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How to make a metal detector go deeper

How to make a metal detector go deeper

How to make a metal detector go deeper

The best way to find treasure located in the depths of the ground, is to make your metal detector detect deeper in the ground. Here we’ll show you how to get more depth with your metal detector, by offering top tips on what you can do to improve the depth detection capabilities of your metal detector.


The most important instructions to be followed to obtain a good and effective depth in metal detectors:

– Adjusting the ground balance

– Reducing discrimination

– How to swing your metal detector

– Adjusting sensitivity

– Adjusting frequency

– Deeper detection with large files

– Wearing headphones


How to get more depth with a metal detector

The deeper your metal detector can pick up items in the ground, the better chance you have of finding treasure in places that have already been captured by those who don’t use or know how to get more depth from their metal detectors .


1- Adjust the ground balance

Many metal detectors have what’s called a ground balance. Adjusting your ground balance according to the type of minerals in the ground you’re detecting will allow for a deeper, more precise penetration of the Earth’s magnetic field.

There are three types of ground balancing in detectors:

  •       Manual Ground Balance – With the manual type of ground balancing, you can adjust the amount of signal noise you receive from the ground.
  •       Automatic ground balancing – Some detectors have what is called automatic ground balancing. Your detector will automatically adjust the ground balance for any type of ground it is detecting on. This is a very accurate method of ground balancing and you won’t need to fiddle with adjustments.
  •       Ground Balance Tracking – If your detector has this setting, it will constantly detect the best ground balance while searching for treasure.

You will need to check your metal detector owner’s manual to find out what type of ground balance your device has. Entry level models usually have the ground balance specified by the manufacturer, and if you have one of these models, you will not be able to adjust the ground balance.

So keep that in mind when choosing a metal detector. An entry-level metal detector that does not provide ground balance adjustment is usually fine as long as the soil is not highly mineralized.


2- Reduce discrimination

Metal detector control panel defines discrimination settings.

By reducing the discrimination settings on your metal detector, you will hear most items on the ground. Some will be junk but others may be treasure. Listen to these sounds closely and you will be on top of the game when you come across a treasure trove!

You will need to consult your owner’s manual to get an idea of ​​what the beeps mean on your metal detector. Practicing placing different metal objects in front of the search coil and listening to the sound it makes will help you get a better understanding of how your instrument works and what tones it makes.


3- Adjust sensitivity

The sensitivity setting plays a role in how deep you can detect. Turn the sensitivity setting to as high as your detector allows. By doing this, you will get deep discovery but at the same time, you will be drowning in every little thing that your search file picks up.

So even though it helps detect depth, you may not like all the noise you’ll hear especially if you’re spotting on unclean ground. Give it a try and see if you can stand the extra noise you will receive. Through all this noise, you might pick up this elusive hidden treasure buried deep in the ground.


4- Adjust the frequency

Not all hobby metal detectors allow you to set the frequency. Entry level models feature factory settings between 6 to 8 kHz. For more depth detection, you’ll want a more advanced instrument that allows you to set the frequency between 12 and 15 kHz.

The best depth metal detectors are called pulse induction detectors. PI detectors sometimes use more than one search coil which allows detection at greater depths. These types of detectors are many times more expensive but will make you find treasure deep in the ground compared to BFO or VLF metal detectors. So if you are looking for greater depth in metal detectors, pulse induction is the way to go.


5- Wear headphones

Get a good pair of headphones and wear them. Headphones will help you hear your targets better at greater depths. With sensitive settings turned to maximum, you’ll hear a lot of noise and the headphones will help you distinguish treasure from trash.


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