.


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